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How To Create Business LinkedIn Profile?

How to improve your LinkedIn business profile - Number9
how to create business LinkedIn profile - Number9

Do you want the best out of your LinkedIn business profile? Are you struggling to improve your business profile? LinkedIn is the best social network and a great place to establish your business in the industry. You can not just run your business efficiently with a simple LinkedIn business profile. You must have what it takes to improve your LinkedIn profile. In this blog post, we will show you how to create business LinkedIn profile and get the most out of it.

how to create business LinkedIn profile 

LinkedIn business profile

LinkedIn is the most popular social network in the world with more than 800 million active users from around the world. A lot of business organizations use LinkedIn to run and enhance their businesses and hire experts. Having a LinkedIn business profile offers you great exposure at zero cost. One can easily network, connect, and sell using a LinkedIn business profile. 

how to create a business profile on LinkedIn?

Creating a LinkedIn business profile has a lot of benefits if one has the necessary awareness. Some of the most common benefits of a LinkedIn business profile are:


A properly managed marketing can help a business reach its potential customers. On LinkedIn, you can hire clients by promoting your company to millions of people. You can use your LinkedIn business profile to grow your business and increase your traffic. 


Sourcing is a wonderful way to let people find and interact with your business. By providing the source of your business profile on LinkedIn, you can let your audience find you. This way, when people search for a service or product related to your business, they can see your company on the list too.


Creating a LinkedIn business profile can be very helpful in increasing search traffic for your business. You can increase the SEO of your business website with your LinkedIn profile. This way, you can gain more potential customers and stay on top of the business platform.

how to make a business profile on LinkedIn?

How to improve your LinkedIn business profile - Number9

A lot of companies create their LinkedIn business profiles but they do not get the expected results it. A company must understand that only creating a LinkedIn business profile is not enough to gain more customers and leads. One has to follow a set of rules and key points to be able to run and grow their business and optimize their LinkedIn business profile. Let us demonstrate the LinkedIn profile management services that can help you enhance your LinkedIn business profile.

how to create business LinkedIn profile?

Your LinkedIn business profile means a lot to you. So, you should not leave a single chance of marking it less attractive. Having an attractive profile picture and banner can help you gain more audiences on LinkedIn. When a viewer opens your LinkedIn business profile, the first thing they look at is your profile picture and banner.

If they are not attractive enough, then viewers mostly do not move forward and leave your business profile. Having an alluring profile picture can help you catch the eyes of your audience. Using your company logo as your profile picture on LinkedIn is the most efficient way of letting people know about your business. 

An ideal LinkedIn business profile picture consists of 300 x 300 pixels, is in a PNG format, does not have a size of more than 8 MB, and is in a square shape. On the other hand, the profile banner above your company logo must be more creative and attractive than the profile picture. An ideal LinkedIn business profile banner should have 1536 x 768 pixels, must be in PNG format, should not be more than 8 MB, and have a rectangular shape. One can choose their banner and profile picture on their own but they should be attractive enough to allure people into following your business.

Your About Us section should be compelling

If you want people to take an interest in your business, then you should let them know about it attractively. The About us section in a LinkedIn business profile is there for this purpose. In the About Us section, you can write all about your business and what are you good at. A well-written About Us section consists of about 1500 to 2000 characters.

In this section, you can tell people what they should know about your business. You have to answer some questions; How to create a business profile on LinkedIn? How to make a business profile on LinkedIn? Who are you? Where is your company based? What services do you offer? What are your values, and what is your brand voice? If you want people to be interested in your About Us section, then you should not write simple lines. Instead, you should use a compelling approach and relative keywords. This can catch people’s eyes and help your business profile grow.

You should Fill out all sections

When you are trying to improve your LinkedIn profile, you should not leave any sections. Companies that complete their page sections usually receive more visitors than those with incomplete pages. If you want more visitors to your LinkedIn business profile, then you must make sure to fill in the following sections:

  • Address: Provide your business address and update it if any change occurs.
  • URL: Provide your business URL so people can easily find your business website.
  • HQ Country: Tell people where your business headquarters are.
  • Industry: Let people know about the industry of your business.
  • Size: Tell the number of employees in your company.

Filling these sections can be very efficient in helping you receive more customers and increase your business profile growth.

You should have a showcase page

Showcase page is a part of LinkedIn profile management services that keep your audience updated on what your business is offering. It is used to display your business’s day-to-day activities. On a showcase page, you can display ads, occurring events, sponsorships, and other content depending on your customer interest. You can show the people what they want and they will be attracted to your page.

Now, you can not just display one post and expect the audience to interact with it all the time. If you want your pages to be successful, then you need to update your posts regularly. Showcases are separate from the company page, hence you have to populate them with different content to be in touch with your viewers. 

Use showcase pages to share your sponsored content and get more out of your advertising. Target your posts with the location or other aspects and interact with your audience. If people like your showcase pages of one type, then there are many chances that they would like other showcase pages of yours. You can get ahead of the competition by posting your showcase pages on a daily basis. It will create a sense of customer-business relationship.

Create a career page

People tend to interact with companies that promote their culture online. You can use the help of LinkedIn career pages to promote your business and show the audience what you are up to. The LinkedIn career page is one of the most efficient types of LinkedIn profile management services that are located under the “Life” tab. You can upload pictures, videos, and articles about your business work every single day. If you include your business URL in those pages, then those posts will have more than 45% engagement according to LinkedIn.

When people start looking for a job, they try to find one that helps them grow. When a business creates a career page and uploads the creative content of its employees, then the people looking for a job get motivated and fascinated by the personal growth opportunities provided by the business organization. 

A career page on LinkedIn offers a lot of features such as:

  • Collect and share employee testimonials
  • Use different languages to promote diversity
  • Improve hiring process with recruitment analytics

Career pages also have to be updated regularly if you want more visitors. With a good knowledge of career pages, you can hire experts in your team.

Make sure people follow your business profile and interact regularly

There is no purpose for a business profile if people are not interacting with it. A good company always makes sure their visitors are following them on their business page and tries to keep them on their follower list. They keep their content updated and interact with their followers daily. Ask people what they want and provide them with solutions. This creates a never-ending trust between the company and the customer. 

Study your competitors 

Every year, LinkedIn shares the names of the top 10 company pages of the year. What you can do from this list is that you can learn. You can learn how they optimize their business profile, post content, and interact with their clients. This can help you make strategies and try to make your profile better. 


In this blog post, we showed you how to create business LinkedIn profile. A LinkedIn business profile is essential for the growth of your business on the LinkedIn platform. We have demonstrated 7 LinkedIn profile management services that you can use to improve your LinkedIn business profile.

By keeping these points in mind, you can grow your business and promote your business profile. Number9 is a top-notch LinkedIn profile management services provider that can help you improve your business profile for you. We have helped numerous businesses in promoting their business profiles with our exceptional services. If you want a top-quality service to improve your LinkedIn profile, then you should turn to Number9.