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Maximize Your Business Success with Business Setup In Dubai Free Zone by Number9

Business setup in Dubai free zone offers multiple opportunities making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs. These benefits include 100% complete foreign ownership, zero corporate taxes, and getting maximum profits. To attract international businesses, the whole process is made smooth and provides the best world-class facilities and modern infrastructure. Number9 provides you with professional guidance so that you can select the right free zone for you according to your business needs.

Our expert team members handle the whole process for you including getting licenses, visas, and office space making sure that you don’t have any hurdles in the entire process. With our personalized services, you can focus on expanding your business and we will take care of all legal needs. 

business setup in Dubai free zone
freezone license

Why Dubai Freezone License is Important?

A Dubai freezone license is important for businesses that want to operate in the world’s best economic hubs. These licenses offer multiple benefits such as tax exemptions, 100% complete foreign ownership, and smooth import and export processes which makes them an attractive option for the entrepreneurs. At Number9, our professionals assist in getting a Dubai freezone license and offer complete support to make sure that the whole application process of freezone license is simple and smooth we also provide support for free zone license cost. 

Our expert team members handle the paperwork for you and collaborate with the free zone authorities so that you can assist in every aspect whether it’s the initial discussion, the final approval or it’s the free zone license cost. Choose Number9 and our professional will assist you in every matter related to freezone business setup so that you can enjoy the business opportunities that are provided by Dubai’s free zones and identify the free zone license cost. 

Dubai Free Zone License Cost

To effectively plan the budget and manage financial matters it is important to understand the cost structure of the Dubai freezone license. The Dubai free zone license cost depends on multiple factors such as type of business activity, visa quotas, office space requirements, and additional services. With Number9 as your partner, you can get details and transparent cost analysis which helps you to get an idea of all the expenses that are involved in getting a Dubai free zone license. 

By choosing Number9 you can get a detailed understanding of the financial matters which helps you to make better decisions about your business setup in Dubai’s free zones. With our professional advice, we make sure that you get accurate Dubai free zone license cost, and identity savings and can maximize your return on investment which makes the whole process of getting a freezone license both simple and financially feasible. 

Dubai freezone license
dubai free zone license cost

Customized Business Setup in UAE Free Zones

Our professional team members at Number9 provide personalized business setup in UAE free zones solutions that help you get a free zone license in Dubai, get business setup in Dubai cost, and fulfill your business needs. Our team members stay in contact with you from time to time so that you can get the best free zone based on location and industry needs. Our team members guide you in every step of the free zone business setup process whether it’s getting a license, starting the operations, or getting business setup in Dubai cost, and make sure that all processes are according to the legal requirements. 

We also assist so your business can identify the market trends and keep up to date with the regulatory changes to achieve long-term success. With our personalized business setup solutions, you can establish your business in the UAE free zones and avail the multiple benefits for business growth and expansion. Choose us for business setup in Dubai free zone.

Benefits of Personalized Business Setup in Freezone Dubai

Setting up a business setup in Dubai free zone provides multiple benefits, including strategic locations, tax exemptions, and modern infrastructure. Number9 provides personalized low-cost business setup in UAE solutions by providing detailed support from the first step of the initial consultation to the last step of operational launching to make sure that you achieve success. Our team helps you select the dubai free zone business setup for you according to your needs, assists you in obtaining the necessary freezone license, gets the business setup in Dubai cost, and makes sure that your process is according to all the legal requirements.

 Because of our understanding of the regulatory framework and our connections with the free zone authorities, we provide efficient and reliable business setup services to our clients. Collaborating with Number9 makes sure that your business setup in UAE free zones is smooth and advantageous for you so that you can fulfill your business needs, get a freezone license and freezone company setup cost to achieve success in the UAE market. 

business setup in uae free zones

Why choose number9 for Business Setup In Dubai Free Zone


We at Number9 make sure that our business structure and operation are based on the concept of efficiency. We speed the procedure up intending to shorten the time it takes to launch your business at the Dubai free zones and there are no delays. Objective, efficient paperwork as well as regulatory compliance and administration procedures that enable your company to begin operations expeditiously.


Number9 will adhere to principles of transparency when creating the company during formation. Every step is fully explained to you in a manner that is understandable and comprehensive; that means you will know everything about pricing, deadlines, and requirements. Consequently, our clients are better placed to make informed decisions concerning the establishment of their businesses in Dubai-free zones.

Ongoing Support

Startup is just the starting point. To offer the highest level of assistance possible, Number9 is always on hand to help your business thrive. We are open to you any time you need us to clarify the rules, address issues of compliance, or just if you are facing operational difficulties. We offer you professional guidance and assistance to assist your company during critical points of its expansion.


The experience of putting number9 together has a staff to lead Dubai in business at the free zone. We have your back with a professional and smooth setup process just because we are familiar with special individual business environments and regulating affairs. We are capable of guiding your company to victory by providing professional legal assistance and an advisable point of view.

Comprehensive Services

Regarding company formations in the free zone, we dispense a variety of services. We have the procedure figured out from the first consultation till we acquire the permits and visas completely being a part of our inclusive approach. We will help ensure your firm is set up and ready to go by supporting banking options, office space choices, and local regulatory compliance.

Customized Solutions

We work with you to formulate solutions specifically designed to solve your peculiar problems as we know that every organization is different. You might require a particular license, a special office configuration, or certain support department services. We tailor our approach to reflect your company’s specific menu of items. Our company provides customized solutions that are unique and help companies run smoothly and fast.

Testimonials and Reviews By Our Clients

Mohammad Bin Suleman
Ahmed Al-Mansoori Owner

It was not easy for us to open a new business in a free zone designated by the UAE. However, our successful business partnership with Number9 made this whole process look so simple. Thanks to their properly defined strategy and close attention to every detail, we were fully ready to launch our business in no time and things are now going better than ever.

Sarah T
Fatima Khalid Founder

I can affirm that the Number9 consultants did a great job working with me on the foundation of my business by a free zone in the UAE, I am pleased with the results. The employment of their staff was excellent. They have been so kind to me and have patiently responded to my questions about my concerns and the steps of the process. I highly recommend it to everyone the same for who plans to start a company in the region.

Ahmed Ali
Khalid Al-Hamadi CEO

I would again turn to Number9 if we are planning another investment in a free area of Abu Dhabi. Their proactivity and being adaptive to the local jurisdictions were the major things behind such successful completion. I certainly won't think twice about recommending their services while talking with other business owners. Being on the success journey here, with Number9, you're not just their client, but their partner!

Completed projects to the end by our specialists.
A large team of the best specialists.
Completed projects to the end by our specialists.
Completed projects to the end by our specialists.

Our Approach towards Business Setup In Dubai Free Zone

At Number9, our approach is based on efficiency, expertise, and personalized service to get the free zone license for Dubai. We start the process by doing detailed research so that we can better understand your business needs, objectives, and the requirements of the industry. As a result, this process helps us to identify the best suitable free zone and license type for your operators. Our team members are experts in these matters and they handle all steps of the application process for you whether it’s documentation, paperwork, or contacting free zone authorities to make sure that your process is accurate and smooth. 

Our main focus is on transparency and we keep in contact with you to show you clear breakdowns and provide regular updates during the whole process. Our professionals try to minimize the complexities for you so that you can focus on your business activities. Even after the setup, we provide you regular support and keep you updated on the regular changes. Number9 makes sure that you have a smooth and successful free zone business setup experience in Dubai’s free zones by using our knowledge and strong relationships with the free zone authorities. 

Services Provided For Business Setup In Dubai Free Zone By Us

At Number9, our professional business consultants assist entrepreneurs with the details of the free zone business in Dubai. Our experts provide personalized advice according to your specific needs and objectives whether you choose a free zone, offshore, or a mainland structure and make sure that you select the best option for your business. 

Our experienced consultants simplify the licensing process for your free zone business setup in Dubai. We provide detailed support about the licensing procedure whether its initial paperwork or the final follow-up to make sure that the whole process is according to the regulatory requirements. 

Visa and Emirates ID Processing

Exploring vias and residency regulations in Dubai on your own can be a difficult process but if you choose Number9 as your partner the whole process can be simple. Our professional team members assist you in getting the visas and Emirates ID cards which helps to increase the credibility and legitimacy of your free zone business.

We provide support to help you select the best reputable bank in the UAE for your free zone business needs. Our expert consultants are always available to guide you through the process of opening a corporate bank account and make sure that you get a reliable bank account for all your business operations. 

Legal Documentation Preparation

Number9 also provides detailed legal documentation services that are according to your free zone business setup in Dubai. We ensure that all legal documents are ready to protect your business needs, whether creating memorandums, association articles, or preparing partnership agreements. 

Post-Setup Support and Compliance

Our commitment to providing a free zone for your business is limited to setup. We also provide support to ensure that your whole process is according to government regulations. We handle all post-setup requirements whether it is license amendment or yearly renewals so that you can focus on your business while we take care of all of your processes. 

Standard Working Process of Business Setup In Dubai Free Zone Services

Client Conversation

Your idea is unique, and it deserves to be told! So, we start by lending an ear, seeking to understand your vision, your ideas, and your desires. Isn’t it all about you to begin with?

Creating the Blueprint

Next, with your input, we skilfully craft a tailored storyboard. A plan for your shoot, covering everything from A to Z. Exciting, huh?

Lights, Camera, Action!

Now, our pros step in, breathing life into every shot. Doesn’t your story deserve the best lights, the best shots, and, of course, perfection in action?

Post-Production Edits

Here, our talented editors fashion your videos and photos to perfection. Are you as excited for the final reveal as we are?

Delivering the Superb Final Cut

Finally, we deliver a masterpiece uniquely yours. And there we are! Wasn’t it an amazing journey from ideation to creation?


Have Questions? Reach Out to Our Business Setup In Dubai Free Zone Services Providers

Are you ready to start the process of setting up your business in Dubai’s free zone? Get in touch with Number9 right away for expert advice and personalized help. Our team wants to help you figure out how to set up a business in the UAE, which can be hard. To begin, send an email to [email protected] or call +971 56 9254719. So let’s make your business idea a great reality in Dubai. Check out our Instagram and other social media platforms to learn more about how we can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Foreign investors can set up a business in a free zone in Dubai and own 100% of the company. There are also tax benefits for businesses located in certain free zones, which makes them ideal for global growth.

Setting up a business in a Dubai-free zone can take a long or short time, based on things like the type of business and how quickly the necessary paperwork is completed. On average, it takes between a few days and a few weeks. This will get your business off the ground quickly.

When you set up your business in a Dubai-free zone, you can get benefits like tax breaks, the ability to use the latest technology, and easy access to global markets, all of which help your business grow quickly.

Dubai’s free zones offer different licenses for different business activities, such as trading, manufacturing, consulting, e-commerce, and more. This gives businesses the freedom to work in a wide range of industries and fields.

Businesses registered in Dubai-free zones can mostly operate within the free zones themselves, but they can also do business outside of the free zones by setting up on the mainland or offshore with the right permits and licenses. This lets them reach more customers and grow.

Businesses in Dubai-free zones can have shareholders from any country. This gives foreign investors more options for setting up businesses in the UAE and makes the business world more open and diverse.

Number9 helps people start businesses in Dubai free zones by giving them advice, helping them apply for licenses and visas, helping them with legal paperwork and banking, making sure they follow the rules after the business is set up, and giving them ongoing support and personalized advice at every step of their journey as an entrepreneur. 

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