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Android App Development Dubai: Have an application you can be proud of!

Champion your brand with brilliant design, development, user experience, and app functionality with Number9 Android Apps Development Dubai company. Start your Android app development with us.


A top-class app that will help you conquer

Want an Android application that can help you compete in the online market? Choose Number9 Android app development company. We are a top-notch company for Android app development in Dubai that provides an all-in-one solution for the development of your Android application. Being the leading Android app development company in Dubai, Number 9 has always offered top-class Android app development services. We make sure to meet your business requirements.

Your application is like a mirror that reflects your business. So it better be good enough to shine on Google PlayStore. Business applications require constant updates, support, and maintenance. If you try to run your business and take complete care of your business application, then you might not be able to do it. You will lose your valuable time. So, it would be better if your application is handled by professionals. Number 9 Android app development agency has all the solutions that you need for your Android application to shine on the Google PlayStore.


Let your Android application talk for you

Number9 knows the importance of an Android application in the growth of your business. That is why we hire professional Android developers for your assistance. They have vast experience in developing Android apps and that is why they can create an application for you that is not just responsive but also appealing. Number 9 Android mobile apps development company recognizes your requirements and turns your ideas into reality. With our broad experience in the online market, you can get an Android application that would take you to heights.

The professional team of Number9 Android App Development Dubai grabs you from your hand and lets you experience innovation. Our expert Android app developers and designers know what’s best for your application and that is why they create mind-blowing Android applications for your business. Why develop your Android application and waste your precious time when you can hire the Number9 Android app development agency?


Finest Android app development at cheap rates

Most Android app development companies in Dubai charge a lot of money from their customers. Some even scam beginners into paying more money for low-quality Android mobile apps development. In this case, an average person becomes unable to take advantage of Android app development services. But, Number9 is not like those companies. At Number 9, we prefer our customer’s satisfaction over ours. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We think of them as our family. That is why we do our best to offer cost-effective mobile apps development services to our clients.

We charge less cost than other Android app development companies in Dubai so that even an average person can take complete advantage of them. We do our best not to let our customers down. Our Android app development services are not only cost-effective but also top-quality. Create the future of your business with our excellent Android mobile apps development services.

Your best choice for android app development Dubai

Although Android apps can be written using any text editor, they are most often created using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which integrates all SDK tools and makes managing them easy. Two of the most popular IDEs for Android development are Android Studio and Eclipse. Both IDEs offer a lot of features and are free. The former can also be extended with plugins, while Eclipse is a paid option that allows for a greater amount of customization. Android app development Dubai can be a hard task to do. So why not let Number9 deliver its expert Android app development Dubai services?

Make your brand popular with Number9 Android app development Dubai

Number9, a leading Android app development Dubai, offers dedicated Android app development in Dubai. Our experienced Android app development in Dubai helps you achieve higher downloads and engagements on the Google Play store. With a total of 2.9 million active users, it’s easy to see why Android apps are so popular in the world. And if you’re trying to get your brand noticed, placing it in the Play Store will help you stand out among the millions of other apps. Having expertise in Android app development in Dubai, Number9 can help you build an innovative app for your business growth.

android app development dubai
android app development dubai

Contact Us for the best android app development in Dubai

For Android app development in Dubai, you’ll need to learn how to program using C++, Java, or XML. The XML file is responsible for the front-end design, layouts, and blueprints, while the JAVA code is used for user interactions. It’s also important to understand the fundamentals of UI facilities, which include buttons and menus. Moreover, each app has an application class, an activity, and fragments. Not everyone can learn all these languages. So, it would be easy for you to hire an Android app development agency to do the hard task for you. Number9 Android app development agency can create a top-quality application for your business growth.

Leading Android app development agency

While you’re learning Android app development, you should familiarize yourself with an Integrated Development Environment and build automation tools. If you’re new to the concept, try the Android app studio IDE or Eclipse, which are both free and allow you to master the basics of Android app development. If you’re a newbie to the platform, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with Apache Ant, Maven, and Gradle, which are three popular tools for building apps for Android.

Don’t forget to learn source control concepts. Use git to create your git repository for your app. To avoid learning these skills, it is better to hire an Android app development agency. The Number9 Android app development agency can help you create a great app for your business.

Android mobile development Dubai

Android mobile development Dubai is the most widely used platform for mobile devices. Using an Android mobile development Dubai language like Java will help you develop a robust and elegant application. If you’re not familiar with Java, C# is a good choice for Android app development. It doesn’t increase file size and performance. The syntax of the Java code is flexible and can be adapted to your project. If you’re a beginner in the field, you can hire an agency for Android mobile development Dubai. Hire Number9 for professional Android mobile development Dubai.

android app development dubai

Our Android mobile apps development services include

Custom Android app development services

Your Android application must be unique to catch the eye of the viewers. That is why our experts offer custom Android app development services. They enhance the front-end and back-end performance of your Android application. With custom integrations, framework designs, and Android app development, we provide an application that not only suits your business but also makes progress.

UI/UX design

To make your website more attractive and appealing, our framework designers focus on each element of the Android app design. Our experts create mind-blowing designs that leave the clients in awe. They know the significance of your app’s design on the future of your business, that is why they craft creative and alluring app designs that are easy to use. We define the color, font, and graphic style of your Android app by making sure it suits your brand image. Our basic approach is to follow what the customer says but we present our ideas to make the application look better too.

Android mobile apps development: migration services

Migrating from one platform to another can be a hefty task. People even lose their important data while migrating. Number9 Android app development Dubai company offers its migration services to ensure the safe and secure migration of the client. The client can relax while we offer our migration services. Migrate from a physical platform to Android, or from iOS to Android, we offer complete assistance.

Rigorous testing

If your Android application has bugs and errors, then it can have a negative impact on your business. To save your application from this, the Number9 Android application development company in Dubai performs QA testing to ensure the safe and responsive working of your application. Even after the development is complete, our experts perform thorough research to make sure the app works 100% fine and does not have an error. We look for all the weak spots of the application and resolve them to make it 100% working.

Maintenance and support services

A good business Android application requires proper care and support so that it can work properly. At Number9 Android application development company in Dubai, we offer 24/7 maintenance and support services for your website. Whenever your website runs into errors or needs an update, we are here for your assistance. Our experts work give quick responses and try to resolve your issues in no time. We try to establish an ever-lasting relationship with our customers by providing our maintenance and support services.

If you have any questions, please contact us

Our professional support team try to do their best to provide you with high-quality consultations concerning any question about our services.

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Completed projects to the end by our specialists.
A large team of the best specialists.
Completed projects to the end by our specialists.
Completed projects to the end by our specialists.

Why Choose Number9 for Android application development in Dubai?

As the world is advancing so quickly, it has become so easy to develop Android applications. But to maintain and make your business grow with your application, you need an advanced-level Android application. Choosing to develop your Android application can prove bad for your business reputation as you have to give more time to your website and can’t focus on other elements of the business properly. This is why you need an agency for mobile application development with Android. The internet offers a lot of Android mobile app development services. So, it becomes difficult for one to choose a service for their Android application.
Number9 Android application development Dubai company is well-known for its top-quality Android mobile app development services. It has become one of the best Android app development companies in Dubai. By offering ultimate mobile application development with Android, it has won the hearts of its customers. The tireless work of its passionate, determined, and expert team members and trustworthy customers has made us the top-notch company for Android application development in Dubai. Our strict Android mobile apps development strategies make us the ultimate choice for Android app development in Dubai.
At Number 9, we make sure to establish an ever-lasting relationship with our customers. That is why we treat them as our family. To help our clients achieve their respective business goals, we offer them our Android application development Dubai services at cheap rates. Some Android application development companies take advantage of the client’s experience in the online market and charge them a lot of money. Number 9 is not like that. We help people with small businesses grow with our cheap Android mobile app development services. If you want your Android application to rock the online market, then choose Number9 Android application development Dubai company.

Our standard working procedure includes

Communicating with clients

Our working procedure starts off by communicating with our clients. We try to know the customer’s requirements and give our ideas to make it even better. The rest of the procedure starts after the approval of the client.

Framework design

When we discuss the customer requirements, our professional Android app designers craft appealing and responsive designs for clients’ applications. They make sure the design fits perfectly with the business. After designing various designs, we send them to the client and use the one that the customer approves.

App development
After completing the design of the Android application, our expert Android app developers move on to the core app development process. They add different features and functionalities according to the requirements and needs of the client.
Revision and testing

After completing the whole development process, we don’t just deliver the application to our client. We perform QA testing to ensure the 100% working of the application. We resolve all types of issues in the application to make it bug-proof.

Final delivery

After adding some final touches in the application, we deliver it to the client.


The Android app developers at Number9 take a thorough approach to app development that takes into account the user experience, design look and feel, business requirements analysis, and functionality of the app.

Our company now has the exciting opportunity to introduce something brand-new and innovative thanks to Number9’s passion for using its knowledge and gifted individuals to create a platform that is contemporary and user-friendly. 

Professional Android app developers from Number9 have the knowledge and experience necessary to create cutting-edge, engaging, feature-rich, and highly functional Android-based applications that are ready for prime time on Google Play.

One of the top companies in UAE for Android application development is our Android app development services team. We have created Android apps with lots of features that are used across a variety of industries, including business, technology, healthcare, media, and entertainment, to name a few. Whether you’re looking to develop standalone, client-server, web service, or database-driven mobile apps, our knowledgeable and skilled Android app developers can assist you in producing an Android app that satisfies your business needs and specifications while also having the desired look, feel, and functionality.

The Android app development Dubai Number9 is highly skilled at creating native Android apps with Javascript and C++. Additionally, our Android app development services are skilled at developing for multiple platforms and can convert Java-based or other existing mobile apps to run on Android.

Here are a few examples of how, as a business, we stand out when it comes to our knowledge of Magento and our ability to design eCommerce experiences.

  1.  Project management and agile development for Android applications
  2.  assistance in downloading apps from Google Play
  3.  award-winning solutions for developing mobile applications
  4.  Competitive pay for talent in Android app development and design
  5.  a 300+ expert multidisciplinary team with offices around the world
  6.  Front-end specialists on staff: business analysts, UX/UI experts, and designers
  7.  Mobile app development services for native and cross-platform devices
  8.  Engagement with clients that is open, transparent, and cooperative
  9.  a track record of completing Android application projects successfully
  10.  Services for Android development that are quick and affordable
  11.  Before “Go-Live” events, rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing is conducted.

You’ve come to this page in search of a reputable Android app development Dubai company that can assist your company in utilizing mobile technology to reach customers and clients on some of the most widely used devices.

The talented and adaptable mobile development team at Number9 creates excellent Android apps for both B2C and B2B markets. With the help of our applications, businesses can reach millions of Android users, establish new revenue streams, and differentiate Let’s see if our expertise in developing Android mobile applications is a fit for your requirements. payment services match your needs.

We offer full-cycle Android app development services, including business analysis, design, programming, testing, and Google Play Store launch.

Number9 is the only technology company you’ll need, whether you need to design and develop a completely new app for a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or wearable, redesign and update an existing app, or switch your mobile solution from iOS to Android. Our Android app development Dubai services include:


As a client, you anticipate working in a transparent, team-based setting and following the consistent development of your project in real-time. We make sure to keep you informed at every stage of the creation of your product by using an agile approach to developing Android apps.

We progress collectively from one phase to the next, iteration to iteration. In this way, android app development in Dubai is in accordance with your concepts and professional objectives as well as those of the quickly changing market and user preferences.

  1. Our android app development company is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. We assist our clients in maximizing the potential of the platform and creating streamlined experiences across all Android devices.
  2. With Number9, you can be sure that your Android app will be developed taking current design trends and Google best practices into account. For a unique combination of technologies that will result in a beautiful and useful system, our experts will put together, android app development in Dubai will be notable for its consistent performance and speed, secure data flow, and optimized memory use because it is both light and strong.
  3. Leading Mobile Apps Development Company in the UAE
  4. The market leader in the UAE for android app development in Dubai is DeviceBee Technologies. The development of web solutions, Android applications, and Android/iOS applications are among our main service areas.
  5. In the last ten years, we’ve worked with over 100 clients and created over 150 projects, including social media apps, location-based apps like Uber and Careem, instant chat apps, business apps, healthcare apps, beauty and fashion apps, and many more.
  6. Clients of DeviceBee Technologies include startups, SMEs, Dubai government entities, corporate businesses, and tech giants.

IOS, Android, native, and cross-platform android developer Dubai are core competencies of Number9 Technologies, a top android app development company in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. 

More than 30 apps have been created by our company for customers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, Kuwait, and other countries. We can assist you in making the appropriate technology selection for your mobile app projects.

Since a few years ago, our team of highly qualified android developer Dubai has been collaborating to create high-caliber mobile applications for clients in Dubai and other cities in the UAE.

The most popular open source mobile technology platform is Android. Our committed and knowledgeable team of Android app developers has experience building unique applications using Android technology. Choosing the top mobile app development company in Dubai is a difficult task. When choosing the top mobile app development company in Dubai, you should carefully consider a number of factors. At Number9, we have a skilled Android app development team in Dubai who make sure your business gets the best Android mobile app design and development solutions that meet your requirements. We’ll see to it that your app operates effectively across all Android application platform iterations.

The Android was the first mobile device that fundamentally altered how we use smartphones. Dubai has seen a tremendous increase in the development of iOS apps in recent years. We at Number9 are experts in Android app development company in Dubai and can make apps that appeal to your target market.

As a top supplier of Android and Android apps, we. New and improved mobile apps are created by our Android developer Dubai in order to draw in more users and boost sales.

By providing a free and open-source framework, Flutter is influencing the development of mobile applications in the future. This mobile user interface, created by Google, enables mobile app developers to create native mobile apps for both the iOS and Android operating systems using a single programming language. Creating appealing and useful apps is made simpler by Flutter. For clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other countries around the world, we have been successful android app development company in Dubai using flutter as a leading mobile application development company in Dubai. Our entire team of skilled mobile app developers in Dubai actively contributes to the creation of apps that have the potential to increase revenue while providing smartphone users with a positive user experience.

The future of mobile apps is going to be dominated by progressive web applications. They were created using the most recent web technologies and combine web and mobile apps. A PWA has a website-like appearance but behaves and feels like an app. Web developers can add web android app development company in Dubai to the home screen and receive notifications thanks to its Push APIs and Cache. The deployment and maintenance of progressive web applications are simpler than that of native applications. To demonstrate their excellent usability, they make use of web ecosystems, APIs, quicker development times, and plugins. The Dubai-based mobile app development team for Number9 has practical experience creating PWA. For your projects, we can offer you PWA of the highest caliber.

In order to power cutting-edge digital solutions for businesses and enterprises in the Middle East, we are bringing our vast design and development experience to the region. Number9, a titan in the field of website and mobile Android app development Dubai, will soon arrive in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Our company’s headquarters are primarily in the USA, despite having offices in many countries, including Dubai for mobile app development. Our global presence has, however, been steadily growing. Our technical, marketing, and strategic team continues to place a high priority on the GCC region.

a business called Number9 develops Android apps and is based in Dubai

Comparatively to other android app development company in Dubai, Number9 actually carries out its commitments. We are a supplier of fully integrated software solutions that enhance your digital strategy and provide the best support for your business.

Visit our brand-new location there if you’re looking for a highly creative mobile Android app development company in the area.

Since our inception, we have developed an impressive portfolio of numerous, massively scalable web products, including websites, applications, mobile games, and more. Established businesses and ambitious startups are both among our clients, and we treat each of them with the same panache and élan. 

In order to take advantage of the business opportunities in the GCC and serve a sizable clientele through top-tier emerging technologies and digital solutions, Number9, a mobile app development company in Dubai, recently opened offices in the city.

Given that only 3% of GCC companies have completed an advanced stage of their digital transformation efforts, there is a sizable opportunity to support and guide early-stage and mid-stage companies.

Our Dubai office for developing Android and Android apps Dubai development is now willing to work with additional ecosystem participants and promote open innovation.

By utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Metaverse, NFTs, Blockchain, etc., Number9’s goal in the GCC is to give every customer digital solutions, but also scalable, sustainable, and long-term solutions for growth.

Transferring our knowledge to the Dubai mobile Android app development sector is the next step in our journey. 

The team at Number9 Dubai is creatively inquisitive and constantly searching for fresh approaches to creating the next big thing in the digital sector.

Businesses in the GCC region are stepping up their digitization efforts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and falling oil prices. We are also able to stay one step ahead of the GCC market’s constant competition thanks to our technical and strategic know-how and assist companies from a variety of industries in reaching their full potential.

We employ an agile development and communication strategy from the initial client meeting through the deployment and subsequent tasks.

Our mobile app development company in Dubai has a team with the skills and knowledge to create original Android, iOS, and cross-platform apps as well as mobile games for business tools that can engage your target market and guarantee a positive user experience.

Android app development company that creates Android apps and thinks that every project should be thoroughly planned out before getting started.

We go over the goal, target market, USP, competitor analysis, investment, and marketing initiatives in great detail every time we speak with a potential client.

The best way to determine the client’s expectations is through a face-to-face meeting or phone consultation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your business application has great importance in the development of your business. If your business does not have a responsive application, then your customers will start ignoring your application which will negatively affect your application. On the other hand, if your application has multi-functional features, then your visitors will start becoming your customers. So, Android app development is something you can not compromise at. Number9 Android app development Dubai company is well-known for its services in Dubai. Even that, it is considered one of the best companies in Dubai. Our working procedure is simple but can help you grow your business. We do everything possible to make your business shine on the web. Our framework designers, app developers, and other expert team members offer their professional services to make sure the customer is completely happy with the application. Our app development company has all that one needs to grow their business online.

Yes, Number 9 is not just a name, it is a brand that is true to its word. We are not like other Android app development companies that charge too much for application development from their customers. Our job is to satisfy our customers and we do everything possible to do that. We know how hard it can be for some people who have just started their business and are unable to run it properly as they can not afford app development services. Our job is to help those people get to the top. By choosing our Android app development services, people can compete with others and stand out from the crowd. We help them enhance their web identity. Number9 offers cost-effective Android app development services so that even small businesses can get their apps developed. Foster your business with the best Android app development company in Dubai.

Without any doubt, Number9 is the best Android app development company in Dubai. We have earned our name as a brand in the eCommerce market by offering the best Android app development services. Our passionate, determined, and experienced team of app developers works tirelessly so that our clients can have the best app for their business. We start our development process by communicating with our clients. In this way, we can get to know the requirements of our customers and give them new ideas to improve them. After the approval of the requirements, we start the framework designing process. We design some of the best app designs that are not only multifunctional but also alluring. If the client wants revision, we revise the whole design and keep doing it until the customer is satisfied. After that, we start the development process in which our experienced and expert app developers use their skills to develop an app that suits the business as well as helps it grow. Then, our Android developers perform revisions if the customer requests and send the app to them.

Yes, Number9 has become one of the best companies of Android app development in Dubai. The passion, determination, and sheer will of our team members, the strict management of our professionals, and our trustworthy customers are the reason for us being the best Android app development company. We try our best to take your business to heights with our Android app development services. We work so that our clients can make their business shine. Most Android app development companies charge a lot of money for Android app development. An average person is not able to afford those prices. For their sake, Number9 offers cost-effective Android app development services. We care about our customers and think about their satisfaction before ours. We charge less so that even an average person can have their app developed. To create the perfect app for your business, we communicate with our clients to know their requirements and give them ideas to make their business better. We strictly manage all of the Android app development aspects and create an app that perfectly suits the client’s business. That is why we are the top-notch Android app development Dubai company.

Number 9 offers the best maintenance and support services to its clients. Most app development companies charge money for development and only offer development services. When they complete their services, they cut off from their clients. Number 9’s mentality is different. We try to establish an ever-lasting relationship with our clients. Making our customers satisfied is our first priority. Whenever an issue occurs in the Android application, the experts of Number 9 step up and help their clients solve it. Whenever you find an issue with your app, you can get our help with it. We work to empower our customer’s businesses. The customer is like a family to us. We can not see our family not being able to compete in the online market. That is why we help our clients stand out from the crowd with our Android app development Dubai services.
When you choose Number 9, you become a part of it. We do not let our clients get left behind in the eCommerce market. Being experienced in the eCommerce market, we give expert ideas to our clients to help them grow their business and empower their web identity. With us, there is no going back.

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