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Digital Marketing and Advertising in 2024

Digital Marketing and Advertising in 2020

Digital marketing and advertising seem like two different things, but in reality, they are not. We can consider going back in time and say we go back to the Advertising Boom which happened in the 1950s when most people thought that advertisement was just another bubble.

What happened next shocked people, advertisers, and the world. 

Consumers worldwide were later influenced by the good-looking advertisements via Radio, TV, and Display marketing.

Talk about school kids going in the bus on their way to school, or moms driving to drop their kids off to school, or those dads that got up early in the morning by 9 am to get ready for their work and while on the way, and when listening to the radio.

We were bombarded with billboards on every corner of the road. 

Every corner of the street, every roundabout whenever we go you just like looking at these billboards.

So what happened was a lot of people were influenced by these.

And when even there is no demand they had to purchase what had been shown to them.

That’s where marketing people made a lot of money.

Because you understood that they have to sell to the larger audience they have to market.

Digital Advertising in Digital Marketing

So today in the digital landscape, a lot of people try to figure out how advertising works.

We see that digital has taken over the traditional form of advertising.

We cannot ignore the fact that it is more powerful than I was ever before.

That’s why display advertising in digital marketing comes in.

Display advertising has still a long way to go.

Today Display Advertising in Marketing has been used prominently across different platforms.

We can take an idea when we search for something online, it immediately pops up on the very next web site visit.

And we are bombarded again with display advertising in digital marketing.

Where we see the ads popping up right left and center.

And once again it’s influencing us as consumers.

Digital Advertising Market

The digital advertising market is huge. We started back and 90 is with some display ads.

And then slowly graduated to social media networks such as Orkut.

Which enabled and opened the door to the digital advertising market.

Where for the first time digital advertising was done online.

And then came MSN Hotmail and Live Messenger.

Which further enhances our ability to communicate with each other.

As time passes by we see a growth in the digital advertising market.

Digital Advertising Market Size

When we talk about digital advertising market size, we have to compare two major benchmarks.

One happened in 2005 and the other one double recorded in 2015.

Where we see the world population has grown from 6.5 billion to 7.4 billion.

And the number of internet users worldwide has increased from only 7% to a whopping 48%.

The digital advertising market size is growing.

As we continue to see these numbers grow for Digital advertising market size.

A study conducted by the Global digital advertising size marketing company shows that the total revenue of Brother’s industry has increased significantly to about 65 billion US dollars.

The digital advertising market size is expected to grow to about 250 Billion US dollars by 2026.

Digital Marketing and Advertising Strategies

Digital Marketing and Advertising strategies can be so many but focusing on the ones that matter is more important.

Some Digital Marketing and Advertising strategies that you can adopt in 2024

  • Start with SEO
  • Focus on mobile
  • Keep an eye for upcoming trends
  • Get deeper with analytics

We will be talking about these strategies in detail in a different article on its own.

As each one of these is valuable.

Knowing each of these will only enhance your Digital Marketing and Advertising strategies.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Digital Marketing and Advertising though they sound two different things are not.

Display Advertising in Digital Marketing

Both digital marketing and advertising is done with the same purpose.

Keeping in mind the goals and the KPIs of your company and your product or service.

When you decide to use Digital Marketing and Advertising the first thing you should do is to understand where your audience is.

When you start by understanding your audience, you are headed in the right direction.

To know more about Digital Marketing and Advertising drop your comments below and would be happy to answer any questions you have. 

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