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iOS Application development language: Which one is the best?

iOS Application development language - Number9

iOS Application development language - Number9

You can not run an online business if it is not available on a mobile app these days. This is the era of mobile applications. Stats say that more than 56% of online searches happen on mobile phones. It puts them above all other devices. This means that if a person is about to run an online business, then they must make sure that their website is available on mobile phones. More than 27% of online searches happen on iOS devices, so there is no doubt that one should also invest in iOS app development. There are a lot of languages used for iOS app development, but which is the best iOS application development language. Let us compare some of the best iOS app development languages to show you which one is better for you.

What is iOS app development?

The process of creating mobile applications with the use of Apple hardware including iPhone, iPod, and iTouch is called iOS app development. These applications are specially created for iOS devices. There are many iOS application development languages that write these software and deploy them to the App Store, so users can download them. From some great iPhone apps development languages, it is hard to choose one. One should focus on some key points before starting their iOS app development.

What should you remember before starting iOS app development?

iOS Application development language - Number9

The development of a responsive and multi-functional website is a really big deal that needs to be handled carefully. One should follow some points in order to create a fine-working iOS app.

Explain the primary purpose

Before developing your iOS app, you should keep some questions in mind about the reasons to develop the app, the purpose and planning of the app, and what are the requirements of the user. Things become clear and make future iOS app development better once you define these questions.

Research on what your users want

Finding out what your users want is crucial to growing your business website. Once you know the requirements of your users, you can find good solutions and gain their attention. To get to know the requirements of your customer, you can do a survey program. You can make customized marketing campaigns and, maximize your number of downloads.

Create a detailed strategical plan

After completing the upper-mentioned objectives, now is the turn to create some details. Making a detailed plan on the development process can help you create the app seamlessly. Think about the requirements of your app and create a strategic app development plan.

Take compatibility into account

While developing your iOS app, you should remember that not all iPhone app users update their systems regularly. So, you should make sure your app is compatible with as many versions as possible. If your app is compatible with all versions, then that would be perfect for your users and your business growth.

Think whether you can develop the app on your own or not

iOS app development is not just a piece of cake. It is a job for specialists, experienced, and professional iOS developers. So, before developing your app all by yourself, you should think about the advantages of hiring an iOS app development company or develop your website on your own. 

Which is the best iOS Application Development Language?

iOS Application development language - Number9

After finding the answers to all the questions mentioned- above, now is the time to choose your iPhone apps development language. Your iOS app development language is of so much significance that it determines the functionality, features, and other characteristics of your website. As you might want to upgrade your app later, it is important to define your plans to determine which language you will choose to achieve them. 


Swift - Number9

Swift is a programming language used for the development of iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS applications. Created in 2014 as the successor to Objective-C, it is designed to work with frameworks like Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, and the large codebase written in Objective-C for Apple products.

More than 5.9% of the developers around the world use Swift programming language. 

When should one use Swift iPhone apps development language?

Swift is a great choice for developers who want to create an application quickly and be able to expand it for later. With its easy learning ability, you can surely develop iOS applications quickly. As it is updated regularly, you can easily make improvements to your application whenever you want.


Objective C - Number9

Developed in the early 1980s by Tom Love and Brad Cox, Objective-C is a programming language created as an add-on of the C language with OOP capabilities. The primary use of this general-purpose language is in creating Apple’s operating systems like iOS, OS X, and APIs. More than 4.1% of developers from all around the world use Objective-C iOS application development language.

When should one use Objective-C iOS application development language?

If we compare Swift and Objective-C, then we will see Objective-C as a winner in a few cases. As it is an out-dated app and mature app, there are fewer chances to find developers that program in this language. The best time to use Objective-C is when you want to create an iOS app for older versions of iOS that Swift does not support.


C# - Number9

Created by Microsoft as an answer to Java language, C# is a high-level, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. The most common use for C# is in writing applications for Windows systems, but still, you can develop native software in this language including iOS. More than 31.4% of the whole world’s developers use C# for iOS app development. 

When should one use C# iOS application development language?

The key reason to use C# mobile development was to create the Xamarin platform to build Android and iOS apps. This language is a great choice if you have professional C# developers in your team and you also plan to develop Android mobile apps. 

iPhone apps development language: Conclusion

All three of these iOS Application development languages are best in their own way. Choosing one by comparing them would be a wrong idea. So, one should choose a programming language that suits their application the best. In this way, they can easily develop the apps of their choice. Number9 offers complete iOS application development services. Our iOs app developers are highly experienced and professional in all of these languages. Hire us for the best iOS application development services.