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BigCommerce vs Shopify: Which Is the Best Platform for Your Website?

BIgCommerce vs Shopify
bigcommerce vs shopify


BigCommerce vs Shopify are website-developing tools that allow you to market your products and services in the digital world. People who want to start a business without a large budget can use these platforms for web development. These platforms provide them with a “do it yourself” approach to building their online store. Both of them run on web browsers as there is no way to install them on your computer.

So, you can manage your online store as long as you have a good internet connection. Both of them BigCommerce vs Shopify have earned their place as one of the best website builders platforms. But when we have to do a comparison between only these two, then it can be hard to tell which platform will best suit your online store. For this reason, we have done some considerable research on both BigCommerce vs Shopify. We have also examined, analyzed, and compared their pros and cons. 


Need a complete commerce platform to start, grow, and manage your business? Use Shopify. Create and customize your online store. Sell your products in multiple sections like web, online marketplaces, pop-up shops, and social media. Do not worry about upgrading or maintaining web servers or software as Shopify is a completely cloud-based and hosted platform. It provides you the flexibility to run and access your business anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. You get the choice to use your domain name with Shopify. Have an existing domain name? Connect it to Shopify from your store’s admin and use it. You can also buy a domain through Shopify if you do not have a domain name yet. 

Number 9 - Shopify
Number 9 – Shopify

The best thing about Shopify is that you can even be a newbie and use it. You can edit your store’s look with an online store builder and themes. Shopify gives you a 14-day free trial without even a credit card. You can build your online store during the trial. The lite plan of Shopify costs 29$ a month. Use Shopify when you have been using the Lite version for some time.

How does Shopify setup service work?

A custom Shopify store setup can be a major challenge for any entrepreneur or business who is looking to sell products online. Even an amazing business idea does not work until you do not know how and when to create an online store. This rule does not just apply to Shopify, but other website-making platforms as well. If you need any help while setting up your online store, then you can use the help of our Shopify set up experts of the Number9 team. 

Outline objectives

Start by outlining the objectives and focuses for your online store setup. Clear objectives help you create a smooth Shopify store setup and our team will help you with that. Our Shopify Store setup service provider is ready to provide a consultation service to get clear objectives for your goals. 

Setup call

After the completion of the initial stage, clients are invited for a call with our Shopify experts to discuss ideas for functionality, trust factors, and design. 

Setup report

The setup report for your online store setup includes a clear framework for the setup, suggested design, color, and font, recommended customizable functionality and a complete menu of Shopify online store setup options that blend Commerce proposes at different budget levels that are based on the objectives.

Start store 

Our Shopify store setup service provider team will ask you to provide us with copies, images, and product descriptions for the store. Some of your clients make sure that their content represents their brand by opting for your copywriting service.

Design Concept

Now is the time for the initial design concept. The client reviews the headers, pages, and designed collections that our Shopify professional services.


Before testing, we make tweaks and changes to the site. It is best to make sure that all the specifications and objectives were discussed in the setup stages. 


The Shopify services Dubai always make sure that our client is confident running their store when it goes live. After that, the store is launched. 

Post-launch Support

Even after the launch, you can always get the support of our Shopify setup services. If you have any queries or want to make tweaks to the website, our Number 9 team will help you.


Bigcommerce is an online store creator that powers more than thousands of online stores in over 150 countries. Do everything by yourself in Bigcommerce like adding products, uploading photos, processing orders, creating discount coupons, creating pages, and more. The design you store using drag and drop panels. 

Number 9- Bigcommerce


Bigcommerce was founded in 2009, and it offers two plans for small businesses and two plans for large or high-volume businesses. Each plan includes various features like fraud monitoring, abandoned cart saver, product ratings, and more. A wide range of fashion, electronic, health, jewelry, and other industries are getting served by this platform. A lot of shopping and comparison sites like eBay, Nextag,, and Shopzilla can integrate it.

How to create an online store with Bigcommerce?

You can easily launch a website and sell products with a simple yet functional piece of software. The Number 9 team will take you through all the steps to create your online store with Bigcommerce.


Choose a niche and develop a business plan

The E-commerce market is always fault-finding. Even giant websites like Amazon started as niche retailers. Identify your focus area by doing some research on eCommerce niches.

Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis. Assess different niche and product ideas in this simple yet effective way. People think that all the good eCommerce niches are taken, but it is not true. Find industry gaps with targeted research.

Analyze your customer personas as the best eCommerce product ideas are born at the crossing of need, interests, and preferences among the target audience. Do customer research to note how your audience buys products and what would be the best way to reach them?

Choose your domain name

A domain is an identifier for your consumers. It does not just guide your users to your online store, but a good domain can also improve awareness and brand recall. Select a unique domain name. Try to use creative spelling and avoid using unfamiliar words. Also, keep your domain name shorter than 12 characters as it is the perfect length to make it easily memorable. 

Select your eCommerce Website builder

Different types of eCommerce platforms come in a variety of native features and extensions. Create a prioritized list of requirements to figure out the best choice for your business. The cheapest website builder might be tempting to start with. The bad thing about it is that you may have to migrate your eCommerce website later, and it is an added complexity. Even if you are building your first iteration, consider it long-term.

Design the look of your online store

Bigcommerce and other eCommerce website builders have a broad selection of website themes that are organized by verticals. Your template should match your needs to adjust it to fit your business.

Add products to your online store

Set up your product category pages to make your store more amazing and attractive for the customers to shop. Your product description should be great. Upload pictures of the products too. Write a description that is persuasive and makes the customer want to buy your product. Choose the best pictures for your product. Hire a photographer if affordable. Make your products more discoverable by dividing them into categories. You can use the help and support of Number9 Bigcommerce product listing services for this task.

Set up shipping

Figure out how to send the product to the real owners. Delivery is critically important as studies show that 56% of customers do not buy from a retailer after a bad delivery experience. Make a shipping policy to set the right expectations among new customers. Communicate the costs, terms, and any limitations.

Market your online store

What can be worse for an entrepreneur is to see zero active visitors in Google Analytics on the launch day. Prioritize several eCommerce marketing channels to make sure that your new store has a lot of virtual visitors. A pre-launch promotion strategy can also help.

Launch your Online Store

Give your website a test drive after moving it from stage to production to make sure you are all set in terms of performance, design, and navigation. 

BigCommerce vs Shopify

Shopify Vs Bigcommerce


If you want to achieve professional results, then you do not need to hire a web designer to build a BigCommerce vs Shopify store, but a good eye for design and high-quality images of your product is very important. Both BigCommerce vs Shopify are “software as a service” tools. They are not free, so you have to pay a monthly or annual fee to access the software. 

Which one has the best pricing?

The first thing people try to figure out about software is its price. Let’s have a look at the prices of BigCommerce vs Shopify

Bigcommerce Price:

Bigcommerce has four price plans:

  • Bigcommerce Standard: 29.95 USD per month.
  • Bigcommerce Plus: 79.95 USD per month.
  • Bigcommerce Pro: 299.95 USD per month.
  • Bigcommerce Enterprise: Price varies on requirements.

Shopify price:

Shopify has a total of 5 price plans: 

Lite: 9 USD per month.

Basic Shopify: 29 USD per month.

Advanced Shopify: 299 USD per month.

Shopify Plus: price varies on requirements.

Bigcommerce is the Shopify vs Bigcommerce prices comparison winner because its 29 USD plan provides you a lot more features than the Shopify equivalent. There is no transaction fee on any of the Bigcommerce plans and it is regardless of the payment method. The processing speed of credit cards is slightly lower than Shopify.

Which has the better value for money?

Our research says that both BigCommerce vs Shopify scored the same value for money. Both of these platforms earned ⅗ stars. Bigcommerce provides a 15-day free trial while Shopify gives you a 14-day free trial. It is not about the price you paid, it is about the tools and features that you get for the paid price. Shopify depends more on third-party apps than Bigcommerce. You can drag-and-drop elements onto your homepage on Shopify but you will have to install another app like Buildify for an additional price of 12 USD per month to get that same level of hand-on-control for every other page.

Which is easier to use?

Most users have found it easier to use Shopify rather than Bigcommerce and the reason for this is that Bigcommerce’s features are more scalable and less suited for beginners. On the other hand, Shopify is a less powerful platform but it will not leave you to your own device. Bigcommerce has made some improvements to make it easy to use. The design flexibility of Bigcommerce’s drag-and-drop builder actually outscores Shopify. You only have to select a page element of your choice and insert it wherever you want.

Shopify does not offer the same hands-on customization experience as Bigcommerce. The harder platform of the two is the eCommerce SEO Bigcommerce platform. We can say that Shopify is easier to use than Bigcommerce which makes it the top choice for beginners. Bigcommerce is harder and more powerful although its drag-and-drop builder has got Shopify running for this title.

Which is better for big business: BigCommerce vs Shopify?

Both BigCommerce vs Shopify provide custom plans to get advanced tools and support for your store at an enterprise-level E-commerce. The Shopify Plush and Bigcommerce Enterprise are available to help large businesses maximize their hold. Shopify costs minimum2000 USD per month and on the other hand, Bigcommerce costs between 500 USD and 15000 USD per month. Bigcommerce Enterprise has a much wider range of built-in tools than Shopify plus.

It can also handle more than a hundred API calls per second while Shopify plus has the limit of only 10 calls per second. We can conclude that Shopify is better for larger businesses, and Bigcommerce is the best for very large stores that are only selling online. 

Infographic: BigCommerce VS Shopify

Bigcommerce vs shopify



The better platform comes down to what you are looking for. Both of these platforms BigCommerce vs Shopify are big competitors. We shouldn’t look at which one of them is better. We should look at which one does the job for you. Both have their features if you want built-in features without having to install or pay for them separately, then you should use Bigcommerce, and if you want more choices for third-party apps, then you should use Shopify.