How to make Joomla website mobile friendly?

How to make Joomla website mobile friendly?

The ways of accessing and viewing websites have changed a lot. People used to look for a website on only one device which was usually a laptop or computer. But things have changed. Almost everyone has a phone now. Websites need to be optimized in order to run on those devices. If you have a Joomla website and it is not mobile-friendly, then you need to make sure that it is mobile-friendly. 

How to make Joomla website mobile friendly?

What is Joomla Website?

Joomla is an open-source CMS (content management system) used for application and website development. Joomla can be connected to MySQL and various databases for the development of apps and websites. Joomla’s main focus has been usability and extensibility since its release in 2005. Anyone and download and use Joomla because it is an open-source solution. You can create and modify interactive and dynamic websites for multiple purposes and industries. 

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Due to its vast and active developer community, there are thousands of templates and extensions available on Joomla. This makes it one of the biggest CMS platforms. Around 2 million websites on the internet are powered by Joomla which makes about 3% of the whole internet. Create more than just a simple website with integrated technologies that let developers make innovative solutions that outshine the client’s expectations. Easy to learn, fast to set up, and less costly to use a content management system, Joomla is a 100% free platform for any type of implementation. Make small, medium, and large enterprises of your choice with the extensive and vast variety of extensions, plugins, templates, and other functionalities developed by third-party communities of Joomla.


How to make a Joomla website?


Register a domain name

Before the development of your website, you need to register a domain name for your website. Your domain name is like the address of your website as viewers use your domain name to find you on search engines. A wisely chosen domain name can also help search engines understand your website. Buy a domain name to start with the development of your website. 


Install Joomla

Now is the time to install Joomla on your computer. You only require a GPL license to be able to access all its features as it is completely free. Making a Joomla website requires the constant and passionate work of the stack developer. 


Get familiar with the basics of Joomla

Before moving on to the complicated part, you need to get familiar with the basics. These basics can help in Joomla web development. 


Choose a template

There are a lot of templates available on Joomla that can help you customize your website. One of the main reasons to prefer Joomla for web application development is its templates. 


Customize the design

There are no restrictions on the basics of the template. You can change and modify them whenever you want. Our Number9 developers can help you get the perfect design for your Joomla website. 


Use modules 

Use modules to fill in the emptiness of your beautiful website. Create all the fields for your website with various modules. 


How to use Joomla for web application development?

The experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable developers of Number 9 will assist you with some innovative ideas about CMS application development. 

Joomla web application development

Choose a portal

Choose the correct portal for your web application on the basis of your company’s nature. There are a lot of portals to choose from. 


Enable the Admin Control Management System

Enable the Admin Control Management System before doing anything with the application. This step will ensure that no unauthorized person can make changes to your web.


Place features

Without proper communication features, you can not complete a web application. Make sure that your clients get in touch with you in case of any problem with the help of features like social networking and advanced communications. They include video conferencing, live chat, and emails, etc. 


Create an inventory

A web application’s job is to store a lot of data and give it out when required. Create an inventory in which the system dumps all the data and access if the user calls for it. Also, have a content management system for sorting data according to its priority level. 


Enable content checking and publication

Enable content checking and publication on a system. Web applications need to handle a lot of data at the same time. Check the reliability of the data before storing it in the system. 


Double-check security encryption

The security of a website must be the first priority of a developer because if the information goes into the wrong hands, then it can cause massive damage to the website. The Number9 developers make are familiar with all advanced security measures that are needed to be applied to keep your Joomla website safe. If the web application is for eCommerce, then also create a secure payment gateway.


How can I make my Joomla website mobile-friendly?

Joomla website mobile-friendly

Want to make Joomla website mobile-friendly? Back up your site before making any upgrades or changes. This will give you a copy of your site in case you want to restore it. Test your backups too. 


Check for your Joomla version and template

Before making any changes, you should check what version of Joomla you are using. There are different ways to check for the Joomla version. 

The version number of Joomla is displayed on the top or bottom of the interface on your administration interface. Another way of checking your Joomla version is to check the System Information page in your administration interface. It should have the version number. Go to the file “/version.php” and open it in a text editor to view the version number. 


Update the version if required

Update your Joomla if it is not the latest version. Follow the Update Joomla Documentation to install the update. This will have all the step-by-step tutorials on how to migrate from the previous version to the latest version. The document is available in several languages for the reliability of the user. All security upgrades and mobile-friendly features will be added with the update.


Check if your website is mobile-friendly or not

Take the Google Mobile-friendly test to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Enter the URL of your website in the tester and it will show if it is mobile-friendly or not. Change the template or customize the current one if your website is not mobile-friendly. 


How to make my Joomla website mobile-friendly without updating?

To make your Joomla website mobile-friendly without updating it to the latest version, read the Installing and extension guide. You can use the help of various Joomla extensions to convert your site to mobile-friendly. Go to the Joomla Extensions Directory Mobile section and search for a suitable extension for your website. Install the extension and apply it to your website. 



As we mentioned earlier, ways of accessing and viewing websites have changed a lot. People use multiple devices that include computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets to view and access websites. A website that opens on a computer but a mobile phone needs to be mobile optimized for the user to access it on his/her phone. Your website should be responsive to deliver the best possible user experience to all devices. Having a website that is not mobile-friendly can negatively affect your site’s growth and you may fall at the risk of losing your position in the search engine listings.