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Are You Embarrassed By Your SEO Skills? Here’s What to Do

Are You Embarrassed By Your SEO Skills? Here's What to Do

Embarrassment with your SEO skills? Don’t despair! There are many ways to improve your website’s search engine optimization. You can contact an SEO services provider like Number9 or follow this article to polish your SEO skills. These tips will get you back on track quickly. Publish Relevant Content regularly and update your content with relevant keywords. Use Alt-Tags for images to improve the look and feel of your website. Also, remember to use Metadata and Alt-Tags to help Google crawl your site.

Are You Embarrassed By Your SEO Skills? Here's What to Do

Update Your Content Regularly

Using SEO techniques to increase the rank of your site is essential, but you may be embarrassed by how little you know about it. Updating your content regularly will improve your ranking and give you an edge over your competitors. Search engines like fresh content and make better impressions with it than old or out-of-date content. You can update your content every quarter, or as needed.

If you have older content on your website, you should consider updating it with the help of a content marketing agency. Not only will it help search engines find your content faster, but it will also keep readers interested in your content. The key is to update it regularly, or you’ll risk losing valuable SEO points. This requires advanced content skills. Listed below are a few ways you can update your content to help it rank better.

When updating your content, Number9 removes comments that have been left on old posts. These comments are not helpful to new visitors and should be deleted. To get more Google clicks, update the date of your post. You can do this in WordPress by editing the post in the editor or using the calendar on your website. If you don’t want to spend money on SEO software, you can also use free SEO tools such as HubSpot or SEMrush.

Use Alt-Tags

Using Alt-Tags correctly is vital to improving your website’s SEO. Not only can it boost your page’s rankings, but it can also increase visitor traffic. However, there are a few things you need to know before you begin. The first rule of writing Alt-Tags is that it should be descriptive. Use keywords, natural language, and phrases that describe the image. This will improve your website’s accessibility for everyone, including people with disabilities. According to the Pew Research Center, there are nearly 40 million Americans with disabilities in 2015. As such, you will want to make sure your site is accessible to everyone. Despite the popularity of Google Analytics, it is difficult to tell how many people are using screen readers to view your site. The reason is that Google Analytics does not report screen reader users.

Images are often accompanied by alt text to explain their content. If you’re running a home repair business, a good example of a damaged house might be accompanied by the tag “house damaged by a fallen tree.” There are pros and cons to each type of alt-tag. The best way to write the text is to step outside of your marketing mindset and describe the image as you would to a friend.

To make sure your images show up high in search results, use alt-tags. Not only do these tags help visually impaired users to access your site, but they also improve your search engine rankings. Additionally, using alt-tags will create more opportunities to generate more traffic from Google Images. Your site’s SEO will go through the roof when your images are featured. The more relevant your images are, the better. If your images aren’t optimized for SEO, you’ll be left with a huge headache.


Have A Link Worthy Site

It may seem a bit difficult to have a link-worthy site if you’re embarrassed about your SEO skills. However, you must remember that even an ugly site can rank well for competitive keywords. Remember, in 2014, consumers are pickier than ever. If people can’t show off your site, they won’t link to it. That’s why you need to create a site that’s worth linking to.

You need Number9 to develop a link-worthy site, not just create a link-worthy site. Link building is all about expressing value to others and optimizing the opportunity. Most of the link acquisition techniques revolve around getting the links that you deserve. Don’t take shortcuts because they will only lead to short results. Have A link-worthy site if you’re embarrassed by your SEO skills and need to boost your website’s visibility in the search results.