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Ticking The Boxes Of Videography Basics

Ticking The Boxes Of Videography Basics

Guide of Motions, Covering Videography Basics

Whether you’re scrolling through social media or skipping channels on your TV, You cannot escape videography at all. It is the artistic way of expressing, capturing, and showing through a moving lens. In today’s day and age, It is the most essential part of our lives, knowingly or unknowingly. From Vlogs, and movies to serials, and News every is centered around videography. In this blog, Number9 will help you explore some videography basics, and how it can be perfected.

Ticking The Boxes Of Videography Basics

History and Importance

As they say, to do something you must know it. So, to know videography basics, a dive into the history of videography is a must. Videography began as early as the 19th century, and Throughout the years, the importance of videography has increased immensely. In fact, in the brief history of videography, it was never as important as it stands today. Its sole purpose is to capture moving pixels through the lens, be it for personal expression, for any business, for filmmaking, or for the News broadcast in such a way that explains the motion greatly.

Now that you’re aware of some of the history of videography and its importance, let us take a look at videography basics.

Equip Yourself

Equipment is one of the essential videography basics, It’s obvious. To make videos, you’ve to equip yourself first. A good camera can be the most important thing in your armory if you have a good story to tell or a good visual to capture. Take Abstract Photography and Videography’s examples for that. The camera can work as the soul for a videographer, doesn’t matter if they’re seasoned videographers or looking to learn videography. Keep a check on tripods too, as they’ll come in handy as videography equipment for you as well.

Setting Up

Now that you’ve equipped yourself, setting up a camera, and knowing a thing or two about it can be one of the best ways to learn videography, an example is wildlife videography and commercial photography. Keep a check on the frames and angles that are involved in videography, learn about the specific resolutions, and get to know shutter speed and ISO C. This way, you’ll cover most of the videography basics regarding its equipment and setting up.

Shooting Tips

Throughout the history of videography, shooting techniques, and tips have changed immensely. Moreover, it also depends upon the different kinds of videography you’re looking to do. But there are some basics, such as hand stability and swift body and camera movements, which can be essential and prove to be the best way to learn videography for you. Getting the focus accurate, and the composition in motion are other tricks that are essential to master the art of videography. To know more, follow Number9 on Instagram.

Mics & Audio

Audio is an integral part of making a video’s success. As someone who is looking to learn videography, producing a clear audio for a video is as important as making the video itself. The built-in mics on the camera and an external mic can be utilized to ensure good videography results in the end. Using different recording techniques can also be helpful to make it sound more vibrant and clear.

Editing and Post-Processing

After you’ve completed the videography process, from planning to completion of the project, sit down in front of a screen and start editing. It is perhaps the most crucial principle of videography. Editing will help you notice the lags and subtlety of the footage, point the best camera angles among multiple angles, and use necessary after-effects to ensure that the final viewing material is free from any sort of mistakes and errors.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

There are numerous troubleshooting errors and issues that come along if you’re shooting a video or film. While these errors might look and feel small, they are capable of ruining an effort you’ve been making for days. Here’s what you can do to combat them.

Grainy Footage

Ensure that your footage is not grainy by checking and adjusting the ISO settings according to appropriate exposure. Utilize natural and artificial lights to avoid such footage and try to use a lower aperture setting, which clarifies the image better.

Blurry Shots

A single second of a blurry shot can disturb the whole quality of a video. To ensure it does not happen to you, just set your camera on a stable, flat surface which results in little or no movement, check on the shutter speed of your camera according to the form of videography, and the focus settings as well to avoid blurry shots. You can also utilize tripods and camera stands to make it more stable.

Audio Issues

Getting the right video is one thing, getting the audio right is another, and to ensure there are no issues with your audio, keep an eye on the microphone connections, whether they are connected properly or not. Another important thing that may come into play is external sounds, so be sure you’re testing audio levels regularly to eliminate external voices and sounds from your video.

Quotes and Sayings about Videography

Videography is widely recognized and widely followed as an art form in the modern era. Many enthusiasts and followers of this art have said and quoted words of wisdom and brilliance for it. Here are a few videography quotes and sayings.

“Every video has a story to tell; it’s the art of the videographer to bring that story to life.”

“Videography is the poetry of motion, where each frame contributes to the eloquence of the narrative.”

“Behind every great video is a dedicated videographer, blending artistry and technical prowess.”

To Conclude

Videography is very vast and it can go beyond the imagination of people. What is videography and photography can never be known to the fullest. This blog covered a brief part of videography’s history, its importance, and how you can get better at it. This was just a humble effort to invoke the enthusiasm inside you so that you can explore more about the videography services description. For more blogs related to photography and videography, follow Number9 on Instagram.