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We help companies discover what makes them unique and channel it into a memorable experience that outsells and outshines their competition online.

Dubai’s Most reputed Facebook Marketing in Dubai

Number9, the most reputed Facebook Ads management company of Dubai is developed to drive your business to the heights of success while saving your time and money simultaneously. We use different platforms to fuel up your sales and help you in building your brand’s name in Online Market at the lowest Facebook ads management rates in Dubai.

In this digital world, everybody is spending a lot of time on Social Media and Facebook is the number one Social Media site that connects billions of people around the globe. So why not convert these Social Media Users into your customers?

Number9 Facebook advertising Dubai promotes your business on Facebook through advertisements so that you can generate an enormous amount of revenue at affordable rates. If you are running a business, no matter if it is a product or a service we will help you promote it through our Facebook Ads Management Services. We are a Facebook ads agency in Dubai that will help people to understand your business through Facebook.

Wide Range Of Our Facebook Advertising Dubai Services

Video Ads Services

Video Advertising on Facebook is very popular because it grabs attention with sound and motion. With the help of our video ads campaign by Facebook advertising Dubai, you can spread your word to a vast number of people. With Number9 providing the services of Facebook Advertising in Dubai, your video ads will be visible to a greater audience which will generate more leads.

Image Ads Services

Our Image ads for Facebook Marketing in Dubai use beautiful images and will allow you to generate more customers to landing pages.

Collection Ads Services

Our Facebook management Dubai Collection ads allow you to showcase multiple products in a format that’s both interactive and immersive. Consumers can click and tap through product pages and full-screen Canvas images or videos, turning your ad into a sort of mini-storefront and commercial rolled into one.

Facebook Carousel Ads Services

With our Facebook carousel ads, you can display up to 10 images or videos in a single ad with their own link and description. Number9 is the only Facebook ads agency in Dubai that allows you to showcase your products to your audience in a variety of productive ways.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads Services

Our Facebook advertising Dubai allow you to collect information from people who are interested in your business by filling in a small form.

Facebook Offer Ads Services

With our Facebook Advertising in Dubai Services, you can share discount offers with your customers. You can design your offer ad as an image, video, or carousel.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us

Our professional support team try to do their best to provide you with high-quality consultations concerning any question about our services.

Our Expert Targeting Strategy

We apply different targeting strategies using Facebook’s platform to allure a specific audience that can be easily converted into customers. Here are some ways that we use to attract the right audience for your business.

Targeting by Location

Facebook allows you to target an audience which is in your surrounding areas. In this way, we spread the name of your business to those people who are close to you and can easily interact with you.

Targeting by likes

Facebook estimates the user’s interests through their likes. If a user has a taste in music, television preferences, religious views, etc. Facebook uses those keywords to reach out to the users. In this way, we target a specific audience for your business at the micro-level.

Targeting by Connections

Our experts also target people who are connected to your Facebook page. In this way, we reach out to the existing fans and also target friends of people who are already connected to your page.

Why choose Number9 for Facebook Advertising Dubai?

As much as Facebook advertisement is beneficial, it has a lot of competition. Many brands are already using this platform to drive more sales and generate more revenue. In order for you to stay ahead of the competitive curve, you need a proficient Facebook Advertising in Dubai that has enough expertise and resources to create a perfect ad campaign for your business.

Number 9 Facebook Marketing in Dubai has proven work experience in this field. We grow businesses by applying different targeting strategies and attract the right audience. Our experts can help you choose the right Facebook advertising Dubai that can draw the best results. Once the campaign is launched, our experts use Facebook insights and Metric tools to determine the success rate of the ad campaign.

Common qualities of our Facebook advertising Dubai are:

  • Promotional
  • Persuasive
  • Targeted
  • Creative
  • Engaging
  • Consistent
  • High-Quality Content
Completed projects to the end
Completed projects to the end
Completed projects to the end
Completed projects to the end

Our Facebook Marketing in Dubai Standard Working Procedure


Meeting with Clients

First, we communicate with you to get to know about you and your business. This encourages us to discover different ways in which we can empower you to enhance your business empire. When we meet with our clients, we also take their ideas about How they want to market their products or services through Facebook ad campaigns?


Consider and Analyze work Strategy

Our team of experts devises a strategy according to your provided information. After that, we analyze our strategy and calculate its success rate. If our calculations do not show extraordinary and immediate results we then modify our strategy so that you can get most of the benefit at an affordable price.

Work Hard On The Project

We turn your ideas into a reality. & our ads is placed on a “Marketing server” where you get to watch the whole process, live.


Revising Strategy

Still! if you feel that something is missing in the work plan. We take your idea and revise the strategy again until it meets your expectations. After all our main focus is to satisfy our clients, and by being the best firm of Facebook advertising Dubai, Number9 will go to any extent to mark your satisfaction.


Execution of Work Plan

Once you are completely satisfied with our work plan. We start working on the plan and provide you with astonishing results in only a small amount of time, while you sit back and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

We offer Facebook Advertising in Dubai for all kinds of businesses. It can be a small business, a medium-sized business, and it can also be a large and fully developed business. Our services are affordable and cost-effective. Because we care for our clients and we just don’t complete your tasks, we also create long-term relationships with our clients. This is what makes Number9 the best Facebook ads management company in Dubai.

We work on a retainer basis and the fees are calculated on the amount of work that we do for you. But unlike other firms, our firm offers the most reasonable Facebook ads management pricing in Dubai. The cost of an average ad campaign in the market is from 100$ to 300$. But Number9 charges much less than an average Facebook Marketing in Dubai and provides 100% results at the same time.

Number9 has proven its name among various countries and now it is growing rapidly in Dubai. Number9 is not just a name. It is a brand. And due to the versatility in its services, it is becoming the best Facebook ads management company in the biggest and most populous city of UAE.

Our team of expert developers is our greatest asset. They work hard to prove the name of our brand. They respond to our clients 24 hours a day. They guide our clients through all the procedures and help them in escalating their business revenue. They make our firm the top-notch facebook ads management firm in UAE.

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