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How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Dubai?

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Dubai?

Let’s say that you are doing business in Dubai and selling your products and services to customers through continuous advertisement. Your advertisements will motivate the customers to buy more and more of your products. But the only profit you are making is by selling your products by yourself.

What if people sell your products for you? In this way, your sales will sky-rocket and you will generate an enormous amount of revenue in only a small amount of time. It is stated that “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go with friends.” The same goes for your business and affiliate marketing helps you create new friends who sell your products and take your business to the heights of success, especially affiliate marketing UAE. These friends are called affiliates.

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Your business will grow rapidly when you have more affiliates advertising and selling your products instead of just you. When more and more people will market your products and services people are more prone to buy your products and as a result, fuel your sales. 

But what is affiliate marketing, what are its types, and how can we start affiliate marketing in Dubai? 

In this article, we will tell you all about affiliate marketing, its types, benefits, and different ways by which you will be able to start affiliate marketing in Dubai. So let’s start with the definition of affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate means “to join forces with” and affiliate marketing is a process in which a publisher promotes products or services provided by some other retailer or advertiser and gets a commission whenever someone buys products or services due to the publisher’s influence. Although rewards or commissions are not only based on sales and UAE affiliate program pay you for downloads, website visits, signup for a free trial, etc. 

How to start affiliate marketing in Dubai?

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If we look at the working of affiliate marketing UAE then there is no initial cost of starting affiliate marketing UAE and you can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to start free of cost affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, publishers publish a website link or Ad on their website, blog, or social media networks, and when some see that Ad or link and click on it with a tracking link they land on your website. After coming to your website they browse and like some product or service and they make a purchase, The affiliate network records the purchase and details of the transaction after the transaction is deposited into the account the commission has been paid to the publishers. 

Types of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in UAE is one of the oldest types of digital marketing that is used to drive and attract more audience to your business and brand, in 2009 Pat Flynn broke down affiliate marketing into three types, the types of affiliate marketing are listed below. 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Dubai?

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Unattached Affiliate Marketing UAE

Unattached affiliate marketing UAE is the type of affiliate marketing in which the publisher has no connection with the niche of the brand they are advertising, they have no attachment with the customer of that niche which they are promoting and they publish Ads and website links on their website or blog and hope that someone will click the link and make the purchase so that they can get the commission. 

Unattached affiliate marketing is the best because you don’t have to do hard work, affiliate marketing is generally based on trust that you have built with your audience and your reputation, study shows that in affiliate marketing publisher’s reputation and trust is necessary and that a a will leave a huge impact on the audience. Amazon affiliate UAE is the best example of unattached affiliate marketing. 

Related Affiliate Marketing

Related affiliate marketing is the type of affiliate marketing in which the publisher has a connection with the niche of the brand, they have not tried the services or products themselves but due to their relation with the niche they have an audience for that specific niche and they can send good audiences to client’s websites.

It is stated that “with great power comes great responsibilities” and that is the case in related affiliate marketing, you have never tried the product before, and if you recommend it and the quality of the product or service is worst then bad feedback with affect your reputation and it will also affect your trust with your audiences. So you have to be very careful with your recommendations and you have to build trust and transparency with your audience to be successful affiliate marketers. 

Involved Affiliate Marketing

Involved affiliate marketing is the type of affiliate marketing in which publishers use the product and recommend it based on their experience, they only recommend those products and services in which they truly believe in. In this type of affiliate marketing, publishers don’t use pay-per-click advertisement instead they believe in creating stronger connections and bonds with their audience and recommend only those products or services which they truly find useful for their audience. 

Publishers spend more time building credibility with an audience and instead of hiding behind pay-per-click ads they have built strong connections with their followers, their audiences trust them and one blog post or Instagram story about their experience can go for a long time, and can be beneficial for clients’ businesses. Amazon affiliate is the best example of involved affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing In Dubai

Affiliate marketing is the oldest marketing type and after digital marketing comes into action affiliate marketing is the best way to earn some side income, with digital marketing, you can start affiliate marketing without any cost. Now that we have discussed what is affiliate marketing and its types, now we are looking at how you can start affiliate marketing Dubai. 

Review Sites

A review site is a website where reviews are given about people, businesses, products, and services. These sites hire professional authors to write reviews on topics of concern for the site. Review sites are also used for affiliate marketing as they give reviews about products and services and help in increasing traffic.

Loyalty Portals

If you want to put the fame with the name of your business then you can also choose loyalty portals for affiliate marketing. Loyalty portals are basically companies with a large membership base and are able to take your advertisement to thousands of people resulting in a visible increase in traffic. There are many loyalty portals in the market that you can hire to improve your sales.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the process of sending official messages for the sole purpose of advertising your products and services. In email marketing, every email sent to a person has the potential to convert him into a permanent customer. There are many companies that offer the services of Email Marketing to market your products and improve your business experience.

Traditional Media

Traditional Media is the oldest and most common type of affiliate marketing. In traditional media TV, radio, and print media is used for the advertisement of products. This type of affiliate marketing is quite effective and is used worldwide.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

To grow your business rapidly and to put your name in the market, you must have a UAE affiliate program. There are many benefits to affiliate marketing and the main advantage of having an amazon affiliate program UAE is that it is entirely performance-based. This means that the affiliates will only get paid when they have sold your products or have brought traffic to your site. Also, hiring affiliates helps you in broadening the size of your audience. 

Affiliate marketing is cost-effective as you will only pay when you see results otherwise you will not pay. So if a person is working hard but not generating results, he will not get paid as affiliate marketing supports results, not just effort.

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing in Dubai

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Now once you have gotten a clear idea about what Affiliate Marketing is, its types, and benefits then let’s discuss how you can start affiliate marketing in Dubai. 

To start affiliate marketing in Dubai you must follow these simple steps. 

  • Choose a Platform

  • Select your niche

  • Find UAE Affiliate Programs

  • Create Premium-Quality content

  • Get Clicks on affiliate links

  • Convert clicks to sales


Choose A Platform 

Choosing a platform is the first and most substantial step when you are starting an affiliate marketing Dubai, choosing a platform is a very crucial step because your platform has to be that which your target audience browses daily, you have to build a community on your platform and gather a maximum audience that will help grow your affiliate marketing business. If you don’t have money in the initial stages then there is no need to worry, you can start your affiliation marketing on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. but the most effective platforms for digital marketing are YouTube and website blogs. 

Website blogs are an easy-to-start and cost-effective process, with a small investment you can buy websites and domains and can start writing your blogs, you can use social media platforms to promote your website and drive traffic to your website. Blogs are the most effective way to affiliate marketing because they are brief and concise and provide every detail to readers. 

Select Your Niche

Once the platform is selected, you have to choose a niche for your blogs. Niche is the specialized topic area that you will focus on when you are writing content, to be more successful in blogging and affiliate marketing you have to be more focused on sub-niches in your main niche, for example, if you have selected tech niche for your blogging and marketing purposes then you have to be specific about which sub-niche you are choosing for blogging like “Artificial Intelligence”, “blockchain”, “smartphone”, “gadgets”, etc. 

Selecting a niche and sub-niche helps you to focus on a specific thing and it will increase your concentration and enhance your research methods, after selecting the Niche you have to create an attractive and engaging title for your blog that will grab the audience’s attention and raise interest in them so they will read your blog and engage with your website. 

To promote your website you can post your website link on different social media platforms, you can apply search engine optimization practices in your content to optimize your content and make sure that your content shows at the top of the search engine. Searching keywords that relate to your topic and that will attract specific and generic audiences to your website and add those keywords to your content. Adding keywords to your content will help it rank higher in the search engine and more audience can find your website and can benefit from your blogs. 

Find Affiliate Programs

Demand and supply is the basic rule of business and marketing if you are marketing something that has low demand in the market but the commission on every sale is high then it is not better than something that has high demand in the market but the commission is low, there are three types of affiliate programs in the market: 

High Paying – Low Volume Affiliate Program

High paying low volume UAE affiliate program is for those products that have high payouts but demands are low in the market, on every sale they pay a handsome amount of commission to affiliate marketers, but if the volume of the product is low in the market it doesn’t matter whether the commission is high or not because low volume means that its demand is low in the market and when demand is low there are rare chances of making sales, it can be one of the best affiliate programs in UAE according to your needs.

The noon affiliate program at Number9 allows affiliate marketers to earn commission by referring users to

Low Paying – High Volume Affiliate Program

Low-paying high-volume affiliate programs are those in which the market demand for the product is high but the market value of the product is not much which is why it gives a low commission on every sale or customer brought. You can sell more products but the commission is around $2-3 if you are lucky. 

This type of UAE affiliate program is better because you can sell a maximum number of products in a month due to high demand and instead of low commission you can earn a handsome amount of commission in a month, it can be one of the best affiliate programs in UAE according to your needs.

The noon affiliate program at Number9 allows affiliate marketers to earn commission by referring users to

High Paying – High Volume UAE affiliate program

High-paying high-volume affiliate programs are those in which the market demand for the product is high and it also has a high market value so will get a high commission on every sale and customer brought. This is one of the best affiliate programs out there, but the downside of this program is that it attracts a lot of expert affiliate marketers with connections and embarrassment of riches, it is difficult to get this type of UAE affiliate program, it can be one of the best affiliate programs in UAE according to your needs.

The noon affiliate program at Number9 allows affiliate marketers to earn commission by referring users to

Create Premium Quality Content

Premium Quality content is the philosopher’s stone it can turn ordinary products or services into Gold, the life of the content is very short on the internet because people don’t have patience and if you can’t impress them in seconds they will move to the next content. So you have to be very careful with your content, your content should be original and attractive, and you have to make sure that your content is engaging and that it will keep the audience engaged. 

In affiliate marketing, you have to write the best and most engaging content that will attract and engage more audiences and help you make more commission through your content. Attracting audiences to your website and blogs is the main part of affiliate marketing, you can use paid methods like PPC Ads to attract more audiences to your customers. You can use SEO techniques and add keywords to your content to rank higher on the search engine in this way more audiences can find your website on the search engine and that will increase your website traffic. 

Get Clicks On Affiliate Links

Once you have attracted and gathered audiences to your website now is the time to make your audience click on links and buy products and services, to make audiences click your affiliate links and buy products you need to place links that will attract the audience and they will click on the links. If you are placing links at the end of your blog then there are chances that your links go unnoticed and get very few clicks, if you are placing links after every two lines then your blog will look spammy and unauthentic and that will affect your reputation. You have to be very precise in placing links in a way that will attract audiences and make them click the links and buy the products. You can use callout buttons, boxes, tables, etc to gain the audience’s attention. 

Convert Clicks To Sales

Converting clicks to sales is based on your strategies, and how you convince the audience to buy the products or services. For this purpose, you can use your intuition. We always have a sixth sense, a gut feeling telling us whether we should do this thing or not. The same goes for affiliate marketing, if you think that this product is not a good one and you can never recommend it to a family member or a friend then don’t promote the product because people will never buy it. Choose the right products if you want your sales to skyrocket.


In this blog, we have discussed what is affiliate marketing and how you can start affiliate marketing UAE, we have discussed everything in detail and made sure that we cover every topic that is essential for starting affiliate marketing UAE especially affiliate marketing Dubai. Still, if you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing in UAE and Amazon affiliate UAE you can contact us and we will help you. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can start affiliate marketing with no money. To start affiliate marketing with zero investment you can choose three free affiliate marketing platforms. These three affiliate marketing platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. By using these affiliate marketing platforms you can start as an affiliate with no money.

To start affiliate marketing as a beginner, you must follow seven simple steps

  1. Choose a Platform
  2. Select your niche
  3. Find Affiliate Programs
  4. Create Premium-Quality content
  5. Drive traffic
  6. Get Clicks on affiliate links
  7. Convert clicks to sales

By following these simple steps you can easily start as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing allows you to join hands and get help from experts to grow your business. And so whenever an expert makes your purchase he/she will get a commission. Affiliate marketing helps you to increase your market demand and put the name of your business in the digital market. In this way, you can easily grow your business and can make your worth.