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Mobile App Development For Real Estate Agency in Dubai


Mobile App Development For Real Estate Agency in Dubai

There are a few reasons to invest in mobile app development for Real Estate Agencies in Dubai. This type of application enables you to provide consumers with relevant information on the go, with just a touch of the finger. Not only will this increase the customer satisfaction levels, but you can also use it to improve your business’ brand identity. A well-developed mobile app can help you generate more sales and improve your customer retention rate.

Benefits of Mobile App Development For A Real Estate Agency

The use of mobile applications allows users to authenticate themselves through social media accounts, email, or even their smartphones. The application also contains all of the client’s personal information, allowing one-to-one communication with a real estate agent. Additionally, the real estate app helps dealers to identify prospective customers more efficiently. This means that the property dealers’ interface will be different from those of the customers, which will ensure that their data is secure and authentic.

Real Estate Mobile App Development Company

A well-designed mobile application will help your customers interact with real estate dealers. It will also allow them to negotiate prices directly with the owners. Ultimately, the app should offer users complete information about properties and neighborhoods. It should also have a map view, allowing users to locate properties based on their location. The maps can be accessed directly from the app or through an object description. This will make it easy for the user to locate the perfect home in the right neighborhood.

Moreover, the use of mobile apps can increase productivity. One such example is Makani, an exclusive app developed by DLD for real estate agents in Dubai. It provides property agents with customized tools that boost productivity. It is compatible with the Bayut property portal and allows them to access the property with the help of a Makani mobile app. It also features interactive lead management tools, such as SmartLeads, TruCheck, and Makani Number. It also provides access to the UAE’s official geographic addressing system, Makani.

Why Mobile App Development Is Crucial For A Real Estate Agency?

The real estate industry in Dubai is one of the most vital parts of the city’s financial infrastructure. This industry is poised to grow exponentially and is undervalued in the digital age. Without the use of digital platforms, real estate companies are missing out on opportunities to expand their target markets, streamline their sales process, and increase revenue. Hiring a mobile app development company can help your Real Estate Agency in Dubai take advantage of digital platforms and leverage the power of mobile devices to attract new customers.

The right developer is essential to the success of your app. Investing in a skilled mobile app developer is an excellent way to increase your business’s visibility and customer loyalty. Third Rock Techno has experienced real estate app developers who can create any type of mobile application for any platform. And the benefits don’t stop there! Your Real Estate Agency will be visible to millions of people in no time! So, get an app developed today and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Real Estate Mobile App Development Company

Real estate mobile apps help people make critical decisions while making the decision to purchase a new home. To develop a successful mobile app for your Real Estate Agency, you need a well-crafted plan and a team of app developers in Dubai. As technology evolves, you will have to focus on the right business strategy and value-added features. Mobile apps have the potential to revolutionize the real estate business and create unprecedented opportunities.

The benefits of using mobile apps for Real Estate agencies in Dubai are numerous. A custom application development company in Dubai can help you make an impact on your audience and increase sales. For example, Branex has recently developed a mobile app for an email marketing service. The app allows the client to send messages to thousands of recipients by their area code. The project was completed on time and with positive customer feedback. The project was completed to the client’s expectations and the client was very happy with the outcome. Another benefit of using mobile apps for real estate is that they can streamline the entire process.


Choosing the right firm for building your real estate mobile app is a quite tricky part. But you should have to choose the right firm for your business that will not only build high-end mobile apps but will also assist you in every step of your success. Number9 has earned its name as a real estate mobile app development company and has been in this business for over a decade. So if you want to groom your real estate business digitally then join hands with Number9.