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How to run 💰 Facebook ad campaign 🚀?

Facebook ad campaign - Number9

Facebook ad campaign - Number9

Facebook is one of the best platforms to reach your potential customers. With billions of active users visiting Facebook every single month, you can take it as an advantage to run your Facebook ad campaign. Running ads on Facebook might not be difficult, but to increase your conversion rates, you need some expert advice. In this blog post, we will take you through all you need to know about the Facebook ad campaign and how to make it successful. 

What are the types of Facebook ads?

types of Facebook ads - Number9

If you want people to know about your business, then there might not be a better platform than Facebook. Even if you have a small business, you can show ads of your business to reach potential customers. You can use different types of ads to let people know about your business.

Image ads

An image consists of an image that lets people know about your business. It is a very simple and fast way of alluring people towards your business. People can see the image of your ad and get to know about it. Sharing an appealing image ad can help you increase your potential customers. 

Video ads

Facebook mostly displays video ads in people’s stories and news feeds. Sometimes, it is also included within a long video. A video ad can give people a detailed explanation about your business and can help you promote it even better. A video ad can be anything such as a gif, or graphical explanation. It does not need to be filmed footage. The only thing that matters is if it is appealing or not. 

Carousel ads

Want people to know about the different products or benefits of your business? Use carousel ads. In carousel ads, you can embed various pictures and videos that represent the products or benefits of your business. Each picture has its own link towards the respective product. These ads are a great use if you want to showcase a lot of your products.

Slideshow ads

Slideshow ads include a short video consisting of short video clips or even still images. The main benefit of these ads is that they take less data than video ads. Even people with a slow internet connection can easily view your ad. 

Poll ads

Poll ads let you choose an option out of two. They include a picture or a video containing two options. People can choose whatever option they want according to their choice. It is a great way to decide what people like more in your business.

Collection ads

Collection ads show 5 images or videos on the mobile Facebook app. People can click on it to view and buy your product. The main advantage of these ads is that you do not have to leave Facebook to make a purchase. 

How can I make my Facebook ad campaign successful?

Facebook ad campaign - Number9

As we said earlier, running an ad on Facebook is easy, but increasing its conversion rate is the real task. If you want to reach more customers with an ad campaign on Facebook, then you need to keep some key factors in your mind. 

Create your Facebook Ads Manager account

If you want to manage your Facebook ad campaign, then there is no better option than Facebook Ads Manager. It is a dashboard that depicts how much time a user spends each day. With an easy interface, you can easily manage the reach, frequency, and cost of your ad campaign for Facebook. You can not run Facebook Ads Manager through personal profiles, that is why you should have a Facebook Business page to create a Facebook Ads Manager account. To create your Facebook Ads Manager account, follow these simple steps:


  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Click on Go to Ads Manager.
  3. Add your information on the setup page.
  4. Select a payment method and save changes.


With a Facebook Ads Manager Account, you can easily manage ads on Facebook.

Create ads using Facebook Ads Manager

When you log in to your Facebook Ads Manager account, you see a performance dashboard where all of your Facebook ad campaign options are listed. If your dashboard is empty, it means you have not created an ad. Choose an ad type and click on Create to create a new Facebook ad campaign.  

Select your target audience 

Facebook gives amazing versatility in specifying your target audience. You can target your ads according to the location, gender, interest, and other characteristics of the users. If your ads are displayed in front of viewers who have no interest in your business, then there is no use for your Facebook ad campaign. But if you show your ads to a specific audience who have an interest in your business, then you can save your money and grow your business at the same time. For example; if your business is related to sports, then you should show your ads to an audience that is interested in sports. 

Choose your objective

You post an ad on Facebook and you get on likes on it, do likes increase the growth of your business? Not so much! To grow your business on Facebook, you need to set a definite goal that helps you increase the conversion rate and customer service of your business. People won’t click on your ads until they know something about it. If you have a definite goal, then post it in your Facebook ad campaign as it will attract people into clicking your ads. Some of the main objectives to complete for a successful ad campaign on Facebook are:


  • Reach: Let your ads reach as much audience as possible.
  • Brand awareness: Choose a target audience and introduce your brand to them.
  • Traffic: The more the traffic, the better the growth rate.
  • Engagement: If you want to reach a lot of potential customers, then you should increase the number of post engagements.
  • Messaging: Use the Facebook Messenger app to let people know more about your business.
  • Conversions: Try to get as many conversions on your Facebook ad campaign as you can. 

Optimize your page

If your page does not even have enough traffic, then there is no use in a Facebook ad campaign. You should have an audience to watch your ads. To have more people to watch your Facebook ads, you have to optimize your Facebook page. There are several ways to optimize your Facebook page. One of the simplest ways to optimize your Facebook page is to add an appealing cover photo. When people visit your page, they look at your cover photo. It is responsible to create the first impression of your page on their minds. So, it is supposed to be attractive. You can also share your page on other platforms to gather an audience from platforms other than Facebook. 

Manage your Facebook ad campaign

You can’t just post ads and wait for people to reach them. If you want your ads campaign to be successful, then you need good management. Some of the key factors that determine the success of your ads campaign are:


  • Performance: You can customize the performance of your ads to include various metrics such as frequency, reach, and impressions. 
  • Engagement: You can customize it to include metrics such as page likes, page engagement, and post engagement.
  • Videos: Customize it to add metrics like videos views and the average percent of video viewed.
  •  You can customize clicks to add clicks, Cost Per Click, Click-through rate, and unique clicks.

Deliver your ads

You can deliver your ads in two ways. Standard delivery and accelerate delivery. If you choose the standard delivery method, then it will display your ads on Facebook for the whole day, but if you choose accelerated delivery, then you can reach an audience with time-sensitive ads. 

What is the Facebook ad campaign cost?

Facebook ad campaign costs are not the same as Facebook has a different algorithm for various types of ads. The Facebook ad campaign cost mainly depends upon the type of ad and how you manage your ad campaign. Some people do not manage their ad campaigns properly and get charged more. But if you have enough knowledge to manage your Facebook ad campaign, then you can easily reduce its cost. 


Running a Facebook ad campaign can be very helpful for a business to grow. You can use ads to let people know about your business. But, it is not as simple as you think it is. You can’t just post ads and wait for people to reach you. It requires consistent management and enough knowledge to run a successful ad campaign. Even Facebook advertising can help you reach your goals easily and efficiently. Number9 is a top-notch Facebook advertising agency that can help you complete your ad campaign objectives in less prices. So, choose Number9 for the best Facebook advertising experience.