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What Can You Do to Save Your SEO From Destruction By Social Media?

What Can You Do to Save Your SEO From Destruction By Social Media?

A poor social media strategy can derail your SEO efforts. While Google still dominates 80% of search traffic across all devices, it’s not the only search engine out there. YouTube is the second largest search engine and social, driving 157% more organic traffic. That’s why you need a social media strategy of Number9 that puts your content in front of your customers. But how do you get started?

What Can You Do to Save Your SEO From Destruction By Social Media?

Link farms

You may have heard that link farms can save your SEO services from social media attacks, but did you know that link farms can also damage your website’s ranking? If you don’t monitor your link profile and report any suspicious sites to Google, you’re at risk of being hit by negative SEO attacks. You can avoid the damage by monitoring your link profile growth and reporting any suspicious sites to Google. However, you must know that if your link profile is full of spam links, this can be detrimental to your website’s SEO.

Aside from low-quality content, you need to create quality content that you can get from Number9, the best content marketing agency that is relevant to the keywords searched. If you aren’t willing to spend hours creating quality content, consider purchasing links from link farms. Link farms are sites that provide inbound links to other websites. Although these links don’t directly affect your SEO, they can hurt your rankings. The good news is that a few poor-quality links will not ruin your ranking.

You can find reputable link farms by using tools that detect spammy backlinks. These tools will help you act quickly and efficiently. Even worse, you’ll save your SEO from the destruction of social media because malicious people won’t have time to develop a negative campaign against your site. You will also be able to monitor your competitors’ backlinks and see what their best backlinks are.

The downside of using link farms is that they’re usually not of good quality. In addition, they use keywords in their anchor texts. Using link farms can also hurt your search engine ranking if you’re hosting your website on a poor server. This is because people tend to bounce away from websites that are slow and unresponsive. They don’t like to wait for an answer to their question and may end up clicking the link farm.

Clickbait headlines

As a basic strategy of Number9, clickbait headlines are a great way to catch the attention of your audience for your content. But be careful about how you go about this; you need to strike the right chords with your headline, and provide high value to your readers so that they forgive you for baiting them. If you are not careful, you will lose all your hard-earned traffic. If you want your content to be popular and increase sales, keep these tips in mind:

A clickbait headline may bring you quick traffic, but it won’t help you reach your long-term objectives. This kind of content is essentially a clickbait headline that provides just enough information to pique curiosity without delivering any valuable content. Not only does clickbait increase bounce rates, but it also hurts your reputation in the community. Clickbait headlines also have little to no value, and they will hurt your SEO on social media.

The good news is that the clickbait marketing method is largely context-based. It’s beneficial in certain circumstances, like in competitive markets such as e-commerce space on a payday sale or a time-sensitive campaign. While this method doesn’t boost your SEO through social media, it can increase your traffic and generate online advertising revenue. However, it can also hurt your brand’s reputation by spreading malicious files.

While clickbait is a great way to drive traffic, it can also damage your SEO via social media. While it may boost social media traffic, it will not help your website’s SEO and can hurt your brand reputation. Don’t waste your resources on clickbait headlines if you don’t have to. However, you should be careful and consider all of the benefits and drawbacks of this technique to improve your SEO.

Poor hosting

The speed at which your site loads is a big part of your SEO. With some hosts, it takes much longer for data to be loaded than it should. This can be bad for a lot of SEO metrics, including bounce rate and average session duration. A cheap web host also doesn’t regularly upgrade its hardware, which could mean slower performance and even a failure of the website. Worse, if you lose your data, you might have to pay to recover it, and there’s no way to back it up.

Your web host is also vital to your SEO rankings. A poor host will cause your site to experience more downtime, and this will lower your ranking on search engines. A well-accessible website will rank highly for relevant searches. And since downtime can occur quite often, it’s vital to keep an eye on it to ensure it stays available. Otherwise, your website may even disappear from the Digital World.

Page load speed is also important. If your website is slow to load, visitors will leave it without visiting. Similarly, a slow page will have a high bounce rate, causing you to lose potential customers. As a result, it’s crucial to check your page’s speed regularly. Try using a tool like Pingdom to check your page’s speed.


Duplicate content

Copyright violations are one of the major factors affecting your website’s ranking and SEO. Duplicate content, or copied content, is content that is similar but not identical to the original. This content is either copied verbatim or uses synonyms from another source. It may also have the same format or talk about the same things. If you’re not sure, you can contact Number9 for the source of the copy and try to remove it.

Duplicate content is an unfortunate reality of the web and can affect the performance of any website. While Google does not penalize sites for duplicate content, it will reduce their search visibility. It will also dilute the links to both pieces of content. If your site is accused of copying content, you can request that it be removed under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. But remember that this method does not eliminate the problem.

Another problem with duplicate content is the dilution of backlinks. Since users might not be able to differentiate which version is the “main” one, the main version may receive backlinks that it would not get otherwise. So, the more content you post on social media, the more it devalues your brand’s authority. That means that you’ll lose business. Regardless of your marketing strategy, make sure to avoid duplicate content.

There are a few different ways to fix the problem. While small amounts of duplicate content aren’t a big deal, technical problems affecting hundreds of pages are a major concern. As long as your content is unique and optimized for search engines, you should consider clearing up duplicate content as part of maintaining a high-quality site. You’ll also want to avoid keyword cannibalization.

Partnering with a digital agency

When you’re looking to work with a digital agency, choose Number9 because it has expertise in certain areas, like SEO or social media marketing. These agencies can be an outsourced team or a group of freelancers who work as a team. Digital agencies tend to have more in-depth knowledge of certain industries or roles than freelancers, so you’ll get better results from working with a specialist. They also offer services to many clients, so make sure to choose one that specializes in your specific field.

Number9 can work on your specific needs, like SEO and content marketing. They have extensive experience with similar businesses and can develop effective paid strategies to attract traffic. The digital team members at Number9 can help you produce epic content and improve the user experience. Number9 can also adapt marketing strategies based on the changing environment. It is important to understand that working with Number9 is a good choice for your business, as they have access to a whole network of resources.