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3 Tips To Start Building A Mobile Application

3 Tips To Start Building A Mobile Application

Before you begin coding, here are three tips from Number9, the best mobile app development agency that will help you get started: Identify a problem you want to solve and translate that into an app design. The solution you develop should be clear and consist of elements and interactions that provide value to your users. Whether your app is for business use or personal one, make sure you know exactly what your users will get from it. After all, your audience is going to be using it should make them happy.

3 Tips To Start Building A Mobile Application


The development of a mobile application is a complex process, and the pre-planning stage is critical for success. Without adequate help from Number9 and pre-planning, your mobile app may be incomplete or lack a clear concept, which could lead to time delays, extra costs, and even failure. A pre-planning process helps developers handle potential issues and overcome unexpected turns in the development process. In addition, it helps determine early insights and an effective competitor strategy.

The process of planning a mobile application begins with understanding your target market and ideal user. The next step is to validate your idea by determining what problems users might face, and what solution you could provide. After this, you need to learn more about user behavior and platforms they use. Lastly, you need to research your market’s purchasing and usage habits, so you know which features will be the most valuable for users. Ideally, your app will provide a solution to an existing problem or address a new one.

As Number9 start planning the development process, keep in mind that the application may evolve over time. There is no such thing as a perfect first time. Therefore, you should plan for evolution and keep your budget flexible. The more you plan, the less your project will cost overall. The same applies to the user interface of the app. Developing your application with a recurring budget is a better choice than a one-time investment.

When planning your mobile application, you must ensure that you have a solid business plan. A solid business plan is the foundation of your project. A wireframe – a prototype of your mobile app – is an important component of a successful development process. Wireframes can be created online or printed on paper. Depending on the complexity of your project, a prototype may include an initial framework sketch and UX wireframes.

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While developing a mobile application, you should conduct research to know your target market. The research is not to copy what your competitors are doing. It is to understand how your app users interact with them, and which aspects of your application are unique and important. Knowing what you can expect from your target users can give you an advantage, as you can avoid making the same mistakes and exploit market gaps. Here are three reasons why market research is important:

First, research the requirements and processes of your client. If you’re building an app for research purposes, you should work with the institution’s security office to find out what platforms are allowed. Some institutions don’t allow mobile apps for certain operating systems, and some might require third-party testing for sensitive information like ePHI. You should also ask about any limitations and requirements for your study. It’s better to know what to expect ahead of time than to discover them at a later date.

A journal study is a good way to collect initial data. Observational studies are also helpful to gauge response to new design changes. Another way to gather data is to conduct a laboratory study. While observational studies are useful for establishing early data points, they may not accurately represent your target audience or actual user base. Either way, it’s important to conduct a research study to ensure that your mobile app meets the needs of your users.

Moreover, you should ensure that the custom mobile application development company you’re working with has good user research material like Number9. Ideally, it reflects your target audience’s perspective. Demography and environmental factors also affect preferences, so you should focus on the latter. Developing an app according to user research will help you define your vision and determine how to build it. A well-designed mobile app will benefit your customers and will help you retain them for a long time.


There are several benefits to creating mobile app mockups. For starters, they save time and money compared to releasing the finished product to users. Secondly, they help you understand the flow of your application and attract investors. While you can create a mockup on your own or outsource the task, it is important to consider the following things before you begin building your app. This article will help you create a successful mockup for your mobile application.

First, create a wireframe. This is a rough draft of the app’s structure, functionality, and content. It should be a visual representation of the design, with each element placed in its proper position. Use this wireframe to test the user experience and make any necessary adjustments. After creating the wireframe, you should build an app mockup. A mockup is like a screenshot of your app, but with a few final design elements in place.

Mockups must look as if the finished product. Make sure all graphical elements are high-quality. Make sure navigational elements are easy to understand and make strong calls to action. Make sure buttons, menu icons, and navigational elements all have a distinct look and feel. The design mockup is essential to determining the overall look of the mobile app. It is important to create multiple versions of the app before deciding on the final version.

After the design is complete, you can then begin building the actual app. While creating a mobile app mockup is a complex process, it can help you understand how your app will appear to your users. Fortunately, there are a number of tools to help you create an accurate prototype. Some of these tools even come with free trials. If you need more help, try Adobe XD. This program allows you to create realistic mockups of your app with ease.


If you’re developing a mobile application, it’s essential that you test it thoroughly. Mobile apps must operate correctly and support the outcomes desired by the users. Considering that mobile devices often feature many configurations, it’s imperative that you understand each one’s unique features and architecture. Fortunately, smartphone technology has made it easier to fix glitches and perform the proper testing. Here are some tips for mobile app testing.

Use a cloud-based real-device testing tool like Selendroid. It supports JavaScript and the Selenium 3 framework without requiring any code modifications on your apps. With Selendroid, you can run parallel tests across emulators and real devices. It also features a built-in inspector to simplify test case development. By using a mobile testing tool like Selendroid, you can focus on your development efforts instead of worrying about how your application will run on various devices.

In addition to performance testing, security testing is another important component. Security testing is crucial for ensuring that your application operates securely in a range of situations, including intermittent phases of connectivity. You must ensure that your application will perform as expected in extreme conditions and can withstand attacks from hackers and viruses. In addition, you should also ensure that your application is robust against brute-force attacks involving the guessing of credit card numbers or user credentials.

If you are creating a mobile app for a mobile platform, you need to make sure that it works well across different environments. For example, it must not drain the battery too quickly or cause a user’s battery to run out. If this happens, the user may be tempted to uninstall the app. To ensure optimal performance, you should also test it under heavy load and stress. By conducting extensive testing, you’ll be able to make sure that your app will function properly in all circumstances.


If you are developing a mobile app, pricing can make or break your success. There are many ways to generate revenue from your app, and the best way to choose a price is to know your app’s target market and its value. For example, if the app offers an exclusive feature or boosts customer satisfaction, you can price it accordingly. But don’t forget to factor in the cost of development and maintain your app to keep it fresh.

The cost of developing a mobile application will vary depending on its complexity and size. For a simple application with three or four screens, basic functions, and little or no data storage, the price will be lower. However, if you want a complex app with multiple screens, many features, and high-end functionality, the price will be higher. In addition, you may want to consider the overall complexity of your project before choosing a specific price for the development.

The most important consideration is how to best split the profits. There are several ways to do this, and the most effective way is to determine the price range at which the most users will pay. This means you must know what the average price point is for the application you are creating. In addition, you should be able to predict how much your app will cost in the long run based on the recurring revenue models. A price range is a great way to determine the price of your app and determine the level at which it will sell.

Another important consideration is the perceived value of your app. Similar to other products, apps are subject to supply and demand. You can determine a reasonable price by conducting market research. Make sure to include the features and services that your customers need most. Remember that a mobile application will be free to download, but a paid version may come with additional functionality. A well-crafted pricing strategy can help you achieve your goals quickly and earn your profit.