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How to Generate Leads Using Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising - Number9
Facebook Advertising - Number9

Facebook isn’t just a social media platform for posting pictures and videos. For marketers, it is more than that. It is an effective business tool used by numerous organizations to generate more leads. In this blog post, you will get know how to generate more leads using Facebook advertising.

What is a Facebook lead?

If a Facebook user shows interest in the products/services of your business by providing some information, then it is considered as a Facebook lead. Anyone taking a genuine interest in your business will be considered as a lead and you can get it through many ways such as completing an online survey or filling out a form on Facebook.

A lot of people make mistakes in identifying their Facebook leads. They do not understand that only liking, sharing, or commenting on their page is not considered as a lead. These actions do not represent a definite interest in your business services. Only if a user fills out your form, requests a demo, or downloads an eBook, then it can be considered as a lead. Generating more leads can get you better results for your business.

How can I generate leads using Facebook?

There are a lot of ways for lead generation using Facebook. For a successful lead generation using Facebook, you need expert strategies and tools that work. Some of the best ways for lead generation using Facebook are;

Facebook posts 

You can upload posts on Facebook about your business to generate leads using Facebook. Your posts are the main point that gets your audience’s attention. You can upload posts related to your business on Facebook and add links to them that direct your target audience to a landing page where they can submit their information.


People love to take interest in Facebook events. If your company hosts events, then it is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of that. Facebook advertising services let you post your upcoming event and use it for lead generation on Facebook. You can use the event tool to add dedicated pages to your events where your audience can sign up and provide their information. 

Lead ads

Lead ads - Number9

One of the best and most effective tools for lead generation using Facebook is lead ads. They have sponsored posts that are displayed on the news feed, store, and marketplace of your target audience. The best thing about these ads is that they target the audience that is most likely to be interested in your business.

This makes it a cheap and effective way of lead generation using Facebook. Based on the behavior of your audience on and off Facebook, these ads display relevant information. When someone clicks on your lead ad, they have to fill out a form and submit their information to the company.

What are the most effective Facebook marketing tips for small businesses?

For a small business to make its brand popular, it is a difficult task. But if one has experience in Facebook advertising services, then they can market their brand and get the results they want. Lead generation is crucial for a small business to gain more revenue and customers. Number9 has hired professionals who have vast experience in Facebook advertising services. With our expertise in Facebook marketing, you can generate leads using Facebook. Let us illustrate the must-know tips to generate leads using Facebook.

Post attractive blog posts

Blog posts are filled with exciting information and facts. If one has the skills to write an impeccable and informative blog, then one can generate leads from it. Facebook allows you to post your blog on its platform.

You can not just upload a simple blog and expect it to generate leads for you. Your blog title and topic must allure your target audience to take an interest in it. It must have the solution your audience is looking for. One thing you should remember is that Facebook has all types of users.

Some people understand through terms and there are some who don’t. If you write a simple blog that has the solution to your audience’s problems, then it is expected to generate leads. In your blogs, you can add links that direct your audience to a landing page or add forms at the end of the blog.

Post videos to generate leads using Facebook advertising

If you don’t run a Facebook ad campaign, then there are only a few changes that your audience will look up to your content. This happens because of Facebook algorithms. That is why the best marketers use videos to generate more leads and get more customers. People like to see offers. If you are running an online business, then give your customers different offers using attractive videos. This way, you can promote your business and generate more leads. 

Use Facebook live videos

Facebook offers its live video option where you can share your video live with your whole audience. As it does not require any editing or time, you can easily promote your content with it. Facebook live videos are displayed on the news feed of your target audience.

In those videos, you can let the people know about your business, promote your brand, and ask them to fill out forms for better lead generation. The more persuasive language you use, the more leads you can generate. It is completely free and less time-consuming which makes it a great way for lead generation.

Pin posts that help you generate more leads

When people see your post and like it, Facebook usually removes them from their news feed. So, it does not remain effective for a long time. But, if you pin your post using the “Pin” option, your post will be pinned to the top of your posts for almost seven days. So, whenever your audience visits your page, they see that particular post first. It is recommended to pin the post that generates the most leads. This way, it can help you generate even more leads from a single post. 

Ask your audience for feedback

Asking your audience the feedback on certain products and services can prove beneficial in two ways. You can get to know whether people like your products or not, and you can also generate more leads. One thing you should remember is to ask for feedback on a product that you are proud of.

When you ask your audience for feedback, there are also many negative commenters too. So, it is better you do not give them a chance of ruining it for you. So, ask your audience whether they like your product and are satisfied with it. Make them fill out forms and provide their information. It will not only get you more leads but also will make your customers loyal to you.

Run a giveaway

People love contests and giveaways. It is not just a fun activity to do but also a great way to get to know your audience. You always see a lot of giveaways on Facebook. They seem to get more attention than regular posts. Everyone wants to win something for free.

You can ask your audience to fill out a form and let them enter the giveaway. It will not only make your audience attracted but loyal to your business. Your audience will visit your page in curiosity to know whether they have won or not. With an alluring contest or giveaway post, you can encourage your audience to fill out a form for you. You can make them your lead this way. 

Run lead ads

Lead ads have made it easy for a person to sign up for something. It might be your most effective tool for lead generation on Facebook. Lead ads appear on the news feed of your target audience. As they target your audience based on their searches on and off Facebook, there are many chances that they will take interest in your brand. As people want things to happen fast, lead ads prove to be very effective in this case. With just one click, a lead ad takes you to a different form that you can fill out to sign up. It is such an easy way of generating leads. 


Facebook advertising services prove to be very effective for small businesses to market their brand. Anyone with experience and our Facebook marketing tips for small businesses can market their brand at low costs. In this blog post, we showed the 7 most effective Facebook marketing tips for small businesses.

If one uses these tips effectively, one can generate more leads using Facebook advertising services. To make it even easier for you, Number9 offers it Facebook marketing services. We help you enhance your web identity with our top-notch Facebook advertising services. Hire Number9 Facebook advertising company and generate the leads you want using Facebook.