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Pixels That Comfort – Professional Real Estate Photography

Pixels That Comfort - Professional Real Estate Photography

Aesthetics Of Professional Real Estate Photography

Real estate has been on a constant rise for the past 25 years in UAE, and the rising trends of Real estate services attract a lot of professionals who have a camera in their hand. The high-rise culture and the interior of mammoth towers and buildings in the city are a delight to a cameraman’s eye.

Pixels That Comfort - Professional Real Estate Photography

Professional Real Estate Photography is another art form that is practiced very commonly nowadays. Capturing views from a terrace on the 50th floor, or Interior real estate photography, you name it! Every of the house or the flat is captured and saved in the camera. At Number9, you’ll get some techniques for enhancing your skills in real estate photography.

Types, and Benefits of Professional Real Estate Photography

In this digital day and age, the perks of Real Estate Photography cannot be left unseen. Professional Real Estate Photography helps the property buyers a real-life simulating experience of the property they’re buying, or looking to rent out. It takes an artist’s precision and a thorough thought procedure to click a profound picture that creates an effective imagination in the mind of the viewer.

At Number9, we’ll let you through some types of real estate photography methods that are in the trends. Remember, not every type of Real estate photography will suit you, you’ll have to pick the one that is best suited according to your area, property, and other home conditions.

Interior Real Estate Photography

Interior Real Estate Photography gives a clear vision of a property. The photographer is advised to notice the main features of the house or office. It may include the design, the furniture set-up, The color combinations, and the openings. The views from the terrace or the rooftop are also something the photographer can take a look at.

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography will enable the viewer to get a glance at the structure and the building of any house or office. It can also be used by Real Estate Photographers to highlight the main features, tiling, marbles, flooring, and others, with different angles, and frames that cover the whole property, and perspectives are driven. Through Architectural Photography, Real Estate Photographers can easily get to learn the pros and cons of the structure you’re planning to move in, which adds as a plus.

Virtual Tours

We’re living in a world where virtual reality is the next big boy to take things by storm, Commercial Real Estate Photography is already experimenting with this new venture, By organizing 3D virtual tours for potential clients through 3D rendering and 3D Animation. It is effective in many ways as it saves a lot time of for the customers, and almost virtually finalizes deals and contracts. At Number9 Instagram, you’ll get a look into some of them.

Exterior Photography

Exteriors of any real estate add value. So, whenever you decide to pick up a camera and start clicking real estate photos, make sure you’re adding the exteriors of the property with specification as a plus point. It helps in presenting a broader view of the property a business, or a family is planning to move in. It can also, depending on the area and its surroundings provide a chance for the photographer to make a portfolio in other exterior photography domains.

Commercial Real Estate Photography

Commercial real estate photography is another genre within the domain of real estate photography. It is mainly utilized to present a specific property as pleasing as it can get through the lens. Depending on a photographer’s skill, it potentially attracts buyers, or renters to a property that may or may not be as gratifying as it looks on the pixel.

Techniques To Go For Professional Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is, much like every other thing changing every passing day. New techs, new software, modern types of equipment, and various angles and frames of shooting are instated now and then. Every trick, and tip you get here isn’t necessarily meant for you, but it can help you see a greater vision and help you reach somewhere with Professional Real Estate Photography. There are numerous ways, and tricks to get better at it.

Practicing: Practice makes a man perfect, as they say. The little detailings, the mastering of types of equipment, modern angles, frames, and more importantly the confidence to grab a camera and click pictures is only achievable by practice. So pick up the lens start wandering around, and click as many photos as you can to be perfect in the art.

Studying Experts: Studying any art form can enrich your skills. If you want to master Real Estate Photography, You are advised to study cases, be at professional real estate photography sites and locations, get into the academics, or opt to read about someone who has been at your place before. This way, you’ll have more insight about the field, and get better at your work.

Learn about New Equipment: Evolving technologies and pieces of equipment are rapidly taking over the photographic industry. To remain relevant as a professional real estate photographer, Learn about the latest equipment, and software for post-processing, that will increase your armory, and attract a lot of marketers to get your service for Real Estate Photography.

Collabs: Collaborative working is an essential part of any industry. Try to get in touch with other Real Estate photography agencies for collaborations, that are useful in your skill enhancing and experience gaining. Collaborations will also help you build a network of Real-estate Marketers, which can increase the chances of you getting further work from them.

Portfolio: Gather all the work you’ve done in the past, and craft an engaging portfolio that attracts clients and service seekers all across. Show your skills, versatility, and your professionalism to create an impact on the viewer’s eye.


In conclusion, real estate photography is the art you need to master. By looking into these tricks, and techniques, you can work through becoming a better real estate photographer. Professional real estate photography requires precision, and great precision can be achieved by following the guidelines mentioned above. For more, follow Number9.