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Shopify Store Development Services: Which company is best?

Shopify Store Development Services - Number9
Shopify Store Development Services - Number9

Having an online store along with a physical store can be very beneficial in this era. People’s way of shopping is evolving and entrepreneurs are finding different ways to benefit from it. Migrating from a physical platform to an online platform can be a hefty task. Hiring a Shopify store setup service can help you enhance your web identity. Number9 Shopify Store Development Services can help you improve your online business.

What is Shopify?

Shopify - Number9

Want to use an eCommerce platform that helps you build your online store both online and offline? Use Shopify. Shopify is popular among shop owners. One can sell online with their own website as well as in person with Shopify POS. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an eCommerce expert, Shopify has all the solutions to your needs. 

Shopify offers a 14-day free trial for its customers so they can test it out. You can even build your online store, test out free Shopify applications, and even make your first sale within that time. With Shopify, you do not have to worry about upgrading or maintaining web servers or software as it is a completely cloud-based and hosted platform. Anyone can run and access their business anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. 

What are the types of Shopify?

Shopify Plus

The enterprise eCommerce platform of Shopify is Shopify Plus. It is used for larger businesses or businesses that are looking to scale. With its advanced features, high-priority customer support, ability to handle high order volumes and more, Shopify Plus is best for larger businesses. 

Shopify lite

The affordable plan of Shopify is Shopify lite which lets you sell products on an existing website. One can sell with Buy Button without Shopify’s hosting if their website is not hosted on Shopify. It lets you sell both online and offline. 

Shopify POS

Shopify POS (Point of Sale) is a type of Shopify that lets you sell products offline. It even lets you sell products at a physical store. By using the POS app, one can accept payments with their mobile phones as well. 

What are Shopify Store Development Services?

Shopify Store Development Services - Number9

Having to run your online business by yourself is a time-consuming task, and if one takes the responsibility of building their online store by themselves, then they can’t completely focus on their business. Hiring a Shopify development agency can help one save that time. Number9 offers all Shopify store development services to its clients. Our Shopify services are the best in Dubai.

What are the most common Shopify store development services?

Shopify product upload services

Being widely used by eCommerce store owners all around the world, Shopify is an easy-hosted solution. This means that one does not have to worry about purchasing and keeping up with the domains, hostings, etc. The major challenge faced by online sellers is to manage their Shopify product upload services. Populating your products on the Shopify store can take a lot of time.

Instead of focusing on the important aspects of your business, you have to focus on your product data. To save your precious time, Number9 offers experienced and professional Shopify product upload services. 

Our tirelessly working Shopify product data entry services make sure that you do not have to spend your precious time uploading and taking care of your product inventory on your online store. A wide range of industries uses our Shopify product data entry services. 

Shopify migration services

Building a Shopify store is not that complicated. What makes Shopify complicated is migrating from one platform to another. Whether it is from WordPress, Magento, or any other platform, our Shopify migration services make sure your migration is perfect and seamless.

With an error-free and seamless migration, one can have their online store up and running without any effect of the migration. The migration process can become complicated if handled by inexperienced developers. At Number9, we have a passionate, experienced, and dedicated team of Shopify store setup experts who can guarantee a seamless migration. 

The expert designers and developers of the Number9 Shopify development agency have helped a lot of businesses move their e-commerce websites and operations to Shopify. 

Shopify maintenance services

Unlike most companies that only offer development services, Number9 offers 24/7 Shopify maintenance services. We believe in a long-term relationship with our customers, that is why we do everything to help their website if it faces any issues. Even after the delivery of the Shopify website, our Shopify store setup experts provide 100% maintenance and support services.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Without the consent of our customers, we do not even move a muscle and offer our maintenance and support services until our customer is 100% satisfied. Our maintenance and support services include daily downtime monitoring and malware scanning. We back up your whole online store. If there is an issue with the website, we fix it. 

Shopify management services

Need help while managing your online store, choose Number9 Shopify store setup service. Our expert team knows that having help in managing your store can be beneficial. With the dedicated team of Number9 Shopify web services, you can easily manage your online business. We do updates, upgrade features, keep your store secure and offer timely maintenance for our customer’s online stores. Number9 Shopify website builder platform has vast experience across all types of Shopify management services. 

What is the Shopify Store Development services process?

Shopify Store Development Services - Number9

Developing your custom Shopify store can be a hefty task for an entrepreneur or business that wants to sell its product online. Even a great business idea is worth nothing if one does not know how to create an online store. This rule does not just apply while using Shopify for online services, but also for other platforms. To help you develop your website, the Number 9 Shopify website builder team is always ready. 

Shopify Store Development Services: Outline objectives

Our Shopify store development services start by outlining the objectives and focus for your online store setup. After that, we create clear objectives for the development of a smooth Shopify store. We help our clients get clear objectives for their goals with our consultation services. 

Shopify Store Development Services: Setup call

After the completion of the first objective, we communicate with our clients to discuss the type of their business. By getting to know their business type, we discover various ideas for the development of their website. We show different designs to our clients and use the one that the customer approves.

Start store 

Our Shopify web services provider team will ask for further details of your online store for better use of Shopify for online services. After getting to know the requirements of our clients, we start the store development process. 

Design Concept

In this phase, our expert and experienced team of web designers creates different designs for your store that perfectly align with your business as well. With our alluring and multi-functional designs, your store can gain a good audience in no time at all. 


Number9 Shopify development agency does not just develop a Shopify store and deliver it to the client. Before delivering it to the client, we make certain changes to make sure the online store does not have any issues. We think that is best to make sure that all the objectives are completed successfully. 


After getting approval from our client, we add some final touches and deliver the online store to our clients. 


The internet is loaded with Shopify development services ready to help you build your Shopify store. But you can not just trust a random Shopify store development service for your online store. Your online store is the main aspect of your business and if there is any fault with that, then that might cause the loss of your business.

Also, you should choose a Shopify development service that would perfectly suit your business. Where would you find that type of service? At Number9, we help people build their web identity. With our professional experts in Shopify development and trustworthy customers, we have become the top-notch Shopify online store development company in Dubai. We have all that your online store wants. Choose Number 9 to witness the most beautiful online store development experience of your life.