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Experience World-Class Design & Impressive Functionality in Mobile App Development Dubai

We help companies discover what makes them unique and channel it into a memorable experience that outsells and outshines their competition online.

mobile app development company dubai

Number9 is a leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai that possesses extensive innovative experience in Mobile App Development. Put your creativity on the development highway with Number9 android app development Dubai company. The Number9 mobile app development company Dubai assists global businesses design and create superior mobile apps.

Our highly skilled team of Mobile App Developers works hard to develop a good quality and innovative Mobile Apps for our clients. Businesses who choose the Number9 android app development Dubai agency receive reliable, extensible, and durable apps without the care for technology or hosting environment.

app development company dubai

Number9 mobile app development company Dubai offers mobile websites that are swiftly made, easily edited, and beautifully deployed for our customers. These Mobile Apps completely reflect the image of your business in the online environment. By offering end-to-end solutions to individuals and businesses, we try to maintain the legacy of successful app development in Dubai.

 Our mobile app development in dubai makes a custom strategy that unlocks the full potential of our developers and boosts you up the competitive curve. We assess the app performance and identify low-performing areas which may need refinement to generate better results. So that you can fuel up your business in Online Market and get ahead of your competitors.

mobile app development dubai

Hire Number9 for top-notch mobile app development in Dubai

Before you hire a company for mobile app development in Dubai, you must determine the technology stack your project needs. This is the combination of programming languages, databases, frameworks, and other tools. Choosing a company for mobile app development in Dubai is crucial because most apps have a frontend, a backend, and server-side components. The front end is the area of your app where your target audience will interact with. Popular frontend technologies include Angular, React, Ionic, Vue, and many others. Having expertise in mobile app development, Number9 is your best choice for mobile app development in Dubai.

Custom Mobile app development in Dubai

A mobile application’s usability must be considered during the design and development phases. Early on, test versions of the app should be created by the mobile app development agency Dubai to ensure that it’s user-friendly. Only after that, will it be ready for launch. However, not all mobile app development agency Dubai are created equal. If you’re unsure of whether your chosen mobile app development agency Dubai’s software developer is up to the task, it’s best to consult with your company’s technical staff to find the best match. Number9 mobile app development agency Dubai offers professional app development services and can surely assist you.

Let Number9 mobile app development agency Dubai build your app

Consider your target audience and use case before hiring a mobile app development company in Dubai. If your app is designed for employees, you’ll likely need cross-platform apps for your customers, and vice versa. Additionally, you’ll need to consider the monetization strategy of your mobile app development company in Dubai. The cultural and geographical differences of your users can have a huge impact on how your business can market its products or services. This means that you should choose a mobile app development company in Dubai that understands these differences. Who better to choose than the Number9 mobile app development company in Dubai?

Leading mobile app development agency in Dubai

Mobile app development is more competitive than ever, and it is crucial to consider your mobile app development agency in Dubai. A mobile app development agency in Dubai is important for your business’s growth and productivity. A scalable mobile app development agency in Dubai can help you understand your customers better and give you insights into their behavior. It can also enhance the value you provide to your customers. For a mobile app to be successful, you must be proactive about updating its version to keep it up-to-date. For this, you should hire a specialized mobile app development agency in Dubai. Being the leading mobile app development company Dubai, Number is your first choice for app development.

mobile app development dubai
mobile app development dubai

Leverage the benefits of hiring Number9 mobile app development company Dubai

Number9 is a leading mobile app development company in Dubai. Its applications have a wide range of features and capabilities and have a high level of user engagement. With over five years of experience, our mobile app development in dubai has developed more than 500 apps and earned trust from more than 20,000 customers in over 100 countries. Apart from developing custom apps, the mobile app development company Dubai also offers mobile game development and App Testing. If you’re looking for a reliable mobile app development company Dubai, contact Number9 today.

Mobile App Development Dubai Services

iOS App Development

Our iOS app development Dubai company offers next-generation application are quality tested for perfect results with future iOS application development services. The Number9 iOS app development Dubai company offers UX/UI designs, QA, implementation, and integration of apps for iOS devices. 

Android App Development

Number9 is the top Mobile App Development Company in Dubai that specializes in delivering highly reliable Android Apps. Our android app development company in Dubai makes use of an inclusive approach to android app development. Our developer’s strategy to take business requirements, designs, and android app functionality has made us the best android app development company in Dubai.

Progressive Web Applications

We also provide progressive web app development services in Dubai. Our progressive web app development is cost-effective and has proven efficient in user experience. With a passion for sports, media, technology, health, food, and entertainment our progressive web apps cast an everlasting impact on the Digital front.

Cross-Platform App Development

Through leading frameworks like Xamarin, Flutter, Native, we provide cross-platform App Development services in Dubai. Our experience in cross platform native app development using standard technologies is unmatched in the whole marketplace. We provide the best cross platform native app development services in Dubai.

Hybrid Applications

Our strong, high-performance, expandable, and secure hybrid app solutions make us better than other hybrid app development companies. We vanquish other hybrid app development companies with our qualified UX designers, and expertise in hybrid app development. 

If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us

Our professional support team tries to do their best to provide you Mobile App Development in Dubai with high-quality consultations concerning any question about our services.


Why Choose Number9 for Mobile App Development Dubai​?

Hiring Number9 will allow you to remain focused on your core business while leaving app development on the experts. We will build apps for you and bring your idea to life. We have the potential to understand that which apps will live up to expectations and which mobile apps will fail miserably. Our app developers are committed to offering scalable, cloud-ready, and intuitive apps for mobile phones, tablets, and phablets.

Be a part of our movement for the best Mobile App Development in Dubai. We will build apps for you and bring your idea to life. We have the potential to understand that which apps will live up to expectations and which mobile apps will fail miserably. Put your ideas into motion with the Number9 mobile app development Dubai company. Our app developers are committed to offering scalable, cloud-ready, and intuitive apps for mobile phones, tablets, and phablets. 

Some common features of our developed apps are:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • User Friendly
  • Good Image Resolution
  • High Quality
  • Bright and Bold Colour Schemes
  • Regular Updating

Our Mobile App Development Company Dubai Stages

We follow a standard mobile app development process with the following steps.

Consulting With Clients

Getting to know the requirements of our client is the first step of our app development procedure. The Number9 mobile app development in dubai consults with our clients to get to know their demands and expectations. We also take the client’s ideas about; how they want the app to be built? and then we try our best to develop the app according to that idea.

Framework Designing

Once we clearly understand our client’s needs. Our expert developers do the legwork to come up with the best mobile app development frameworks for you. We then show these frameworks to our clients and once approved we start the development process.


After the designs are approved by our client we then proceed to the core mobile app development process. Our experienced mobile app developers emphasize QA and performance testing to ensure the accurate working of the app.

Revising and Reviewing

Still, if you feel that something is missing we revise it again and again taking your feedback into consideration until you are completely satisfied with the product. Because our main objective is to satisfy our clients.

Quality Assurance and Launch

At this stage, various testing procedures are applied to ensure the quality of the app from various aspects. These procedures include functionality testing, usability testing, device testing, and performance testing.

Once the app passes all quality tests, we finalize the APK and IPA files and upload them to PlayStore and AppStore. This is how we become one of the best mobile app development companies in Dubai.


In order to enable seamless user experiences across all contemporary platforms and devices, we assist global brands in designing and developing superior digital products.

We provide complete cycle services for application design, integration, and management. The company oversees the entire mobile app development Dubai process, from ideation and concept to delivery and ongoing support, whether it is a consumer-focused app or a game-changing enterprise-class solution.

  1. Development of bespoke iOS and Android apps
  2. Cross-platform and native software options
  3. second platform application development
  4. design for UI/UX
  5. Advisory services and prototypes
  6. QA and testing that is automated
  7. Geofencing, power management, and notification
  8. Customizations using embedded Android and AOSP
  9. maintenance and after-warranty assistance

Over the past ten years, our mobile app developers Dubai have honed their skills in developing products that satisfy market demands, strengthen corporate brand identities, and promote company growth and expansion. OUR EXPERTISE WITH MAJOR MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT in Dubai DUBAI TECHNOLOGIES

Use our vast experience working with all key technologies to delight your users with expressive and feature-rich native iOS / Android, cross-platform, or Progressive Web Apps.

Development of iOS apps

We have all the knowledge necessary to create fully functional, dependable, and scalable mobile applications, including:

  1. Development of iPhone apps
  2. Development of iPad apps
  3. Construction of Apple Watch apps
  4. Construction of Apple TV apps
  5. Development of App Clips
  6. Development of Android Apps

Using the most recent technologies, we assist companies in establishing a presence on any contemporary device or platform, such as:

  1. Mobile app development Dubai for Android
  2. Development of Android TV apps
  3. App Development in Dubai for Android Tablets
  4. App Development for Android Wear
  5. App Development for Multiple Platforms

Get premium mobile applications that work across multiple platforms for affordable prices while giving your users an app that is compatible with their OS. Utilize this alternative to cut costs and time to market, as well as to reach more users without sacrificing quality, including:

  1. Development of hybrid mobile apps
  2. Development of hybrid tablet apps
  3. Development of Hybrid TV Apps

Advanced Web Application Development

Create Progressive Web Apps for your business that combine the best technical approaches used in both mobile and web applications. These apps are advantageous in terms of ease of development and distribution, as well as a number of other benefits. Talk to our experts to discuss:

  1. Develop Web Apps for Multiple Browsers
  2. Development of Responsive Web Apps
  3. Develop an offline web application


From startups to large corporations, we have accumulated extensive experience providing cutting-edge digital solutions for a diverse clientele across various industries.


Future-oriented businesses all over the world can get green building solutions and construction software development from Intellectsoft. Our team offers top-tier, industry-specific services that are designed to increase operational effectiveness and streamline business procedures.


To assist you in digitizing your green building business processes, achieving operational efficiency, and stimulating innovation, we create comprehensive software for construction companies.

  1. Planning corporate resources (ERP)
  2. Management of projects
  3. Management of InspectionsPortals for customers and partners
  4. Portals for partners and customers
  5. Building Integrations
  6. Monitoring & Analytics
  7. Onboarding a project and training

Software for Construction ERP

Utilize an extensive suite of Enterprise Resource Planning software to centrally manage the entire lifecycle of the construction project. Manage contractor management, asset management, financial management, inventory management, budget and resource planning, all in one integrated system.

Universal consistency in user experience across all software modules.

Infrastructure and data points that have been standardized and converged.

Project management with end-to-end analytics and reports, asset management and maintenance planning, payroll, and accounting are all core functions that have a single point of access.

Utilization of assets to the fullest extent possible across numerous sites and buildings, predictive maintenance.

status monitoring and quick compliance checks.

Significantly less paperwork and increased transparency across all functions and processes.

Thanks to an advanced project management system and construction planning software, operations are streamlined and made easier both on-site and off-site. Operations are streamlined and made simpler both on-site and off-site thanks to an advanced project management system and construction planning software. From beginning to end, oversee the planning, design, and construction process with an eye toward time, cost, and the caliber of the output.

  1. A project’s lifecycle is monitored at every stage.
  2. Budget planning, project cost estimation, and risk management.
  3. planning for all assets and activities.
  4. efficient teamwork that includes task assignment and progress monitoring.
  5. Information sharing and team collaboration tools.

Software for managing inspections

To quickly assess a construction site, conduct inspections that are easy to assign, track, and complete. While upholding data security standards, manage inspections with ease, reduce risks, and guarantee complete compliance.

  1. Decide who will conduct inspections and how often.
  2. Recognize, record, and communicate findings, add notes, and take pictures.
  3. Complete inspections and corrective actions.
  4. Use standardized, reversible checklists for a range of circumstances.
  5. Create reports and carry out sophisticated data analysis.

Software for Customer & Partner Portals

By offering a practical partner portal application for exchanging project updates, materials, support, and information required for a client, you can improve partner and customer relationships. Interact and communicate with customers in a secure, customized setting.

Updates and crucial project data are easily accessible.

Create a unified knowledge base to facilitate knowledge sharing and retention.

Control and observe project information exchange and gathering, including specifications and financial data.

The management of new clients, secure communications.

Simple and customizable cross-platform mobile solution with analytics.

Integrated Construction

To gain insights into operations, enhance forecasting, and streamline communications, integrate and interlink external data sources from third-party systems into the current workflow.

  1. Total data management
  2. Real-time data transfer
  3. Data access control
  4. an increase in data security

Building Analytics & Reporting

To enhance business outcomes and lower risks, gather, examine, and keep track of various data points. Utilize reports and advanced analytics to put data to use.

Real-time report generation that is standardized to aid in decision-making. A single point of connection and analysis for various data sources

  1. Improved forecasting with predictive end-to-end analytics
  2. Personalized workflows with customized reports and access control
  3. Data sharing and visualization for improved teamwork
  4. Orientation & Training for New Projects

Accelerate knowledge transfer on any project by streamlining the onboarding procedure and training activities with onboarding management tools. Programs should be standardized and streamlined for effective deployment and administration.

Create and deliver individualized onboarding and training programs.

  1. Proper project activity planning
  2. Make sure that employees can access resources quickly.
  3. Adapt training exercises to your needs
  4. Utilize analytics and reporting to keep track of progress.


Our clients are able to achieve higher levels of automation and efficiency, develop new products and services, modernize infrastructure, and deliver better results at a sustainable cost thanks to Intellectsoft’s insight-driven approach to healthcare 4.0. Access our expertise today!

A Contemporary View of Digital Health, COVID-19

Now is the time for healthcare leaders around the world to quickly assess and respond to quickly changing developments and the ensuing impact on their people, customers, and organizations amid current health and humanitarian emergencies.

To guarantee crucial business operations continuity, IT leaders should make quick decisions and take immediate action using the creative strategies and capabilities of managed IT services for healthcare.


To meet the challenges of technological change in both small-scale and large-scale operations, we assist customers in creating custom (healthcare or insurance) software solutions.

  1. Portable Health
  2. Telemedicine
  3. Things Medical on the Internet
  4. Intelligent Machines
  5. AR / VR
  6. Blockchain


With the aid of specialized software, expand your company’s opportunities and those of your clients. Use an engaging mobile app development agency to reinvent the shopping experience or a complete enterprise software suite to enhance business operations.


With a captivating branded application created using a low-code mobile platform, you can connect with your customers and increase foot traffic to your shop. Automate your mobile marketing, learn more about your users, and engage users with relevant push notifications by updating your app on-the-fly and using thorough analytics.

  1. Navigation and Geolocation
  2. Gamification
  3. Content Control
  4. Messages Sent via Push
  5. Social media


Use your customers’ mobile phones as a platform to combine the best aspects of your in-store and online shopping experiences. Utilize cutting-edge technological advancements to change the way your customers view shopping.

  1. Reality Augmented
  2. Geofenced Messages
  3. Navigating a store
  4. Specific Features
  5. Shop for recipes


The Intellectsoft team can assist you in creating a comprehensive software solution that meets the needs and requirements of your company thanks to their more than ten years of experience in software development. Your imagination is the only constraint when it comes to POS software, warehouse management systems, and logistics suites.

  1. POS
  2. clever design
  3. Analytics for Big Data
  4. IoT
  5. Software for training


Accelerate innovation using the power of Intellectsoft software development for banking and financial services. You can raise output, client satisfaction, and company performance with our solutions.

Banking online

With updated online banking systems, create new experiences. We combine a wide range of functionalities to produce cutting-edge solutions for your end users.

  1. Individualized Online Banking Platforms
  2. Mobile app development agency banking online
  3. Banking Security Online
  4. Online banking UI/UX
  5. System Integration for Online Banking

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Financial institutions can increase service security, lower transaction fees, and automate processes with the aid of blockchain platforms and solutions.

  1. Support for ICO Launch
  2. Operations with Bitcoin
  3. Insightful Contracts
  4. Manage Your Identity

Internet wallet

Wallet apps that are well-designed enable banks to meet the demands of contemporary customers for high security and specialized promotions.

  1. P2P Transfers of Money
  2. Transfer of funds digitally
  3. Online payments
  4. App-specific Money

A.I. and ML

Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, our financial software development company can assist in creating effective, automated, and extremely accurate systems.

  1. Systems for Prediction and Recommendation
  2. Processing of Natural Language
  3. Computing Vision
  4. Analytics and Data Mining

Markets and Securities

Intellectsoft creates software solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of your business, including mobile app development agency stock tracking, AI-assisted trading automation, and blockchain-based smart contracts.

  1. Trading in Securities
  2. Online Brokerage
  3. The blockchain ledger
  4. Automation and AI

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA makes it possible for financial organizations to increase productivity, reduce costs, and simplify compliance. Enhance intelligent automation solutions with our experts.

  1. Reconciling the accounts
  2. Automatic Mailing
  3. Periodic Account Reviews
  4. Reporting Regulation
  1. Mobile applications
  2. Banking on mobile
  3. Cellular Payment
  4. Solutions for Digital Finance
  5. Online Identity
  6. Personalized FinTech Solutions
  7. Credit Software
  8. Payment Application
  9. Organizational Data Visualization
  10. Hub Platform for Data
  1. Fintech-based health care solutions
  2. Costs and Patient Care are Simplified
  3. Monitoring and Control of the Patient Payment Ecosystem
  4. From beginning to end, track business transactions
  5. Enrollment in a Health Savings Account (HSA) is automated and paperless.
  6. Through Open Banking, Digital Healthcare Data Access
  7. Solutions for FinTech and Insurance
  8. Streamlining Insurance Procedures
  9. Managing Changing Regulatory, Operational, and Strategic Risks
  10. Automated Insurance Payments
  11. Algorithms for Credit Scoring in Insurance Pricing

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, our qualified experts offer full-cycle custom financial software development that is tailored to your business’s needs and financial constraints.

  1. Shared comprehension of the project’s goals
  2. Transforming functional requirements into business requirements
  3. The original plan for the project’s architecture
  4. A cost and risk-included project plan
  5. A transparent roadmap for product development


With our comprehensive technology solutions for the hospitality industry, you can satisfy the needs of your partners and clients. Leading brands rely on the engineering experience nd expertise of Intellectsoft to create everything from comprehensive custom systems to powerful mobile app development services.


Mobile hotel applications

By offering a superior mobile experience, you can exceed your guests’ expectations for service. Use cutting-edge software development for the hospitality industry to create loyalty and personalization engines, amenity services, and smart capabilities.

Solutions for Contactless Hospitality

Utilize the mobile and kiosk solutions from Intellectsoft to enable contactless hotel operations. Give your customers access to intuitive, touchless technology and amenities and services that are available round-the-clock.

Kiosk on Wheels

Mobile app development services kiosks let visitors start having fun on their vacation earlier. Customers can check in quickly and easily with the help of our custom travel software development, skipping the front desk line.

The Smart Room

Impress your customers with individualized IT hospitality solutions, such as offline and online operation, preventive maintenance, and digital control of the room environment and sensors with an in-room tablet.

The Intellectsoft team provides a science-led, scalable process for each hospitality solution aimed at providing the best possible response to the client’s technological requirements. So that we could develop the initial concept for the solution architecture, we implemented a technical design workshop.

  1. Advantages to You
  2. shared comprehension of the project’s goals
  3. a transparent roadmap for the development of the product
  4. Risk- and cost-informed project planning
  5. An initial idea for the project’s architecture
  6. a conversion of functional requirements from business requirements
  7. Services for developing custom insurance software

For the insurance sector, Intellectsoft is a leading global provider of software solutions. Using cutting-edge digital transformation technologies, we assist insurance companies around the world in improving their productivity, profitability, and security.

Improve current systems to satisfy growing customer demands for convenience and a good experience. With the aid of new data management infrastructure and machines, insurers can manage Big Data and improve claim handling processes thanks to digitization.

We offer full-cycle IT support, operational transformation, and high-impact insurance software solutions that assist insurance providers in providing individualized, effective care that is informed by available research.

  1. The project’s goals are understood by all parties
  2. Transformed from functional requirements for business
  3. The original plan for the project’s architecture
  4. a cost and risk-included project plan
  5. a transparent roadmap for the development of the product

To provide cutting-edge solutions, Intellectsoft constantly monitors new technological developments. Utilize every advantage for your solution, from the highest level of security with blockchain to trustworthy automation with AI/ML.

Automate any task, gain knowledge from Big Data, ensure that your employees make decisions that are safe from error, and more by using AI-based algorithms like machine learning and deep learning.

Utilize our ten years of experience developing mobile apps to produce fluid mobile experiences that your users will love and frequent frequently.


A group of mobile app development services that will delve deeply into your company’s ecosystem and your target market is what you need. You require a team of mobile app developers who will thoroughly research the ecosystem of your business and your target market. Who will investigate your clients’ needs and reconstruct their journeys through analysis. who will create a truly unique strategy and help your business utilize mobile technology to its fullest. After all, creating custom mobile apps is all about this.

You are in the right place if this is familiar to you. Our UX/UI designers and engineers have been providing application development services that are specifically tailored to the needs and objectives of our clients, including Oracle, Printique, and Takeda, for more than ten years. award-winning applications for millions of mobile users. And you can now use this experience to hasten the development of your mobile applications.


Utilize time-tested custom mobile app development company in Dubai to start or advance your project. Our specialists cover the entire process of developing a mobile app, including business analysis, UX/UI design, and development from conception to launch. They also integrate the new product into your infrastructure and offer additional optimization and scale-up as needed.

Using cutting-edge technologies and tried-and-true methods, we create mobile applications for various platforms. Our smartphone app development services include:


You get consistently successful results when you work with a seasoned mobile application developer. Using an agile process and a proactive approach, we ensure that your time and money are optimized at every stage of development and that you receive a digital product that completely satisfies your needs and even surpasses your expectations.


To get a success-oriented mobile app development company in Dubai strategy for your business, choose technology and innovation consulting and in-depth market understanding.


You can achieve your business objectives and fully satisfy the needs of your customers by utilizing our assistance to get user-focused digital tools and omnichannel experiences.


We use an iterative approach to create digital products that are future-proof, quickly handle shifting requirements, and deliver on time and within budget.


In addition to providing quality assurance and performance insights for future optimization, we integrate new products into your digital infrastructure.


Our mobile software development services are trusted by businesses, startups, design studios, and technology companies, who scale their online presence with us. Our company has developed mobile app development company in Dubai products for partners and clients over the years, and these products have increased sales and opened up new revenue streams for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Number9 stands among the Top-Notch mobile app development companies in Dubai. We offer various free services to our clients including free consultation. Because we care for our customers and we are here not just to complete tasks or make money. We are here to develop long-term relationships with our clients.

Basically, the charges of app development vary from app to app. If it is a simple web application we charge less and if it is a complex app it will cost you more. But our packages are affordable and economic so that every client can get benefit from our services. Unlike other Top-Notch firms who charge way more from their clients, Number9 delivers 100% results at low rates.

Number9 is not just a name. It is a brand. Our word is our bond. We deliver the best mobile applications at fair rates. We have proven our name from the previous many years. We create lovely projects and deliver memorable experiences. Many first-timers have taken our services and we made their first experience memorable.

Number9 offers a wide range of services in mobile app development. Our services include Android App Development, iOS App Development, development of progressive web applications, hybrid applications, cross-platform app development, and many more.

Yes, we offer all sorts of redesign mobile app services to our customers. Customers who want to give their apps a unique and fresh look can get our assistance. Our services include all types of iOS and Android app development in Dubai.

Your mobile app project is organized, conceptualized, designed, optimized, and maintained from beginning to end by services in the mobile app development company in Dubai sector. They have the tools necessary to take a straightforward concept and transform it into a useful product that might be your next big moneymaker.

With 15 years of experience, we have been able to create a process that guarantees high productivity and efficiency. To provide innovative solutions and top-notch mobile application development services, Intellectsoft continuously monitors the development of new technologies.

Services in the mobile app development industry handle all aspects of organizing, conceptualizing, designing, optimizing, and maintaining your mobile app project from start to finish. They possess the equipment required to take a simple idea and turn it into a useful product that might be your next big moneymaker. Technological advances are always in the forefront in Dubai, a center of commerce. So, in this article, we discuss a few advantages of employing mobile app development companies in Dubai.


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