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How to run a LinkedIn ad campaign?

LinkedIn ad campaign - Number9
LinkedIn ad campaign - Number9

Being the largest social network platform on the internet, LinkedIn is a great platform for a business to run its ad campaign. More than a million people advertise their business on LinkedIn to reach their potential audience. If one wants to grab a great opportunity to let people know about their business and interact with it, then they should run a LinkedIn ad campaign. But how to run a LinkedIn ad campaign? Let’s find out in this blog.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn - Number9

Being the world’s largest professional network on the internet, LinkedIn is mostly used to find jobs or internships or learn new skills to succeed in one career. LinkedIn has more than 700 million active users on its platform. It is a great platform for people to showcase their business and make people take interest in it. How can one do that? By using the help of a successful ad campaign. Before running an ad campaign on LinkedIn, one should know about the types of LinkedIn ads.

How many types of LinkedIn ads are there?

types of LinkedIn ads - Number9

LinkedIn offers you to benefit from 11 types of ads on its platform. Let us explain each of the LinkedIn ad types to help you understand which one is better for your business ad campaign.

Single job ads

Single job ads are a great way of finding a proper candidate for your business. These ads are displayed directly on your target audience’s newsfeeds. 

Single image ads

Single ads are similar to the posts you see on your LinkedIn homepage. The only difference they have is that they are noted as “promoted” as they are paid content. These ads contain only one image to promote one’s business or product.

Video ads

Video ads can help you portray different aspects of your business in one video. If you have an appealing video to show on your LinkedIn ads, then it can help you gain a lot of new customers to your business. You can visually show your brand story with these ads.

Conversation ads

Conversation ads are a great way of interacting with your audience. They let your audience choose their path. In a conversation ad, you start a conversation in which your audience can choose a reply that suits them the most. These types of ads can not only help you showcase your brand, but also encourage events for the audience. The main goals of this ad are spreading your brand awareness, website conversions, lead generation, website visits, and engagements.

Carousel ads

Using carousel ads is a creative way of telling your audience your brand’s story and showcasing your products. If you manage to display compelling visuals to your audience, then these ads can help you gain a lot of customers. You only need to make people swipe to learn more about your business. The main goals of this ad are spreading your brand awareness, website conversions, lead generation, website visits, and engagements.

Follower ads

Follower ads can help you get more followers on your business page. These types of ads promote your LinkedIn page to others. With just one click, people can start following your business. It is a great strategy for getting more followers on your LinkedIn page. With follower ads, you can raise your brand awareness, increase website visits, and engagements. 

Spotlight ads

As you can guess from the name, spotlight ads are used to enlighten your products, services, content, and more. When one clicks on your spotlight ad, they are directed to your landing page or website. You can raise your brand awareness, increase website visits and job applicants, and generate more leads. 

Lead gen forms

Lead gen is a short form for Lead Generation. These types of ads can help you increase your lead generation with forms that are available for sponsored content and messages ads. The main purpose of these forms is to increase lead generation.

Message ads

One of the most appealing ways of interacting with your target audience is to use message ads. You can send direct messages to your audience and let them know about your business. Running these ads successfully can help you increase website visits, website conversions, and lead generations.

Text ads

Texts ads are most appealing for those who seek B2B leads. They are easy to set up and work within your budget. 

Job ads

If you are looking to hire people in your business, then job ads can help you out. As LinkedIn ads grab employee networks and forbid your competitors from having their ads shown up on your target audience’s profiles, you can get higher clickthrough rates than an average recruitment ad.

How to run a LinkedIn ad campaign?

As we have learned about the types of LinkedIn ads, it is time to understand; how to run a LinkedIn ad campaign? Running a LinkedIn ad campaign is not a hefty task. Let us take you through the whole process.

Choose your objective

If you want to run a successful business ad campaign, then you must know where to start and what to achieve in your ad. When you start a LinkedIn ad campaign, the first step is to choose your objective. LinkedIn provides you with three objectives to choose from.

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

You can choose any of these objectives for your ad campaign.

Choose your target audience

If you want your audience to reach your business, then you must reach the right audience. LinkedIn ad campaign lets you choose your audience by offering a lot of options including: 

  • Company name or size
  • Member schools, groups, or interests
  • Job title, seniority
  • Skills
  • More

The first thing to choose is the location and language of your target audience. You can not show French-language ads in front of English people. As they can not understand French, there is no use in displaying those ads to them. Target your ads to the right audience to get more leads and engagement rates. 

Select a LinkedIn ad format

After choosing your target audience, you have to choose the right ad format to attract them to your business. All ad formats have different requirements, you can see those under the particular ad format selection. 

Schedule your ad and its budget

There are two options to set your budget on LinkedIn. You can either use a daily budget or both daily and total budget. You should remember that your ad spend can go up to 20% because of the campaign timing. Schedule your ad after setting its budget. 

Set up conversion tracking

In this step, you set up a conversion tracking in which the customer can make actions from downloading content to making a purchase. To add conversion tracking:

  • Click on + Add conversions.
  • Name your conversion and enter your required parameters.
  • If you want to set up conversion tracking for purchases, then choose Purchase from the Action dropdown menu. You can choose the action of your choice.
  • Enter your required conversion. This will help you measure Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). 
  • Choose how you want to track your conversions. You can do it with a site-wide Insight Tag or an event-specific pixel.
  • Click create to create your ad conversion.

Build your Ad creatives

You can easily create creative ad campaign content with the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Just click on Create New Ad, upload your image, and add your headline, description, and URL. You can see the preview of your ad campaign on the right side of your screen. Create the ad when it looks exactly like you want it to. It is recommended to preview your ad before launch.

Optimize and manage your ad campaign

When your ad campaign goes live, you can use the LinkedIn Campaign Manager to see your ad performance. You can track clicks, actions, impressions, and an overall view of your ad campaign. This helps you refine your target, adjust your budget, and edit your ad.

What are some good quality LinkedIn ad campaign strategies?

Running a LinkedIn ad campaign without any strategy will not give expected results. To help you promote your business to another level with your ad campaign, here are some key strategies.

Tell a story with your ads

People like attractive stories. You can use a story in your ad campaign to create an interaction with your target audience. To do that, you have to keep in mind what your audience wants, likes, and what makes them like you. Use a well-written, to-the-point, alluring, and emotional story that would make the people interact with your business. 

Go for people who take actions

Ads do not work for people who have no intention of having an interaction with you. You should always look for people that would be inspired by your business and would take immediate actions. Displaying your ads to a target audience will make your ad campaign more effective and will save you a lot of time and money.

Show the value of your ads

When a person sees your ads, they should know why do they have to buy your product. You should know what your audience wants. Give them the answer to their problems in the shape of your product. It makes your product more attractive to the audience. 


Running an ad campaign is a great way of showcasing your business in front of an audience. In this blog post, we have told you how to run a LinkedIn ad campaign and how to make it successful. With a good ad campaign, you can gain a lot of customers and grow your business. Is running a LinkedIn ad campaign difficult for you? Turn to Number9 and forget all your worries. At Number9, we help you grow your business with a successful ad campaign while you run your business and save your precious time.