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5 Best eCommerce Chatbot Tools For 2022

Best eCommerce Chatbot Tools For 2022

Using an eCommerce chatbot to automate your customer service can boost sales by as much as 250%. These powerful chatbots can tailor your buying journey to meet customer needs and simplify your customer support. They are a powerful tool for online merchants, and there are many available options. Here are the 5 best chatbot tools for 2022 provided by Number9. Let’s explore the best features of each. To get started, sign up for a free trial of one or more chatbot solutions and see what you can do with them.

Best eCommerce Chatbot Tools For 2022

Why Do You Need A ChatBot

An e-commerce chatbot can answer common questions, reengage past customers, and run contests. In addition to answering common questions, a chatbot can also be used to send personalized messages that drive prospects to make a purchase. As a result, this type of bot can generate a healthy return on ad spend. Here are three reasons why you should consider integrating a chatbot into your website.

Customer support departments spend half of their time answering the same queries. It can be hard for a human to find the right answer to a question. Even if you have a knowledgeable customer support representative, the chances are that they are not going to find it on your website. Chatbots help businesses stay relevant in a saturated industry. Chatbots are also helpful in personalizing experiences for customers by offering recommendations and suggestions.

Ultimately, an eCommerce chatbot improves the quality of customer service and lowers the company’s expenses. While a chatbot cannot replace human customer service, they are capable of reducing abandoned carts and improving customer satisfaction. A single bot can save as much as $20 million annually in global customer service alone. When calculating ROI, keep in mind the time it takes to converse, resolve issues, and exit a conversation.

How To Choose An Ecommerce Chatbot Tool

When choosing a tool for your eCommerce store, you’ll want to consider what the chatbot made by Number9 is going to be used for. Chatbots are automated systems that can help your website handle multiple conversations. They’re often better suited for answering general questions, such as how to find a specific product, than for complex issues involving custom products or complex customer queries. Ultimately, chatbots should help your website increase conversions and increase your overall revenue, and this is something that your bot can do.

To help you decide which tool will best serve your needs, consider the features offered by different chatbot tools. Some tools allow you to customize search criteria and cross-sell and upsell products. Others let you switch from one type of chatbot to another. Gobot, for example, lets you switch between a GUI chatbot and a live chat tool, and it’s free regardless of volume. It’s also easy to integrate with your eCommerce site, with a drag-and-drop builder.

Best Ecommerce Chatbots For 2022

When it comes to eCommerce chatbots, there are many tools out there. But how do you know which one to choose? It is vital to know that not all of them are created equal. Chatbots have many benefits and can provide valuable information to both you and your customers. In addition to answering queries, they can also help your customers find the best products and even encourage them to make purchases while browsing through your store.

Communicating allows you to build your automation or use premade ones. It also interprets customer intent to help guide the conversation and helps customers with their queries. Its pricing is affordable and it offers a free trial period. Other features include a visual drag-and-drop builder and the ability to import a plug-and-play template. This tool helps you understand your customers’ needs and makes the entire process more efficient for you.

1. FaceBook Messenger

When it comes to creating a chatbot for your business, you should think about incorporating social media into your online marketing efforts. Facebook Messenger has been around for several years, so it should be easy for you to integrate a chatbot with your page. Chatbots are a great way to increase customer engagement and convert visitors into sales. With the right tools, you can even use Facebook Messenger to drive traffic to your website.

The most popular type of chatbot to use on Facebook Messenger is the Sephora Assistant. This chatbot guides users through the scheduling process, and it has boosted their booking rates by 11 percent. Another great aspect of a Messenger chatbot is that it allows customers to schedule appointments whenever it is convenient for them. This frees up customer service reps to handle more important tasks. With Facebook Messenger, you can create your bot and send it to your customers.

You can also use ManyChat to create your own Facebook Messenger bot. It has a built-in conversational sales assistant that connects to your product catalog and provides personalized product recommendations. Another bot, Decathlon’s Decathlon chatbot, is a good example of how to integrate Facebook Messenger with your eCommerce chatbot. This chatbot has a chatbot that introduces itself to customers and explains its features.

2. Chatfuel

If you’re an eCommerce business owner, you should consider using an eCommerce chatbot to increase repeat purchases and reduce customer support time. Chatbots can significantly increase the number of repeat customers and increase your conversion rates by 35%. Chatfuel is a great option if you’re just starting, and it’s easy to install and use. You’ll soon be using your eCommerce chatbot on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, and your customers will thank you for it.

The platform also has many integrations, making it perfect for SMEs, agencies, and startups. The chatbot can answer questions on other platforms and can be integrated with other software. The best part is that it’s easy to use, and it takes minutes to install. Even the most novice bot-owner can set up a bot with Chatfuel, and start generating ROI within a few weeks.


If you’re in the market for an eCommerce chatbot tool, look no further than the FLOW XO. This versatile tool helps you create custom chatbots and workflows that fit your business’s unique needs. From being the site greeter to offering technical support, this chatbot can answer customers’ questions and direct them to the appropriate contact. It even has a broadcast option that allows you to send messages to your active users.

With Flow XO, building a bot is simple. Just follow the three steps below to create a chatbot for your online store. You’ll be given a free trial so you can see how easy the process is. Flow XO has 11 built-in templates that you can test before deploying them on your site. While it’s free, it lacks some features, such as phone number validation and audio.

The best part about Flow XO is that you can build eCommerce-friendly chatbots without coding experience. It is also possible to integrate it across different platforms. It can conduct both live and automated conversations and accept payments through chat. Its user interface is clean and intuitive, so even people who don’t have a background in programming won’t be intimidated to use it. There are even pre-built templates that you can import into the Flow XO chatbot tool. It is also compatible with more than 100 platforms.


4. WP-Chatbot

WP-Chatbot is an eCommerce chatbot tool that enables you to customize your bot’s behavior and settings to suit your workflow. It can be used by one person or a team and is integrated with WordPress, WooCommerce, or other essential digital tools to provide superior customer service. Using this eCommerce chatbot on your website will enhance both your automated and live conversations. Its goal is to offer an outstanding user experience by presenting pleasant visuals and smooth automation.

The best chatbot for WordPress websites will collect and analyze valuable consumer data. This data will help you to engage with customers in a personalized way and market products differently. AI chatbots are designed to collect and analyze valuable customer feedback. Even if visitors don’t purchase a product, they can interact with your chatbot and leave feedback. All this data can be easily stored and analyzed.

5. Botmother

The platform lets you create chatbots that guide prospects through the checkout process. This is particularly useful if you have a new product line or are trying to develop new gross sales channels. Botmother has a large selection of pre-built templates and uses artificial intelligence to walk users through the process. It also lacks dedicated eCommerce platform integrations, but it focuses on helping you accept payments directly from the chatbot.

The best part about Botmother is that it requires no programming experience, making it easy for even a beginner to use. Its visual editor makes it easy to set up the logic and design of your bot without coding. You can also deploy your logic through pre-filters to generate future traffic to your online store. In addition, you can access free education every Sunday on Botmother’s blog and learn about the basics of e-commerce using chatbots.

While both Kwizbot and Botmother are great for simple chatbots, they both have their shortcomings. For example, Kwizbot does not allow you to format your text while Botmother’s bot logic is displayed on one screen. While this may not be ideal for complex chatbots, it is still the best option for beginners and those who want to build a simple bot.