Mobile app development frameworks comparison

Mobile app development frameworks comparison - Number9

Mobile app development frameworks comparison - Number9


Keeping the worldwide need for mobile apps in mind, it has become the necessity of a business to offer mobile app development services. A framework might is an enigmatic term used to describe any technology virtually. Having a fine-working framework is crucial in this era for software development purposes. As there are a lot of app development frameworks in the market, it becomes difficult for a business to find the best app development framework. So, Number9 will help you in this situation. What better way than having a mobile app development frameworks comparison? Let us break down the most important characteristics, features, and functionalities of some of the best app development frameworks in this blog, so one can find the best one.


What is Application Development Framework?

An application development framework is a tool that helps in application development by providing templates and structure. Number9 software developers use a software framework for the implementation of the standard structure of application software. Developer tools can literally be any technology; app-building utilities, patterns, plugins. Design, architecture, and code libraries, etc. If we tie them up together, these tools force specific ways to develop applications. As you have got the answer to the question; What is Application Development Framework? It is time for Number9 to help you find out the best app development framework for your business. We provide cross-platform, hybrid, and web application development services.


What are the types of App development frameworks?

A business owner shouldn’t waste his time examining a framework while custom developing a mobile app. However, a little knowledge about that would be fine. 


Cross platform app development framework

How easy it would be if you could build native or native-like apps for multiple platforms such as Windows, Web, iOS, and Android with a single codebase. A cross platform app development framework does that for you. With the help of a cross-platform app development framework, one can reach a much bigger target audience on various platforms at less cost and time. Number9 offers cross-platform app development services. We let you share a codebase between different platforms with these tools. To be honest, it would still require some repairing with native components to perform and look completely natively for complex applications. 


Web app development framework

A web development framework is a set of tools used by software developers for the construction and management of web applications. There are lots of web development frameworks for the creation of web applications. Number9 offers web application development services that include the best frameworks. Out of hundreds of web development frameworks, we use the best ones for our clients. Different frameworks are used for the front-end and back-end development of a web application. 


Native mobile app development framework

Native mobile application development is only native to a single platform. It can be iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. These frameworks are designed for a single platform. Number 9 offers native app development services to its customers. You can use programming languages and tools that are available for a single platform only.


Which framework is best for mobile app development?

Finding the best framework for mobile app development can be a hefty task as there are a lot of frameworks to choose from. Our team of experienced web developers are experts in mobile app development services and can help you choose the best framework for your application. Depending upon the best features and functionalities, we have taken out 5 of the best mobile app development frameworks for you to choose from. 


Top 5 Mobile App Development Framework: Mobile app development frameworks comparison


  • React Native Mobile App Development Framework

React Native - Number9

For the mobile app development javascript framework, Facebook created a declarative programming model called React Native. It is an open-source framework that combines the best parts of native development with React, the best JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. Companies that are developing mobile apps on the current native stacks might have to compromise in some way. Either on developing the same product various times with different engineers on different stacks or on focusing on a single platform. Currently, React Native is preferred by a lot of companies as a solution because one can easily write all of the code in Javascript and share it on Android and iOS. It doesn’t even need to pay for two separate teams of developers who have to maintain two different code bases. 


  • Why use React Native?

React Native is considered one of the best mobile app development frameworks. What are the reasons for that? Let Number9 show you why you should choose React Native for mobile app development.


  • Reusable code

Whenever developers are using React Native, they don’t have to create separate codes for different platforms as JavaScript can be used for both Android and iOS platforms. This increases the efficiency for fast development results and costs less. 


  • Completely Native feeling

The React Native components map completely with native development ones. Developers can draw interfaces quickly, increase the speed of the app, and produce a sophisticated native feel. 


  • Third-party plugin support

As React Native is still upgrading, some of its components might be missing. It allows two types of third-party plugins for that purpose; JavaScript-based and native modules.


  • Massive community

Having the biggest community among all cross-platforms, React Native offers great help and support for the developers. 


  • Why is React Native so Popular?

The number of libraries and mobile app development javascript framework is growing fast. New frameworks offer better performance, features, and fewer issues every year and it can not be stopped. That is why React Native upgrades regularly to stay at the top of all mobile app development frameworks and this is the reason for its popularity.


  • Flutter Mobile App Development Framework

Mobile app development frameworks comparison Flutter - Number9

Created by Google, Flutter is a completely free and open-source mobile UI framework. You can develop native mobile applications using a single code base on flutter. It is divided into two main parts; Flutter SDK ( A collection of helping tools for development like a development server and live-updating on either an actual device or an emulator), and Flutter’s Framework ( A series of widgets to build your UI or further customize your requirements. 


  • Why use Flutter?

  • Simple framework

It is easier to use Flutter rather than learning all the languages to develop Android and iOS apps. At the end of your development, you would have a product that you can launch on both platforms with one codebase. 


  • SDK tools

Flutter offers various tools like a built-in hot reload feature that lets you see the changes in your app quickly without recompiling it. 


  • Xamarin Mobile App Development Framework

Xamarin - Number9

Xamarin is an open-source framework created by Microsoft for the development of native and good-performance Android and iOS apps. Its main purpose is to enhance business to offer native performance and unique user experiences to end-users. 


  • Why use Xamarin?

  • One code for all platforms

As Xamarin uses C# with the .Net framework for the creation of apps for any mobile platform, one can increase the speed of the engineering cycle by sharing an average of 80 to 90 percent of the code across platforms.


  • Great performance

Unlike other solutions based on web technologies, Xamarin can be said as native. Its performance is regularly improved to completely match the standards of native development.


  • Native user-expereince

Create a perfect experience with Xamarin using platform-specific UI elements. You can also build cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, and Windows with Xamarin. Its .Form tool converts app UI components into platform-specific elements at runtime. 


  • Ionic Mobile App Development Framework

Mobile app development frameworks comparison Ionic - Number9

Ionic is an open-source framework that allows developers to build iOS and Android apps for flawless mobile performances. Developers can build a strong and well-featured native application with the help of this framework. Developers can use various UI elements like forms, navigation menus, filters, views, and actions sheets in the application design which are the most significant features of Ionic. It is a complete platform that allows developers to create PWAs ( Progressive Web Apps ), cross-platform, and hybrid mobile applications.


  • Why use Ionic?

  • Different technologies support

You can create mobile apps by using any front-end framework you want. 


  • Great for beginners

This framework allows you to create your mobile app only by the knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. 


  • Apache Cordova Mobile App Development Framework

Apache Cordova - Number9

Apache Cordova is one of the best develop-friendly app development frameworks.  This cross-platform app development framework gets hold of CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5 for the creation of mobile applications. Its plugins enable developers to access the hardware capabilities of devices like Camera. GPS, and accelerometer for the delivery of a native-like app experience. 


  • Why use Apache Cordova 

  • Powerful tool

Apache Cordova is a great tool if you are a JavaScript developer as one can become a general developer of software and application by executing web technologies for various environments. 


  • Native Plugins

It is not just an HTML application that runs in a browser, it lets you write native plugins that work with all supported platforms. 


  • Hybrid applications

Apache Cordova makes the field of hybrid applications super easy and functional. 



All 5 of the above-mentioned app development frameworks offer amazing features and functionalities, but if you had to choose one, which one would you choose? Which framework is best for mobile app development? Which framework wins the mobile app development frameworks comparison? It is hard to tell. And to be honest, choosing a web development framework on the basis of which one is better than the other would be wrong. The key to finding the best framework for application development is to choose a framework that is perfect for your app. So, instead of choosing a framework on the basis of mobile app development frameworks comparison, one should choose the right framework for their business. Number9 offers all these mobile application development frameworks services. We have the potential to understand which app will live up to the expectations of the customer. Choose Number 9 for the best mobile app development services.


Important Questions


Which are the top 5 mobile app development framework?

The top 5 mobile app development frameworks are;


  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Xamarin
  • Ionic
  • Apache Cordova


Which company offers the best desktop application development framework?

Being well-experienced and expert in desktop application development, Number9 offers the best desktop application development framework to its clients. Our services are considered the best in Dubai. 


Which framework is the best in the mobile app development framework comparison?

Picking one out of all mobile app development frameworks can be a hefty task. Every framework is good in its own way. So, the best framework for you would be the one that completely fits your app development requirements.