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6 Steps Process for iPhone and Android App Development

Android and iPhone app development - Number9

Android and iPhone app development - Number9

More than half of online purchases happen from mobile phone users. People prefer online shopping rather than physical, hence companies have derived different ways to attract people to their online businesses. The main factor that helps in attracting the audience is the app of the business. People are starting to develop their business applications to grow their business while some people do not even know how to develop an app.

Mobile applications play a vital role in the image of a business. As most of the online purchases happen on mobile phones, a business must have a mobile-friendly app. Having an iPhone and Android App Development company is crucial for the growth of your business. In this article, we will talk about the process of Android and iOS app development.

What is Android app development?

iPhone and Android App Development company

Developing an app for an Android Operating System is called Android app development. Android operating system supports Android apps. Android is the most used mobile operating system and having an app that supports Android is essential for a business.  A lot of Android app development companies offer Android App development services. If you want to develop your business, then your business app must run on Android devices as it can have a positive impact on your business growth. 

What is iPhone app development?

parental control app for iPhone and android

The development of an app for an iOS operating system is called iPhone app development. The iPhone app development software is written in Swift or Objective-C language. A lot of people use iPhones to make online purchases and it can be beneficial for a business to have an app that runs on iPhones. 

What are the six steps for iPhone and Android App Development?

Having a finely developed app is crucial for a business to grow. Developing a mobile application is not a piece of cake. It requires strategic planning and professional experience. Mainly, there are six key phases of app development regardless of the size of the app. 

iPhone and Android App Development: Strategy 

The first and key aspect of a mobile app development process is defining the strategy for turning the app idea into reality. The businessman plays a key role in this process. Being the business owner, his job is to identify its app users, search where the competition is, define the goals and objectives of your app, and select a good platform for app development. They can also do this with the help of an Android and iOS app development company. 

iPhone and Android App Development: Analysis

In this phase of app development for iPhone and Android, your app idea starts to become a real project. Before starting the development process, you need to set up some requirements and make some arrangements according to them. After defining all the requirements, you need to prepare a development guide that shows how the development process will go. 

The reason for this phase is to make you identify your skills in the respective app development process. Let’s take an example: If you want app development for iPhone and Android altogether, then your team of developers must have a good command of both platforms.

Not everyone has a team of professional app developers and if this happens in your case, then it is recommended to get help from an Android and iPhone app development company. At Number9, we have the most professional app developers that do not just help you create an attractive, but also multi-functional features and responsive app. 

iPhone and Android App Development: UI/UX design

UI/UX designs are supposed to create an attractive and engaging look to allure people towards an application. They create the first impression of an application. As they reflect your business application, you must craft an elegant, unique, and responsive web design that catches the eye of the viewers.

Using the help of an experienced iPhone and Android App Development company can be beneficial as they can help you create designs that suit your business. Number9’s professional app designers craft astounding UI/UX designs that make the visitor revisit the app more often.

iPhone and Android App Development: App development

When the app design is done, it is time to develop the application. It can be a hefty task for beginners to develop an app by themselves as even before the start of an actual development process, you need to define the technical architecture of the app, pick a technology stack, and define the development landmark. A basic mobile app is developed using three integral parts: Back-end/server technology, API(s), and front-end. If you have enough skills to do all of these processes, then you may develop your app by yourself. If not, then it is recommended to use the help of a trusted Android and iOS app development company. 

iPhone and Android App Development: Testing

Testing your app before it goes live is vital to make sure there is no issue with it. A thorough quality assurance testing during app development helps in making the app stable, safe, and responsive. If you find any issue while testing the app, then you should find the solution to it and make the important changes.

The vigilant and experienced team of the Number9 app development company takes strict care of the mobile app testing phase. We make sure the app does not have an issue. Even a small issue can create a negative impact on the image of the app and on the business, so testing becomes a vital part of the Android and iPhone app development process. The testing process focuses on these aspects:

  • User experience testing
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Device and platform testing

App release

When you are releasing a native mobile app, then you have to deliver the iOS app to the App Store and Android apps to the Google PlayStore. But, you can not just launch your mobile app on these platforms. They require a developer account to launch your app. The app store requires some data before app release which includes the app’s title, description, category, keywords, launch icon, and app store screenshots.

Once you give in your app on the Apple store, your app goes through a review process that might take some days or even weeks depending upon the dependence of the app on Apple’s iOS development guidelines as well as the quality of the app.

Android apps on the other hand do not require any reviewing process. Your app becomes available in the Google PlayStore within hours of submission. Your job does not finish here, you need to monitor the app usage using mobile analytics platforms and track KPIs for the measurement of the app’s success.  Encouraging users to give your app good feedback can help in the promotion of your app.

Most businesses do not have much time to focus on these steps as they have other important work. Not focusing on these steps can be bad for the growth of their business, so it is recommended to get assistance from an Android and iPhone app development company. Number9 mobile app development company takes care of all the aspects of app development and lets the client relax. 

How much does an app development cost?

6 Steps Process of Android and iPhone App Development - Number9

The Android and iOS app development cost mainly depend upon the size and quality of the app. Some development companies charge more than average from their clients. So, you must choose your app development company with patience and planning. When you want to develop an app that empowers your business and enhances your web identity, then you have to compromise on the cost of app development.

Number 9 is a top-notch mobile app development company that offers cost-effective app development services. You can choose us if you want to pay less and get more quality apps. So the big question shouldn’t be: How much does an app development cost? It should be: Does it fulfill my business requirements? Yes, you should focus more on choosing a development company that completes all your requirements and grows your business rather than focusing on Android and iOS app development cost.


Your business application plays a vital factor in the growth of your business. That is why it is uncompromising to have an ordinary app for your business. If you want to compete in the online market, then you need to come up with a unique mobile application. Using the help of an iPhone and Android App Development company can pay dividends in the growth and prosperity of your business. Choose a service that fulfills all of your requirements rather than choosing the best one. Number9 is considered one of the best mobile app development companies in Dubai. We work to fulfill our client’s requirements. Choose us for the best mobile app development experience.