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Magento Development Company

Create your online presence with our Magento website development & design company in Dubai

The eCommerce is always changing and people are working hard to keep their business in the online competition. As online shopping is emerging in this era, businesses are trying to take full advantage of it. Having an online store along with a physical store can be a helping aid to your business. Creating an online presence right at the start of your business can be challenging. Most businesses do not even survive the fast-changing eCommerce industry. At Number9, we make ideas a reality with a mint of creativity. We deliver success with every solution. Choose us to make your business a brand. Empower your business with our Magento Website Development & Design Company in Dubai.

Magento Development Company

Bring the art to your cart

Here at Number9, we strive to open up your business to new possibilities. We are a leading Magento web development company that has expert-level Magento skills. Our experienced Magento developers work tirelessly to provide strong shopfront models to our customers. With total command over the Magento platform, our web development team is adroit in eCommerce practices and strategies. Stand out from the crowd with the help of our Magento development company in Dubai. Get the most out of your online store in the competitive online market with our captivating web designs, responsive web layouts, and SEO-optimized build.

ecommerce solutions provider dubai

Turn imagination into innovation

The Internet is a treasure full of opportunities for all types of businesses in the world. The eCommerce market is so competitive yet full of advantages if one can hold its power. Establish your online presence today with the help of our Magento eCommerce development Dubai team’s professionalism. Our team members are familiar with the eCommerce platform and know what is better for a business. We have got you covered from web design and development to site maintenance. It is not easy to grasp new markets and expand your business on the Internet. It is crucial to stay connected with your customers. More than 59% of Earth’s population are active internet users. A well-designed and fine-working website allures the audience towards itself. Our team of expert web developers builds websites that turn your ideas into reality. The Number9 Magento development company in Dubai builds websites that perfectly suit our customers and viewers.

ecommerce solutions provider dubai
magento website development

Work with the finest Magento web development company

When looking for a Magento web development company, it’s important to choose one that is active within the Magento community. The best Magento development company in Dubai will be involved in a variety of local and online events, and should also be involved in community discussions. Not only will this give you an idea of the type of work your developer will be doing, but it will also show you that they are genuinely interested in the platform and the community. Partner with Number9 Magento development company in Dubai for the best results.

Experienced Magento development company in Dubai

Moreover, look for a Magento development company in Dubai with plenty of experience. If a Magento development company in Dubai has been around for a long time, it has probably refined its process and created countless successful stores. You should also consider how large and experienced the Magento development company Dubai is, and how many projects it has completed in the past. Ensure that they have the appropriate resources, skills, and reputation to meet your eCommerce needs. Lastly, you should be sure that the Magento development company Dubai understands the nuances of online commerce. Number9 is the leading Magento development company Dubai. You can always have our assistance.

Top Magento development company Dubai

When it comes to experience, Number9 Magento Development Company Dubai has been in business since 2009. Its team of dedicated Magento website development company professionals works hard to create online stores that are intuitive, easy to use, and appealing to visitors. Our Magento website development company is committed to making the complicated look simple. They have been an active part of the Magento community since 2009, and their ambition and results speak for themselves. 

Leading Magento website development company

A Magento website development company should follow best practices and ethics and be familiar with the latest web development technologies. A confidentiality agreement should be signed between the Magento website development company and the customer. It must acknowledge the confidentiality of the project and any data related to it. In addition, the client should transfer the intellectual property and other intellectual property to the Magento website development Dubai. If you are not comfortable with these terms, don’t hire a Magento website development Dubai company. Number9 Magento website development Dubai company has made itself the leading company in Dubai. You can always contact Number9 for Magento website development Dubai.

magento website development
magento website development

Develop a faster website with Number9 Magento website development Dubai

A Magento web development company should be familiar with the latest web development technologies and best practices. This will ensure the highest level of quality and the most productive eCommerce website. It should be able to communicate clearly with clients and be flexible enough to meet their unique needs. Furthermore, the Magento development Dubai should be able to handle the latest technologies. A good Magento development Dubai company should also be able to meet these requirements. If you’re looking for a Magento web development company, it’s vital to look for Magento development Dubai companies that have experience in these technologies. Being an experienced team in Magento development Dubai, Number9 is your top choice.

Top-notch Magento Development Dubai

The best Magento web development agency should be able to deliver on all aspects of a website. A good Magento web development agency will not only provide a high-quality website, but they will also offer several services that you need. As long as your Magento web development agency is willing to provide you with an estimate that includes the scope of the project, you’ll be able to work with them promptly. The best Magento web development agency will be able to deliver on your requirements and meet your budget. Number9 is the best Magento web development agency in Dubai. Hire our Magento web development company for the best services.

Our Magento development services include:

Custom Magento web development services

We convert your eCommerce website users into customers. With proper customization of your Magento store, we make it possible. The experienced developers and designers of our team always deliver a custom Magento website that aligns perfectly with our potential customers. To do that, we get to know about your business and customers. Number9 helps you integrate your new online store with various third-party platforms to optimize your business potential. Our experts have experience in integrating with our customer’s Magento store as well. They can explore potential open-source Magento present third-party integrations for Magento CE and EE, ERP, and POS integrations with Magento multi vendor theme, Magento site, and Magento migration services.

Magento web design services

Design is intelligence made visible. Our Magento designers help you visualize your ideas. Our main goal is to create a website that mirrors your business. We make the website’s design suits the business and attracts the audience at the same time. The Number9 team delivers a multi-functional, completely manageable frontend Magento theme development from different formats. The highly experienced UI/X designers of our team ensure simplicity for optimal user navigation. We craft the website following the requirements of our customers. A design that is engaging, purposeful, and creative will help you increase user retention on your eCommerce store. Number9 makes sure their web designs stand out from the crowd. We create an intuitive, responsive, and innovative Magento web design that leaves an ever-lasting impression on your viewers.

Magneto extension development

A wide range of extensions and modules are compatible with Magento. Our dedicated team of Magento can connect your store with the most compatible extensions or even help you develop your own. We can build a Magento extension for your personal eCommerce store. We only provide bug-free code as per Magento standards and extensions that are approved by the Magento marketplace. Our Magento multi vendor theme allows you to build a marketplace where you can earn commission on the products sold by your vendors to monetize your site.

these themes allow you to build a marketplace where you can earn commission on the products sold by your vendors or monetize your site by charging the sellers on your site a fee to sign up

Magento migration services

With our Magento migration specialization, you can easily shift design, templates, data, and more to your Magento online store. Whether you are migrating from another platform to Magento, or from Magento to Magento 2, we provide our ultimate services to our customers for their ease. Migrate from Magento to Magento 2 for a larger eCommerce community. We care about the cost-effectiveness for clients, fast execution for client’s work, and data security for customer’s proprietary information.

Magento maintenance and support

Most companies build websites for their clients, but Number9 is different. We create an ever-lasting relationship with our customers by providing 24/7 maintenance services. Even after the launch, you can get our help and support for any issue. We offer real-time maintenance management of your websites along with updates that are available. Our team of the best Magento web development company showcases its expertise in the management of your website. Our complete maintenance and support ensure that your store is secure, up-to-date, and optimized. Version updates, adding new features and extensions, and newly released security patches, whatever the problem is, our team backs your all the time.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us

Our professional support team try to do their best to provide you with high-quality consultations concerning any question about our services.

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Why choose us for your Magento website development & design company in Dubai?

There are lots of Magento development companies, but why should you choose us? Number9 sets a standard for its websites. We don’t just create websites, we create brands. Our development and design services let our customers compete in the eCommerce market. Our web solutions build businesses. Our expert developers and designers work to expand your business one pixel at a time. Number9 is a complete Magento web development package.

Quality experts

The main goal of Number 9 developers is to focus on the quality of the website. Our websites have a standard, we strictly manage and cover all aspects of the website so our customer doesn’t face any issue. Get high-quality web development services with our Magento eCommerce Development Dubai.

Guaranteed security

Websites with weak security often fall prey to cyberattacks. Our developed websites are completely secure and safe for both user and customer use. You can totally relax on the security of the website. Our security managers ensure the security and safety of your website.

Mobile-friendly approach

Not having a mobile-friendly website can have a negative impact on your website. More than 50% of internet users surf the internet through their mobile phones. It is crucial to have a mobile-optimized app. Our developers make sure your website is mobile-friendly as we do not let you get left behind.

High-quality web designs

Website design is the mirror that reflects your business. We work tirelessly to design the best web designs that satisfy our customers as well as the viewers. Our appealing website designs allure the audience and make the people visit your website more often. The Number9 web designers are experts in Magento theme development services.

Our standard working procedure includes


Meeting with Clients

Our services start by communicating with our clients. First, we meet our clients, know about their business, discuss their requirements, and then start the process. This information lets us know about different ways to provide you best website services.



After communicating with the clients, our hard-working Magento designers provide you the best designs for your website. They are shown to the clients and used once approved.



Once the design is approved, we start with the development process. Number9’s well-experienced developers implement the ideas by using themes, templates, and strategies. We make sure your website looks astonishing.


Revising strategy

After the development process, the Number9 Magento Development Company in Dubai asks you if you want any changes to your website. You can review it and tell us the changes you want. We keep revising until you are satisfied.


Delivering the final product

After the 100% satisfaction of our client, we add some final touches and deliver them their website.


Development Services for Magento

Like Drupal or WordPress,magento web development company is an open-source content management system. This feature-rich platform’s administration interface is incredibly simple to use, which makes content marketing and merchandising easier. One of the most well-liked eCommerce platforms worldwide, Magento website development company is known for its robust digital marketing and merchandising toolkit. Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world and is well-known for its extensive suite of digital marketing and merchandising tools.

Magento is extremely flexible, scalable, and customizable out of the box by providing accessibility and integration with tens of thousands of applications through plugins. As impressive as the Magento development company is, it is even more potent when used in conjunction with a group of professionals who can take your website to the next level. Unleashed uses Magento to create websites that are fully integrated into all of your company’s vital business processes and custom-fit to reflect your brand.

Using the Magento development company framework, we provide design, development, and deployment of online eCommerce stores. The result is a beautiful eCommerce website with powerful features.

You can use the helpful tool we’ve provided below to estimate the cost of your upcoming e-commerce website project, regardless of whether you’re looking for specific Magento development pricing or general e-commerce pricing. When creating an e-commerce store, there are many factors to take into account, but using this calculator will help you identify the most essential elements and give you a rough estimate of your budget.

Feel free to contact us again about your e-commerce project whenever you’re ready, and our Magento web development company web developers will work with you to fine-tune a solution based on your needs and professional objectives.

Design and Development of a Magento 2 Website

Why not start with one? A strong website is a requirement for any successful online store.

To help you succeed, you will need Magento development company services with at least 8 years of e-commerce experience.

Photo Description

Custom Development for the Magento 2 Store

Consider adding specialized features to your existing store.

Through specifically created functionalities, Magento eCommerce development company custom development services will do more for you than just make available features.

Magnificent Magento Website Design 

Setting up brand authority requires providing a superior shopping experience. Your Magento store will have a distinctive look and appeal thanks to the immersive, highly scalable themes provided by our customized Magento Design solutions. We can modify pre-made themes or create brand-new ones from scratch while making sure they complement your business model. Additionally, each of our custom themes is W3C compliant and pixel-perfect, making them responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.

a professional Magento website audit

To realize the full potential of your website, use our Magento eCommerce development company audit services. Every component of the site, including the core files, themes, third-party extensions, and security, is examined by our Magento experts, on the basis of which we provide custom solutions. Additionally, a thorough audit gives us a better understanding of your company’s objectives and difficulties, enabling us to create a roadmap for future strategies aimed at increasing conversions and sales.

Magnificent Magento SEO

Have trouble raising the store’s visibility and return on investment? Get long-term, sustainable sales and revenues by working with a Magento eCommerce development company. Our SEO specialists make all critical adjustments, such as title tags, meta titles and descriptions, and image optimization, to draw customers to your online store. To increase site loading speed, a crucial element in raising SEO rankings, we also implement potential coding improvements. 

Wish your eCommerce store had more customization options? You’ve found it! We create unique Magento extensions, plugins, and modules that provide the required functionality as a top Magento web development company. Numerous Magento extensions have been developed by our Magento experts to speed up websites, automate store management, or improve customer experience. We create Magento extensions to help businesses adhere to the constantly evolving standards set by the sector.

Magento 2 Migration at High Speed

Upgrade to Magento 2 to gain access to special features and functionalities that ensure the scalability of your business. The majority of business owners are apprehensive to switch their current eCommerce store to Magento 2 because they think doing so will jeopardize their data security. However, you’ll benefit from a seamless, secure Magento 2 migration while keeping store functionality if you work with a knowledgeable team of Magento developers like us.

Are you having trouble getting consistent performance out of your eCommerce site? To provide a seamless shopping experience, make use of our Magento website development support & Maintenance services. We provide thorough Magento maintenance that includes regular site monitoring, the application of security patches, the updating of the user interface, and timely updates. In addition, we find and fix bugs, get rid of malware, and polish themes, all of which improve store performance.

With strong built-in features and functionalities, Magento eCommerce development Dubai is a potent eCommerce platform. However, retailers frequently seek out strategies for maximizing Magento’s functionality while saving time and money. Enterprise-level Magento integrations are offered by Number9 using web API frameworks for REST and SOAP. We can integrate both pre-built software and custom third-party applications depending on your business needs, from back-office ERPs to third-party CRMs.

Settlement Gateways

With an integrated payment system, you can boost customer loyalty and boost sales. Our Magento website development team provides individualized Payment Gateway Integration solutions to make sure your customers can instantly transact with top payment processors like PayPal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, Skrill, and many more without having to enter their payment information manually.

CRM/ERP Systems

Having trouble enhancing customer experience and maintaining customer satisfaction? To provide a seamless customer experience, integrate CRM and ERP systems with your Magento eCommerce development Dubai store. In order to automate business processes and increase efficiency, Number9 has a wealth of experience integrating market-leading platforms like SAP, Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

Order and Inventory Management

By centralizing all inventory and order-related tasks, you can smartly organize your company and increase efficiency. In order to provide seamless order tracking and omnichannel marketing, we integrate well-known order and inventory management systems with your eCommerce store. Functionality. By integrating order management systems, businesses can better meet the diverse needs and expectations of their customers.

Transport and Delivery

By integrating shipping and delivery, you can enhance the purchasing experience for your customers. To enable smooth transactions and shipping coordination from various warehouses, we incorporate electronic data interchange (EDI) systems. Besides, integrating custom Shipping solutions automates and streamlines the entire shipping process while offering multiple shipping and courier options, such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and more.

Communications with Customers

We recognize that marketing plays a crucial role in a store’s success. Our eCommerce specialists make use of their extensive experience to provide businesses with specialized marketing solutions that help them target customers. Additionally, we integrate marketing communications into your current campaign to increase ROI.


More than 221 high-quality extensions created by our skilled, certified developers have been downloaded by 15 million customers.


We are a skilled, Magento website development company, and we take your website’s security very seriously. Data loss and hacker attacks are no longer a concern.


For your site to operate at its peak efficiency, all features can be expanded.

Flexible pricing

We have a variety of packages that will meet your needs, so don’t worry about your budget.

Regular updates

All of the extensions created by Mageplaza are supported technically and with regular updates from us.

Dedicated support

To ensure your store operates at peak efficiency, Mageplaza, a dedicated Magento development company, provides you with 16 hours of support per day.

To ensure the best commercial presence in the web domain, Magento web development provides a dedicated platform with interfacing capabilities for Magento enterprise development. We would choose the most well-known and effective Magento Enterprise Development models for your e-commerce development.

You can find Magento expertise at Number9, a forerunner, and premier Magento Development Company. Our mission is to provide durable storefront models to our clients, and as a result, you can now expand and improve the features in your e-commerce store to increase its scalability.

Being a leading Magento development company, we guarantee quick and satisfying solutions for all of our clients. Our Magento development company adheres to standard Magento development methods, using the most recent IDEs.

A Magento web development expert with six to eight years of actual, hands-on project experience will be assigned to you. He will work diligently on your project and provide the best results in accordance with your unique business requirements.

Customised according to your business’s needs, Magento development services

One of the most popular and user-friendly Magento eCommerce development Dubai platforms, Magento has made a name for itself by providing exceptional benefits for online retailers, including high functionality, more control over the look, and a highly adaptable and flexible shopping cart system. The marketing, SEO, and catalog management tools available through this open source technology are extremely potent.

We recognize that every business has a different set of requirements. At Number9, our skilled Magento developers make sure that your online Magento store effectively meets your unique business requirements.

You can find Magento skills at an expert level at Number9, a top Magento development company. Number9 is a renowned Magento development company where you can locate Magento specialists. By working with different Magento eCommerce development Dubai versions like Magento 1.9 and Magento 2.0, we aim to give our clients solid storefront models.

With over 12 years of experience and a focus on the Magento ecommerce orientation on the web, our team of Magento certified developers at our Magento development company also provides custom Magento web designs.

Review of Requirements 

Our Magento specialists conduct a thorough analysis of your company’s requirements, and then we come up with a tailored plan to create a top-notch Magento web development eCommerce store


Wireframes and sitemaps are created by our designers to organize the layout of your website. Wireframes give us the ability to plan the organization of a website, pinpoint essential components, and establish connections between various web pages and visual components.



Our developers use cutting-edge software and best coding practices to convert all designed elements into fully functional websites after the design has been approved.


To validate their functionality and guarantee top performance, we thoroughly test each component and web page. Testing additionally enables us to find and address bugs and compatibility problems prior to the launch of the website.


After testing, we launch your Magento website development company website on a cloud platform like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Our specialists keep an eye on your Magento store to make sure everything is operating as it should.

The search engine optimization tools, faster site speed, PCI-DSS compliance, and social media marketing integrations offered by Magento will significantly aid your efforts in digital marketing. Adopting analytical and SEO tools from a third party gives you access to a wide range of strategies to draw in and convert more customers. A simple content editing interface has a visual editor that enables users to drag and drop elements anywhere on a page without having any prior knowledge of the technical back-end. You have a chance to do this by producing interesting content, sharing it on social media, and generating useful traffic for your website.

Without switching platforms, Magento website development company Commerce’s highly customizable framework enables shops with a small number of products and straightforward requirements to quickly grow to tens of thousands of products and complex custom behavior. enabling you to adjust and satisfy your website’s evolving needs as it develops. E-commerce is made simple with this solution thanks to its comprehensive product administration system, customizable marketing, shopping cart, and checkout form, support for multiple currencies, and merchandising tools designed to lower cart abandonment and boost conversions right out of the box.

You can connect with your potential customers where they hang out and consume information online by using straightforward integrations with a variety of third-party tools, such as social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and others. allowing you the chance to market your goods and services to your target market directly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When people start running their business online, they find a good platform for their website where they can build their website according to the requirements of their business. Magento is one of the most popular and powerful eCommerce builder platforms. It powers thousands of eCommerce stores including big brands like Samsung and Nike. So, it is probable that a business starter chooses the Magento platform for his website. They can create their website by themselves or can also use the help of a website development company. This is called web development. You can use the help of our Magento developer Dubai agency’s development services for your website’s development.

Magento is one of the most powerful and popular website development platforms. It runs thousands of eCommerce stores and even big brands like Samsung and Nike. The main reason to use Magento is because of its ease of use. When you enter the eCommerce platform for the first time by yourself, you find everything challenging. And, developing your website can be a complicated task, To save you from all of the complexity, Magento enables you to control your website’s content, look, and functionality of your online store. It is made especially for beginners. Even if you do not have any coding knowledge, you can use basic Magento and English knowledge to completely develop your website all by yourself. The open-source availability of Magento lets its users customize their websites easily. Number9 is the top-notch Magento development company in dubai. We can help you through all processes of the development of your Magento website.

Magento is the best choice for a large-scale online business because of its multi-store strategy that allows its users to create and manage their online stores from one dashboard. Adding products to multiple stores becomes easy with Magento. Preferred by a lot of businesses, Magento’s functionality is time saving and makes the website development procedure easier. Due to its fast, optimized, and user-friendly interface, Magento is the best multi-channel eCommerce platform. You can get the help and support of a lot of website development companies for Magento website development. The Number9 Magento developer dubai agency supports you through all the procedures of your site’s development.

Yes, Number9 delivers mobile-friendly Magento websites. More than 50% of online purchases happen on mobile phones. People surf the internet mostly on their phones. In this era, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you will be left out in the eCommerce market. We do not let our customers get left behind. Our expert team members offer you a mobile-friendly approach. We optimize your website for other devices as well so your consumer can view your website on various devices.

Being one of the leading eCommerce platforms, Magento CMS is used by more than 30% of businesses in the industry. Big companies like Helly Hansen, Sigma Beauty, Ford, Monin, Liverpool, Vizio, Landrover, and Nestle Nespresso have opted for this CMS. The biggest quality of Magento is its multiple-store setup. If your business wants to offer more than one shopping experience from your product catalog, then Magento is a great choice. You can clone your online store and customize it for specific audiences. Even small businesses can use Magento because of its open-source technology. It is a fast and affordable eCommerce platform that lets small businesses have flexibility in their customization potential. Its ease of use saves small businesses from a big cost and time. You can make purchasing affordable and straightforward with Magento.

Yes, Magento integration services enable third-party services to call the Magento web APIs. Currently, the Magento APIs support Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Product Information Management, Accountings, and marketing automation systems out of the box. It only requires a little knowledge of PHP or Magento internal processes. You can increase the efficiency of the inventory, orders, customer data, and shipping details are all synced between key business systems by integrating your eCommerce platforms and ERP system.

Yes, you can sell products to international customers with Magento. To stay competitive and increase your business sales, you have to break into the new global markets. You have to look over the ability to handle multiple languages and currencies. Big companies like Samsung, Nike, Helly Hansen, Sigma Beauty, Ford, Monin, Liverpool, Vizio, Landrover, and Nestle Nespresso use Magento as their platform. Our team is experienced with the eCommerce market and can give you 24/7 support. Be a part of us to take your business to another level.

There are a lot of themes to find out on Magento 2. You just can not find the best one. Ultimo is a great theme for Magento 2. Likewise, Porto, Expert, Infinit, Milano, and Zulmi are some of the best themes for Magento 2.


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