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iphone app development services

iPhone App Development Services Dubai: Build your dream app with Number9

Create infinite possibilities using your app with the Number9 iPhone App Development Services Dubai company. At Number9, we reach success one step at a time.

iphone app development services
average cost to develop an iphone app

Turn ideas into applications

Have an amazing iPhone application for the growth of your business. A good business requires a good application. To create your image in the online market, you need a good application. Having a good iPhone application development company is crucial for the prosperity of a business. Number9 iPhone App Development Services company in Dubai helps its clients build their dream applications. With us, application development becomes easier. With the help of our tirelessly working app developers and other team members, Number9 has become one of the best iPhone app development companies in Dubai.

Grasp our rich expertise in iPhone app development to build an elegant, unique, and engaging application without the risk of complexity. We create top-notch iPhone applications with astounding techniques and unorthodox methodologies. Become partners with Number9 iPhone app development Dubai company to develop apps that prove to be perfect for your business and demands.

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Stand out from the crowd

At Number 9, we do not believe in average. Our iPhone application development exceeds the expected limits. By helping a lot of businesses with their iPhone App Development Services needs, we have become a top-notch iPhone app development company in Dubai. If you want an application that is better than the rest, then choose Number 9 for fast, easy, and affordable iPhone app development services. By clinging to agile methodology, we maintain the transparency of the iPhone development process, keep our clients in the loop, and make sure your application suits your business. Need to design your application’s framework, development, or anything related to iPhone app development? Choose Number9 as your one-stop service. We constantly move forward along with the online market, keep up with the changes, and apply them in the upcoming applications. This is how we help our clients compete in the online market and stand out from the crowd.

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Quality applications at affordable prices

Unlike other iPhone development Dubai companies who charge more than average from their customers, Number9 provides high-quality iPhone app development at a fair price. Customer satisfaction is our best priority. We know the hardships of developing your app and running your business all by yourself. It becomes almost impossible to keep track of everything on your own. In this way, you might get left behind in the eCommerce market. Having an iPhone App Development Services company can help you avoid that. Number9 iPhone app development Dubai company has earned its name by the tireless work of its team members, the vast experience of its professionals, and the ever-lasting relationship with its customers. Our services are affordable even for an average person. By choosing our iPhone app development services, you are guaranteed to get maximum security, consistency, and high performance from the application.

The best approach for iPhone App Development Services Dubai

iPhone App Development Services Dubai requires a highly-specialized and well-structured approach to ensure a successful product. According to App Annie, the global mobile application market will double to $101 billion by 2020, and this hints at the even greater potential in the future. The demand for applications continues to grow, so a quality iPhone app must be developed to satisfy users and keep them engaged. With the right iPhone app development Dubai team, your project will be a hit! Hire Number9 for exceptional iPhone app development Dubai services.

Innovative iPhone app development Dubai

Our iPhone app developers Dubai know the importance of user experience from the get-go. In order to make sure your product meets the expectations of consumers, you must make it easy to use. This means making it simple and easy to navigate for users. It is also vital that the app has high performance so that users can experience it as fast as possible. Additionally, the app must be responsive, so that users can get started with it within a few seconds. The iPhone app developers Dubai of Number9 will ensure top-quality service to its clients.

iPhone app development Dubai
iPhone app development Dubai

Get assisted by the best iPhone app developers Dubai

Whether you’re planning to launch an app for a small business or a global corporation, Number9 iPhone app developers Dubai company can help you find the best solution for your needs. Unlike other mobile applications, an iPhone app will reach a larger audience and generate higher revenue for the company. The market potential for an iPhone application is much higher than with other platforms, and this can be a great investment for your business. Make your way to the top with our experienced iPhone app developers Dubai.

Most reputable iPhone app development company in Dubai

It’s important to choose an iPhone app development company in Dubai that focuses on creating high-quality, high-performing iPhone apps. Ensure that the iPhone app development company in Dubai have a proven track record of creating successful apps and has a team of creative developers. An iOS app developed by a creative iPhone app development company in Dubai is sure to hit the mark and reach the target audience. When choosing an iPhone app development company in Dubai, make sure the quotation you’re given matches your budget. Besides, don’t be afraid to talk with multiple companies before making your final decision. Remember to leave some extra money for marketing. Contact Number9 for exclusive iPhone application development Dubai.

High-end iPhone application development Dubai

iPhone application development Dubai offers high-end security, a welcome benefit for businesses who are worried about protecting their sensitive data. In addition, it’s also easier to get your mobile app approved for the Apple Play store. The Apple play store is a great way to ensure that your iOS application is approved, and it doesn’t require an expensive design to be successful. Moreover, iPhone application development Dubai is not only a great way to reach a wider audience, but it is also very cost-effective. Receive cheap iPhone application development Dubai services at Number9.

Best iPhone app development agency

Going for an iPhone app development agency is more expensive than Android, but it’s faster. Unlike the Android platform, the process is more complex, and it’s not as efficient as iPhone. It’s also more complicated to test and update the app. There’s a better way to test your iPhone app and get it approved in the Apple Play store. If you’re unsure about whether or not it’s ready, contact the Apple play store directly. Need a quick and professional iOS app? Turn to Number9 iPhone app development agency. We will provide you with your money’s worth.

iPhone app development Dubai
iPhone app development Dubai

Work with the most experienced iPhone app development agency

As for the technology used to build iPhone apps, the Number9 iPhone app development agency has been in the business of mobile application development for more than 15 years. With two corporate offices in Kuwait and Dubai, the iOS app development company Dubai boasts a team of 35 talented professionals and a long list of satisfied customers. Its iOS app development company Dubai’s team of experts has experience in developing iOS apps for many different types of companies, including Fortune 500 companies. A successful iOS app can be highly profitable. It can generate greater revenue for your business. Get your app developed by the professional iOS app development company Dubai.

Top-rated iOS app development company Dubai

Apple users are very specific. The right iOS app development company Dubai will ensure that it passes the quality standards of the Apple Play store. The iPhone user experience is seamless, and if it’s not, you’re wasting money. With the right iPhone app design company, you can create an iPhone application that works on the device of your choice. Once you have a strong idea, you can start developing it. Your iPhone app will be successful if you know what you’re doing.

Let your ideas become reality with our iPhone app design company

When it comes to hiring an iPhone app design company, it’s important to remember that the market is very niche. This means that your app should cater to the specific needs of your target audience. While you need to consider the overall user base before making any decisions about the project, you can choose the most suitable iPhone app design company for the project. Choosing the right iPhone app design company will ensure that your app’s success depends on the type of experience of the developers. Let number design a perfect iOS application for your business.

iPhone app development Dubai

Our iPhone App Development Dubai services include

iPhone app development Dubai services

The experienced app developers of Number9 Objectify, design, build, and deliver best-quality iPhone applications that are ready to be uploaded on the Apple App Store. They have vast experience in iPhone app development and designing. With a skillful and hard-working team of app developers, Number9 meets all the requirements and needs of its customers. While developing an iPhone application for a client, our iPhone app development Dubai team grasps its experience in UI/UX designing, QA testing, and cross-platform mobile development.

UI/UX design

The UI/UX design is the determining factor of an application. The creative and professional app designers of Number9 make sure that their client’s application suits their business perfectly. A good application requires an amazing interface so that it catches the eye of an audience and makes them revisit the application. Most people abandon applications due to their badly designed interface. That is why the Number 9 iPhone development Dubai team of app developers works hard to deliver the best designs to its clients.

The expert app developers of Number9 take advantage of iOS languages such as Objective-C and Swift as well as add the latest iOS features to our applications. iCloud Drive, Apple Pay, 3D Touch, Siri, and many more features. The list doesn’t end here as there are always new updates arriving in iPhones. We know the significance of the features and functionalities of an iOS app when it comes to engaging visitors. Our web developers know what is best for the application and that is why they create simple, elegant, unique, multi-functional, and eye-catching features for the clients.

QA testing

To develop an iOS app, one needs the right tools and methodologies to perform QA testing. App testing lets you consider various devices, operating systems, and the types of visitors who will connect with your iOS application. At Number 9, we are the experts in custom software and mobile app development for companies in almost every industry. If you want the best from your iOS application, then you need the assistance of a highly skilled team of developers. If you do not care about app testing, then your iPhone app might not meet its true potential. Our professional experts look for any kind of issues in the iPhone application. We make sure your application meets the user’s expectations. After that, we look for any weak spots within the interface and try to solve all the issues until your iPhone application achieves a high-quality level that can only be achieved with the best QA testing planning.

iPhone integration services

Marketing is all about making the right decisions and strategies. Your business grows well when you do regular analysis, strategical planning, and convert your visitors into customers. That is why Number9 designs custom integration tools to make your business grow in the eCommerce market. Number9’s iOS app development in Dubai tools let you enable custom features to convert your visitors into customers. We offer the best custom iPhone app development Dubai services to our customers. Our amazing iPhone integration services are the reason we are one of the best iPhone app development companies in Dubai.

Maintenance and support services

Unlike most companies who do only offer development services, Number 9 offers complete maintenance and support services to its customers. If an issue occurs with our client’s application, we work 24/7 to resolve it.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us

Our WordPress Website Design Company tries to do its best to provide you with high-quality consultations concerning any question about our services.

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Completed projects to the end by our specialists.
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Completed projects to the end by our specialists.
Completed projects to the end by our specialists.

Why should I choose Number9 iPhone App Development Dubai Company?

Your app is the mirror of your business, so you can not compromise on its quality. Developing an iPhone app by yourself can be a hefty task and to manage that app, you would require more time and better management. To help save your time, you can hire an iPhone application development company. There are a lot of companies for iPhone app development in Dubai, but which one is the best for you? It is the one that fulfills all your requirements. If you want a company that fulfills all your requirements at an affordable price, then you should choose Number9.

Number9 iPhone app development Dubai company works for the empowerment of its client’s business. Our job is to create an application that depicts your whole business and attracts an audience at the same time. We have the most experienced and professional app developers who work tirelessly to develop the essential features and functionalities for the client’s app. Our app designers craft the most amazing designs with custom themes and UI//UX designs. We offer the services that make your website reach heights. Our integration, development, and app design services have made us the best iPhone App Development Dubai company. Most iPhone application development companies charge a lot of money to their clients. An average person is mostly unable to afford those services. In that case, most beginners and people with low budgets often get left behind. Number9 offers cost-effective iPhone app development services to make sure that even an average person can afford its services.

Our standard working procedure

Communicating with clients

Our iPhone app development Dubai process starts by communicating with our clients. We ask about the business and app requirements of our clients and derive various ways to turn their ideas into reality. We offer our ideas to make the application better.

App framework design

After choosing the requirements of our client’s application, our expert team of designers crafts amazing and astounding app designs. They make sure the design suits the type of application. After completing the design, we show it to the client for approval.

logo design dubai
App development

After designing the app framework, our professional team of app developers proceeds to core mobile app development. Our experienced iPhone app developers emphasize QA and performance testing to ensure the accurate working of the app.

Revising and reviewing

Still, if our client feels if there is something missing with the application, then we make necessary changes until our customer is completely satisfied. As our main objective is to satisfy our clients, we make the application is perfect in every single way.


We ask for the approval of our client, add some final touches, and deliver the application to our client.


Providing top-notch solutions for app development

Number9 uses the most recent technologies, instruments, and procedures to deliver flawless digital solutions that assist businesses in experiencing rapid growth, from iPhone app development Dubai to Android app development.

We are bringing our years of design and development experience to the Middle East to power cutting-edge digital solutions for businesses and enterprises. Number9, a powerhouse in the field of mobile Iphone app development in Dubai development and website development, is now coming to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Our company is primarily based in the USA, but we have been steadily growing our global presence and now have offices in many different countries, including Dubai for mobile app development. For our technical, marketing, and strategic team, entering the GCC region continues to be a top priority.

Number9, a Dubai-based iPhone app development Dubai development company

In contrast to other mobile app development firms, Number9 actually does what it says. We are a fully integrated software solutions provider that strengthens your digital strategy to help your business in the most efficient way possible.

You can drop by our brand-new location in the city if you’re looking for a highly creative mobile iPhone app development Dubai

Since our founding, we have amassed a remarkable portfolio of numerous, massively scalable web products, including websites, applications, mobile games, and much more. Both established businesses and aspirational startups are among our clients, and we treat them all with the same panache and élan.

In order to take advantage of the business opportunities in the GCC and serve a sizable clientele through top-tier emerging technologies and digital solutions, Number9, a mobile app development company in Dubai, recently opened offices in the city.

The opportunity to assist and offer leadership to early-stage and mid-stage businesses is significant given that only 3% of companies in the GCC have reached an advanced stage in their efforts to undergo digital transformation.

Our mobile iPhone development Dubai office in Dubai is now willing to work with new players in the ecosystem and to support open innovation.

The goal of Number9 in the GCC is to not only offer every client who enters our door digital solutions, but also sustainable and scalable solutions for future growth while leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Metaverse, NFTs, Blockchain, etc.

Sharing our knowledge with the Dubai mobile Iphone app development in Dubai industry is the next step in this journey for us. 

A curious team of creative enthusiasts, Number9 Dubai is constantly searching for ways to create the next big thing in the digital sector.

Businesses in the GCC region are ramping up their digitization efforts as a result of falling oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, we are able to stay one step ahead of the GCC market’s constant competition and aid companies across a range of industries in reaching their full potential thanks to our technical and strategic expertise.

We employ an agile development and communication strategy from the client’s initial consultation through the deployment and follow-up tasks.

Our mobile app development company team in Dubai has the necessary skills and experience to create custom Android and iOS apps, cross-platform apps, and mobile games for business tools that can connect with your target audience and guarantee a positive user experience.

We are a mobile iPhone development Dubai development company that thinks all the preparation work should be done before beginning any project.

The Iphone app development in Dubai objective, target audience, USP, competitor analysis, investment, and marketing initiatives are all topics we cover in detail whenever we speak with a potential client.

Through a face-to-face meeting or phone consultation, it is hoped to learn about all of the client’s expectations.

Businesses looking to use the iOS Software Development Kit are the only ones on whom Number9 focuses its expertise in native iOS app development. Through high-caliber iOS native apps that are able to become popular in the play store market, our mobile app development Dubai enables clients in a variety of industries to generate value for their businesses and customer bases. Your company has the opportunity to work with an established app developer in Dubai to create a high-performing native app with improved user experience, greater accessibility to smartphone built-in features, strong security, and improved audience reach.

Our talented team of iOS iPhone development Dubai developers creates business and personal mobile apps for iPhone and iPad gadgets. Our app developers cross-platform Android apps by converting them to iOS. It is impossible to think of anything other than iOS development when mobile app data security is a concern.

Our iOS app developers use the newest tools and methods in mobile app development to lower the cost. While creating the apps, our iOS developers adhere to accepted Apple App Store best practices. For creating native iOS apps, our application developers use the Swift programming language, while for creating cross-platform iOS apps, they use HTML5.

What gets taken into account for your iOS keyword ranking? Your title, subtitle, and keyword bank are all indexed by Apple’s algorithm. You must make the most of the little space available to ensure that your iPhone app development company ranks for as many pertinent keywords and phrases as you can given the way ASO functions for the Apple App Store.

The metadata you use, how it indexes, and how you maintain it all have an impact on your app store optimization strategy.

Apple takes your title, subtitle, and keyword bank structure into account. Every word you use is used by Apple to lay the groundwork for your keyword rankings. To comprehend how ASO functions in relation to the store algorithm, the best keywords for an app like yours, and the best ways to structure your metadata, Number9 uses proprietary technology.

How ASO functions in the Apple App Store depends heavily on the app title. A title of up to 30 characters can be added by developers using Apple’s API. One of two parts of the metadata that can be seen is your title. The app’s core feature should be highlighted in the title, which should come after the brand name. The app’s functionality or purpose must be immediately clear to users who can read and comprehend it. High-volume keywords that read naturally must be included in a good title.

Apple allows programmers to enter a subtitle that is up to 30 characters long. Immediately beneath the title of your chosen iphone app development company, the subtitle appears. The subtitle should continue to be readable while providing more details about the app and its features. Users should be given more information about the app in the subtitle by expanding on the app’s name.

The subtitle of the app should complement the app’s title by summarizing its key features and including keywords you want the app to rank for. Apple will treat each section as a separate keyword bank based on how ASO functions for the App Store, taking into account each individual word as a “keyword” to construct phrases that your iPhone app development company will rank for.

Please refrain from doing so; ASO does not operate in this way. Apple won’t take into account any additional occurrences of the same keywords when determining keyword rankings. Make the most of every opportunity to focus on distinct individual terms across the two fields.

Apple permits developers to enter a line of promotional text with a maximum character count of 170, followed by a description with a maximum character count of 4,000. As promotional text also plays a part in paid search campaigns, this is a crucial aspect of how ASO and Apple Search Ads operate

On mobile devices only, the advertising text precedes the primary description. The promotional text serves as an engaging introduction to your app, summarizing its functionality and describing any key events or value propositions you would like to highlight.

The purpose of the description is to completely describe your app, its features, and functionality. When visitors arrive at the description, they will be eager to learn as much as they can. To make sure that users fully comprehend your iPhone application development in Dubai before downloading, break down your features and other distinctive value propositions.

Users of Apple are able to download an app straight from the search results page. The following features that appear in search results alongside a title and subtitle will affect a user’s choice of whether or not to download your app. This means that when considering how Iphone application development Dubai functions, you must take into account both your store listing and the search results as landing pages.

Your brand and/or the main features of your iPhone application development in Dubai should be highlighted in your app’s icon. Users must be able to recognize the app’s general purpose right away so they can quickly become familiar with the functionality they can associate with it when they see the icon on their screens.

Up to 10 screenshots can be uploaded by developers to the product page by Apple. Three portrait screenshots or one landscape screenshot will show up in the search results depending on the screenshots’ orientation (portrait or landscape).

Screenshots ought to be accompanied by text that describes the contents of each image and informs viewers of its features and capabilities. Screenshots take up a significant portion of the on-screen space in search results, and when combined with the title, subtitle, and icon, they can ultimately influence how many more clicks or even downloads an app receives. The effectiveness of your screenshots in maximizing conversion depends on how you A/B test them.

Developers can add up to three 30-second Iphone application development in Dubai preview videos to their product page, according to Apple. If the creatives are in portrait orientation, the first portrait video and the first two screenshots will appear in the search results. If landscape, only the first landscape video will appear there.

The core functionality should be highlighted in videos. The most crucial statements ought to be presented within the first 5–10 seconds because, in this case, user behavior determines how ASO functions. To accurately represent in-app functionality while still including text to explain what users are viewing, Apple has strict guidelines for developers to follow.

Updates should always be made to creatives. A key component of how ASO functions is testing your screenshots, icons, featured graphics, and other store listing assets to determine how effective your App Store Creative is.

Research is an important part of how ASO works. Find out what makes other apps successful in order to improve your own. Update your screenshots with new text, new colors, or new design ideas, then test them in the App Store. In order to determine whether your new iterations are successful, you can then measure and compare your conversion rates.

You don’t fully comprehend the performance of your metadata for two to three weeks. Running paid marketing campaigns and supporting your app with Apple Search Ads, Facebook or Google Ads to help drive more clicks and improve your keyword rankings can help you speed up indexation.

Every day, the Iphone application development Dubai market evolves. Stay up to date and monitor trends on a daily basis. Make the most of emerging apps and keyword terms by incorporating them into your metadata. Because Apple and Google index and change rankings much faster than Google does for web search, comparing how ASO works to web optimization is not helpful. A lot more dynamic than websites, apps are another advantage.

To make sure you’re giving Apple’s algorithm more information so it can understand your app and how relevant you are for new terms, your metadata should be updated every 30-45 days.

You can keep up with new App Store trends and make sure your metadata is accurate by using Number9 and DATACUBE.

Even when creating your Apple developer account, you must be considering how ASO operates. Apple will index apps for additional keywords and phrases using the developer name after prioritizing terms in a title, subtitle, and keyword bank. Apple offers developers a 50-character space where they can enter extra terms to boost the ranking of their apps. You can choose to include these terms in the developer name if your business specializes in a particular app genre or category to help create more search terms for which your app can rank.

The title, subtitle, and creative assets for each Iphone application development Dubai are shown in the search results along with the app’s overall rating. Apps with higher overall ratings will be more likely to be clicked or downloaded by users, suggesting a better user experience. The likelihood that your app’s keyword ranking will start to decline increases as it receives fewer clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Number9 has become one of the best companies of iPhone app development in Dubai. The passion, determination, and sheer will of our iPhone developers in Dubai, the strict management of our professionals, and our trustworthy customers are the reason for us being the best iPhone app development company. We try our best to take your business to heights with our iPhone app development services. We work so that our clients can run and grow their businesses. Most iPhone app development companies charge a lot of money for iPhone app development. An average person is not able to afford those prices. For their sake, Number9 offers cost-effective iPhone app development services. We care about our customers and think about their satisfaction before ours. We charge less so that even an average person can have their app developed. To create the perfect app for your business, we communicate with our clients to know their requirements and give them ideas to make their business better. We strictly manage all of the iPhone app development aspects and create an app that perfectly suits the client’s business. That is why we are the top-notch iPhone app development Dubai company.

Yes, Number 9 is not just a name, it is a brand that is true to its word. We are not like other iPhone app development companies that charge too much for application development from their customers. Our job is to satisfy our customers and we do everything possible to do that. We know how hard it can be for some people who have just started their business and are unable to run it properly as they can not afford app development services. Our job is to help those people get to the top. By choosing our iPhone app development services, people can compete with others and stand out from the crowd. We help them enhance their web identity. Number9 offers cost-effective iPhone app development services so that even small businesses can get their apps developed. Foster your business with the best iPhone app development company in Dubai.

Without any doubt, Number9 is the best iPhone app development company in Dubai. We have earned our name as a brand in the eCommerce market by offering the best iPhone app development services. Our passionate, determined, and experienced team of app developers works tirelessly so that our clients can have the best app for their business. We start our development process by communicating with our clients. In this way, we can get to know the requirements of our customers and give them new ideas to improve them. After the approval of the requirements, we start the framework designing process. We design some of the best app designs that are not only multifunctional but also alluring. If the client wants revision, we revise the whole design and keep doing it until the customer is satisfied. After that, we start the development process in which our experienced and expert app developers use their skills to develop an app that suits the business as well as helps it grow. Then, our iPhone developers perform revisions if the customer requests and send the app to them.

Yes, Number 9 offers 24/7 maintenance and support services to its clients. Most app development companies charge money for development and only offer development services. When they complete their services, they cut off from their clients. Number 9’s mentality is different. We focus on an ever-lasting relationship with our clients. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Whenever an issue occurs in the iPhone application, the experts of Number 9 step up and help their clients solve it. Whenever you find an issue with your app, you can get our help with it. We work to empower our customer’s businesses. The customer is like a family to us. We can not see our family not being able to compete in the online market. That is why we help our clients stand out from the crowd with our iPhone app development Dubai services. When you choose Number 9, you become a part of it. We do not let our clients get left behind in the eCommerce market. Being experienced in the eCommerce market, we give expert ideas to our clients to help them grow their business and empower their web identity. With us, there is no going back.

Your business application has great importance in the development of your business. If your business does not have a responsive application, then your customers will start ignoring your application which will negatively affect your application. On the other hand, if your application has multi-functional features, then your visitors will start becoming your customers. So, iPhone app development is something you can not compromise at. Number9 iPhone app development Dubai company is well-known for its iPhone app development services in Dubai. Even that, it is considered one of the best companies in Dubai. Our working procedure is simple but can help you grow your business. We do everything possible to make your business shine on the web. Our framework designers, app developers, and other expert team members offer their professional services to make sure the customer is completely happy with the application. Our app development company has all that one needs to grow their business online.


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