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Build Scalable ASP.Net Projects

As a proud APS.Net Development industry, we strive to deliver the best and scalable APS.Net projects since the inception of our company. ASP.Net is an open platform and is famous due to its reliability and authenticity. ASP.Net has the support of many programming languages that follow Object-Oriented Paradigm like Java, C#, CSS3, VB.Net. We build state-of-the-art websites for you that are dynamic with unique functionalities.

Number9 offers you a golden opportunity to take advantage of our ASP.Net Development services at the most reasonable ASP.Net Development pricing in Dubai. Our expert developers have great experience in designing and developing the most creative, powerful, and responsive websites and web apps. That is why our experts are self-assured in utilizing this platform to create the best websites and web applications for you.


No Compromise on Performance and Security

We at Number9 offer a secure infrastructure that enables the websites and web applications to operate without compromising on security because performance and security are two deciding factors of a project which is developed through ASP.Net. Our experts help you to create a web portal, mobile app, web app, E-learning portal, etc that meets your requirements. Whether you need help in creating applications on mobile or on a desktop, we will create the most responsive, easy-to-use, and efficient websites for you to meet your objectives.


Wide Range Of Creative ASP.Net Services

Custom ASP.Net Development

Our Custom ASP.Net Development services customize your enterprise, enhance its agility and make it stand out in the competitive curve.

EnterPrise .NET Solutions

Number9 offers a large variety of ASP.Net Development services scalable, affordable, and robust services to large enterprises.

ASP.Net Migration Services

Number9 offers the best ASP.Net Migration Services to the most critical and demanding websites and web applications.

Dynamic CRM Services

Number9 offers a vast amount of Microsoft CRM Services to both small and large organizations.

SharePoint Development

Number9 offers SharePoint Development Solutions to customers with all kinds of businesses.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us

Our professional support team try to do their best to provide you with high-quality consultations concerning any question about our services.


Why Choose Number9 for ASP.Net Development Services?

There are many other companies that offer the services of ASP.Net Development but what makes us so unique in the herd?

We have a proven track record and unmatched strategies and methodologies for the development of ASP.Net projects. We deliver the most comprehensive and creative ASP.Net solutions that mark the satisfaction of our clients and help them to stand out in the competitive curve.

When you are coming to us for your project, you are investing your hard-earned money in it. That is why we work hard to make every penny worth it. We believe in maintaining complete transparency with our clients keeping them fully updated about every little progress we make and every step we take.

Some common qualities of our created ASP.Net Developed Websites.

  • High Performance
  • Rich Development Environment
  • Cross-Platform and Container Support
  • Language-Independent
  • Globalization and Localization
  • Support for Web sockets

Our Standard Working Procedure

We follow a standard procedure to make a complete ASP.Net project.

Consulting with clients

The first and foremost step of Developing an ASP.Net project is to get to know your client and your client’s requirements. We consult with our clients to get to know their demands and expectations. We also take our client’s ideas about; how they want the websites and web applications to be built using our ASP.Net expertise? and then we start our working process. Our first step of the working procedure is framework designing.


Framework Designing

Once we clearly understand our client’s needs. Our expert ASP.Net developers do the legwork to come up with the best websites and web apps development frameworks for you. We then show these frameworks to you and once approved we start the ASP.Net development process.


Development Process

After the designs are approved by our client we then proceed to the core development process. Our experienced ASP.Net developers emphasize Quality Assurance and performance testing to ensure the accurate working of the app.


Revising & Reviewing

Still! if you feel that something is missing in the work plan. We take your idea and revise the strategy again until it meets your expectations. After all our main focus is to satisfy our clients.aStill, if you feel that something is missing we revise it again and again taking your feedback into consideration until you are completely satisfied with the product. Because our main objective is to satisfy our clients.


Quality Assurance and Launch

At this stage, various testing procedures are applied to ensure the quality of the website from various aspects. These procedures include functionality testing, usability testing, device testing, and performance testing. Once the testing procedure is cleared we then deliver the final product to our client.


Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Number9 has proven its name in this field and our greatest asset is our experts. Our experts work hard to overcome the difficulties that our clients face. Our experts offer the best services at fair rates. Mostly our charges depend on the amount of work that we do for your business. But we always try to compensate you so that you can get the best from the best.

Yes, our services are the best and at affordable rates. We offer services for all kinds of businesses. It can be a small business, a medium-sized business, and it can also be a large and fully developed business. Our services are affordable and cost-effective. Because we care for our clients and we just don’t complete your tasks, we also create long-term relationships with our clients.

Number9 is not just a name. It is a brand. And due to the versatility in its services, it has become the best ASP.Net development agency in the biggest and most populous city of UAE. Another factor that makes Number9 the best agency is its economical ASP.Net Development Solution in UAE. Because, unlike other firms who charge way more from their clients, Number9 offers the best services at affordable rates.

We work on a retainer basis and the fees are calculated on the amount of work that we do for you. But unlike other firms, our firm offers cheap ASP.Net development Packages in Dubai. Number9 charges much less than an average ASP.Net Development Agency and provides 100% results at the same time.

We do not just offer low ASP.Net Development cost in UAE but also we provide high-quality products to our clients. Because quality is the second name of Number9.


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