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Shopify vs Magento: Which Platform Is Best For Web Designing?

Shopify vs Magento - Number9

This is the era of online business. The eCommerce platform is changing rapidly. People who don’t move forward with the platform often get left behind. Having an online store Shopify vs Magento along with your physical store can be very useful for your business. People like doing online shopping rather than going for it physically.

Shopify vs Magento - Number9

To make it easy for people, businesses have started their online stores to take advantage. Your website is the mirror that reflects your business. People love to view a website that is unique, smooth, and fast. It means that you need a good website to attract the audience to your online store.  Choosing the right platform for designing your website can be a hefty task. The online market is loaded with eCommerce website builder platforms. shopify vs Magento are great website builder platforms. Choosing one of them is not easy. That is why we will break down their features so you can know who wins the Shopify vs Magento battle.


Want a platform on which you can start, grow, and manage your business? Use Shopify. It is a completely cloud-based and web-hosted platform. One of its main advantages is that you do not have to worry about maintaining your web servers or upgrading your website.

You can build your online store on Shopify without even having an internet connection. The first 14 days on Shopify are completely free but after that, you have to choose a price plan for your business. There are 3 different Shopify price plans and you can choose any one of them according to your business. Web development on Shopify is so easy that even beginners can create their own website on it. It doesn’t just facilitate beginners but expert Shopify developers as well. 

Shopify - Number9

What are Shopify development services?

Creating your online store is challenging. But with Shopify, it becomes so easy. Even a beginner can make his website on Shopify. Having an amazing website is crucial if you want your business to grow. Number9 is a website development agency that offers all custom Shopify design services.

Shopify development services - Number9

Outline Requirements

The initial step of a web development process is to know the requirements of your website. The web development agency’s job is to give life to that idea. First, our development agency and customer discuss terms where we get to know about the customer’s requirements and give shape to them. 

Development Process

After getting the website requirements, our Shopify designers and developers perform their assigned tasks. Our Shopify web designer agency adds features, functionalities, and themes that suit the business perfectly.


While the developers perform the development process, our well-experienced Shopify designers choose a design for your website. They make sure that the design fits the business as well as attracts the viewers. Number9’s Shopify web designer team provides the best Shopify design services in Dubai.


When the development process is complete, we add some final touches and deliver them to our clients. After the launch, we provide 24/7 maintenance and support services in case of any issues.


Magento is a website builder platform that offers a flexible shopping cart system to online merchants. It does not just let you create, but get control over the look, functionality, and features of your online store.  Magento was released back in 2008. It is used by the biggest brands like Samsung and Nike. The content management system Magento is a built-in PHP and open-source platform. Create amazing websites on Magento without having any experience in coding. Only basic knowledge of technology and English is enough to build a website on Magento. 

Magento - Number9

How to design a Magento website?

Magento web development is an easy task as it is an open-source platform. Yet, if you are a beginner, then you should hire a Magento website design agency. Number9 is a web development agency that has an expert team of developers who are ready to offer their Magento design services. We start our development process after finalizing the Magento UX design, UI design, and other elements for your eCommerce store. This whole process includes:

Magento website design - Number9
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Speed optimization
  • Custom templates
  • Hosting configuration
  • SEO Optimized Coding
  • Custom Functionality Integration
  • Cross-browser optimization

Magento Design

Number 9’s tirelessly working team of Magento UX designers offers Magento design services to its customers. Our experienced and expert developers know which design is better for your business. Still, we first show it to our customers and only use it if they approve it. We make sure your website looks unique, fresh, and appealing.

Magento website integration

Integrating your present software with the new software is the next step of developing a Magento website. You can add new features and functions to your website using third-party plugins and integrations. The Number9 agency is best to handle this step. We choose the best third-party plugins that make your website multi-functional as well as user-friendly. Our experts have vast experience in integrating Content Management Systems with Magento services.

Publish and management

The final stages of the Magento website design services include testing and QA. When we complete the website, we test it to check if it is working alright. A single bug can create big issues and affect the growth of your website. When the testing is complete, we deliver the website to our customers for approval. After the approval, the website is published. Even after the delivery, our Magento website design services provide 24/7 maintenance and support services to our customers. 

Magento vs Shopify

Magento vs Shopify - Number9

Both Magento and Shopify are well-known eCommerce platforms. But is Magento better than Shopify? Or does Shopify beat Magento in the race of eCommerce platforms? It is not easy to choose one platform as both have great features and are used all around the world. But what if you had to choose one of them? Which eCommerce platform would you choose, Shopify vs Magento? It is not easy to choose one of them. That is why we have done a detailed comparison of both platforms so you can choose one of them.

Ease of use

Most beginners try to run their online stores all by themselves. They would never prefer a platform that is hard to use. Ease of use is an essential factor for web development. Shopify offers an easier interface than Magento. It lets you customize your store by moving elements around the page just how you want. Magento requires more knowledge than Shopify as you have to interpret Jargon and use code to build your online store. In this case, Shopify is better than Magento.

Marketing tools

Powerful marketing tools help businesses grow fast. Shopify includes the ability to run email campaigns through third-party integrations with Klaviyo, Constant Contact, Seguno, and others. It also lets you advertise on different social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Shopify’s ability to support multilingual sites can help you sell your product in different languages. On the other hand, Magento depends upon its marketplace for the bulk of its marketing tools. It requires third-party extensions for marketing tools. Most people would rely on a web development platform that offers built-in marketing tools, so in this case, Shopify is better than Magento.


Shopify is a hosted platform while Magento is a self-hosted platform. This is the main difference between these two. A hosted platform takes care of all hosting worries as all hosting costs are included within your monthly price plan. On the other hand, Magento is free to install but it requires web hosting, security, domain, and extensions fees. Shopify offers three monthly plans while Magento’s cost depends upon various factors. Magento requires web hosting fees. 


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps in increasing the amount of traffic from search engines to your website. This lets your business grow and reach more people on the internet. Magento offers plenty of SEO guides and prompts to help you get started. It excels in SEO. On the other hand, Shopify relies mostly on its apps for SEO. For the majority of your SEO tricks, you would have to search the app. Magento is better than Shopify in this comparison. It contains lots of built-in SEO features like SEO prompts and the ability to customize URLs. On Shopify, you have to search and install apps for SEO. 

Help and support

Fixing your online store’s issues quickly is crucial for making sales and gaining new customers. Your eCommerce platforms must have the solutions to some problems. Fortunately, Shopify vs Magento certainly offer great help and support. Magento is a user-friendly platform that guides you through the online store-building process. Their developers offer step-by-step help and support to their customers. Magento aims at professional web developers and that is the reason for its win in this comparison. Shopify also offers great help and support services but can not match the level of Magento.  

Shopify vs Magento: Infographic

Infographic: Shopify vs Magento


Comparing both platforms still can not give us the answer of which one is better.

People Ask; Is Magento better than Shopify?

Or which platform is better than the other? Both platforms have their pros and cons. It does not matter if one is better than the other, what matters is whether it fits your business or not. Choosing the right platform is essential, so choose one that sits perfectly with your business. Do not use the Shopify vs Magento comparison to choose one. Whichever one you choose, Number9 specializes in both. Whether it is Shopify or Magento, we offer complete web development services for them. We have experienced and expert web developers assigned to this job.