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8 Ways To Develop iOS Apps On Windows

iOS App Development on Windows- Number9

Develop iOS Apps On Windows

iOS app development on Windows, it is not easy to digest this phrase. Have you ever thought about how to Develop iOS Apps On Windows? The only thing that keeps you from developing an iOS app in Windows 11. But what if you do not want to purchase an iOS device to develop an iOS app? Is it even possible? The most probable answer would be no, but in this blog post, we will demonstrate different ways for iOS app development on Windows.

What is iOS app development?

Develop iOS Apps On Windows - Number9

Developing an application for the use of iOS devices is called iOS app development. iOS apps are used on iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices. iOS apps are used all around the world on iOS devices and for a business to prosper, it is crucial to develop an app that runs on iOS devices as well.

Can I Develop iOS Apps On Windows?

 iOS App Development on Windows

As we said earlier, to Develop iOS Apps On Windows does not seem like a perfect match and the reason for that is Windows does not have Xcode, the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that is used to design and develop an iOS application. Xcode has a swift compiler, interface builder, and all other tools that are required to upload an iOS app on the Apple App Store. It has everything that an iOS developer needs for the development of an iOS app. The main issue of developing iOS apps with Xcode is that it is only compatible with macOS.

This is not the only issue, Apple does not let its uses license its operating system with other manufacturers. It means that you can not buy any PC with macOS on it. When one purchases an OS X, it is only licensable to run this operating system on Apple hardware. But there are still some ways in which you can develop iOS apps on Windows 11. But keep in mind that you should only use some of these options for personal use.

How to do iOS app development on Windows?

iOS App Development on Windows - Number9

There is no official way for iOS application development on Windows, but there are some alternative ways to do it. It is recommended to use macOS for iOS app development, but you can also use Windows OS for iOS development (only for personal use). Here are 8 alternative ways to develop iOS apps on Windows.

Use Cross-platform tools for iOS app development on Windows

Cross-platform tools come in very handy when it comes to developing both Android and iOS applications together. In cross-platform, you can code your application once and export it to iOS and Android. In this way, you can cut your development time and cost in half. There are a few cross-platform tools that offer iOS app development on Windows or let you compile the application if there is a Mac within your network.

One of the most popular arguments against cross-platform app development tools is that they offer restricted access and support for smartphone hardware, and are less “smart” than their equivalent. You must remember that if you want to code custom features, then all the cross-platform tools will expect you to compose platform-specific code at a definite point.

Use Virtualbox for iOS app development on Windows

Using a virtual machine might be the best way for iOS application development on Windows. Virtualbox is software that lets you create another environment within an operating system. It makes the system work as if it is running the same hardware itself. By using Virtualbox, you can run Windows on Linux or Windows on OS X.

Running macOS on Virtualbox only requires a copy of OS X as a virtual image file or an installer. One can also obtain a copy of OS X by downloading it from the Apple App Store. There are various installers from different sources available on the internet for your use. [Utilizing macOS on non-Apple hardware is against Apple’s End User License Agreement].

Lease a Mac in the cloud

Another easy way of developing iOS apps on Windows is to rent a Mac in the cloud. It is an expensive way but does the work for you. You can get affordable rent-a-Mac products with the help of services such as Mac-in-Cloud and Mac-Stadium. You can also utilize a stock Remote Desktop provided by Windows to do most Linux OS. After signing in, you can install Xcode and use the iOS app development services.

Code with Swift language

Swift is an open-source iOS running language. As it is an open-source language, you can run it on any hardware you want. Even that you can run it on your browser too( only if the language is brought to Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). Anyone can use and code with Swift without having to require an Xcode or a Mac.

When you run a code in Swift Sandbox, it will be sent to a web server that will give you the result after compiling it.

React Native

Using React Native can also help you in iPhone app development in Windows. Being a cross-platform tool based on Javascript, React Native is used for iOS app development in Windows. Some of its unbelievable features make it a very popular and interesting tool among developers. You can do iPhone app development in Windows by using an Android emulator and setting up Mac OS deployment machines. The output is displayed on the Expo simulator that is available on both iOS and Android.

Unity 3D

If you are a gamer or have some knowledge about game development, then you might know about Unity3D. It is a powerful IDE that can be used on various platforms. Although it is popular for game development, you can also use it for non-gaming apps due to its quick development and powerful features. The “Cloud Build” feature of Unity supports iOS app development on Windows in simple steps.

You can easily set up, create, and build your iOS projects by registering as an Apple developer and joining the Unity Cloud Build. There is a possible way to develop a whole iOS app on Windows as it contains a free-to-use editor for development and distribution. You will require a Mac to compile it.

Build a “Hackintosh”

Can I do iOS development on Windows? A question asked by lots of people. Hackintosh is one of the most evident choices for iOS app development on Windows that let you install OS X on a Windows PC. The integrated user experience, design, and interconnectivity offered by Apple are enjoyed by passionate Apple users. Hackintosh lets you run Mac OS on a PC. Just like installing OS X on Virtualbox, Hackintosh lets you install OS X as a bootable OS to your PC.

Use a Hybrid Framework

If you want a cost-effective way of iOS app development in Windows, then using a hybrid framework would be beneficial for you. It is less costly than Cloud Mac. Xamarin is a trusted hybrid framework that is a choice of many developers. They also claim that Xamarin offers real native output. You can code on it using C#. With Xamarin, you can build and compile iOS apps and deliver them to iOS devices from Windows. Also, check our blog on mobile app development framework comparison for more information on frameworks. You only require a Mac while submitting the app on the App Store.

Should I do iOS app development on Windows?

There are many alternative ways for iOS app development on Windows. People ask: How to do iOS app development on Windows? But is it worth it? No! These alternative ways are only for personal use and it is recommended to use macOS for iOS app development. If you are unable to develop apps on macOS somehow, then you can use the help of an iOS app development company.

They can help you develop your iOS app without any issues. Number9 is an iOS app development company that makes it easier for you to develop any kind of application. We develop iOS, Android, native, and cross-platform applications for its clients. You can choose our services for the best iOS development experience.


As observed in the blog post, developing an iOS app on Windows 11 is not possible. But, some alternative ways can help you perform this task. As these are alternative ways, we recommend you not to use them for professional purposes. iOS application development is all about getting in touch with Xcode. With good knowledge of Xcode, you can even develop iOS apps by yourself. If you want an iOS app for your business, then Number9 can help you. By choosing our iOS app development services, you do not have to think about the Windows or Mac issue as we perform the whole job for you.