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What is a Digital Marketing Campaign


What is a Digital Marketing Campaign

What is a Digital Marketing Campaign

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In this article we will tell you about Digital Marketing, channels of digital marketing, Digital Marketing Campaign, and some tips and tricks to enhance your Digital Marketing Campaigns. We will also be discussing a little about; some of the lead generation Digital Marketing Companies and also about; How you can hire one of these companies for your Digital Marketing Campaigns. Because if your Business or Brand is new then you are in dire need to market your products and spread the name of your Brand. Digital Marketing helps to build and organize a new business or brand.

But before we get into all this. You should also be having a little knowledge about; What is Digital Marketing. Channels of Digital Marketing, importance and advantages of Digital Marketing.

Because if you do not have any knowledge about these things. Learning about Digital Marketing campaigns and how you can enhance your Digital Marketing Campaigns will be entirely pointless. But if you have learned about Digital Marketing first and also you have a little knowledge of its channels and if you know the importance of Digital Marketing then it will be really easy for you to understand about Digital Marketing Campaigns and their procedure. By reading this article you will also get to know about some tips and tricks so that you can enhance your Digital Marketing Campaigns for your business or your brand.

So without further due let’s get into it.


What is a Digital Marketing Campaign

Source: Google

Digital Marketing also known as Online Marketing, is the process of using mobile devices, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram), Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu) and Email Marketing to do Online advertisement of your Company and to promote your products. So that you can reach out to your desired customers and increase the sales of your products and also enhance your market value. This Online Marketing uses online marketing campaigns to spread the word of your business in the world’s market.

At one point Online marketing was just a new and different way to market your business products. It opened up a new form of media on which to peddle goods and services. But with the passage of time, the importance of Online marketing has become something else. As the Internet began to intertwine with everything that we do, so the importance of Internet Marketing also reached its peak. You may also have heard a lot about Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing OR Online Marketing.


In this new era, it is quite impossible for us to build a brand and promote it without Digital Marketing. 

Digital Marketing Companies or Digital Marketing agencies play an important role in creating, developing and maintaining a business through Digital Marketing Campaigns. Their Digital Marketing Campaigns provides strong roots on which the business of a person grows and the opportunities grow with it.

Digital Marketing Campaigns puts a word of your brand to the desired customers with ease and attracts them to buy your products which in result increases your sales and gives you quite a lot profit. Once you gain trust of your customers with good products, on time delivery and good customer service. Your customers become permanent and your brand grows. In this way you can get quite a lot of profit with just a small amount of investment and a little hard work.

What is a Digital Marketing Campaign

Google defines the term Digital Marketing Campaign as; A digital marketing campaign involves the execution of a marketing strategy across all the digital channels where consumers engage with a brand, usually for the purpose of improving a company’s conversion rate.

Basically a Digital Marketing Campaign helps to increase the publicity of a brand. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever seen ads while watching videos or playing games on social media sites like Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter or on search engines like Yahoo, YouTube. So while you are watching a video suddenly a countdown starts and after five seconds of time an add automatically pops up on the screen. But what are these ads and why do they appear on your screen?

What is a Digital Marketing Campaign

These ads are combined to make a Digital Marketing campaign. These ads perform a highly effective task and this task is to attract and allure the desired customers to buy the company’s products. Business owners and brand owners place ads on social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram Search Engines and other local websites knowing that most of the public use these platforms on a daily basis and the business owners can easily marketer their products to the desired customers. For this purpose both the Business and brand owners pay these social media platforms to place their ads and to market their products.

A study states that In a big city like New York an average person sees 800 ads daily. These ads are of different businesses to market their products and increase their market value. So from this statement we can get a pretty good idea of the regularity of Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Campaigns in this generation.

So I hope you got a pretty good idea about what is a Digital Marketing Campaign now let’s talk a little about Why do we need a Digital Marketing Campaign and how you can create a successful Digital Marketing Campaign.

Why we need Digital Marketing Campaign

What is a Digital Marketing Campaign

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You may not know this but 80 percent of UAE public use smart phones and are also using Social media apps on daily routine some for time pass and some for promotion of their Businesses and Brands. So if you put one ad of your business on a social media site Do you know how many individuals will see your ad and will reach out to you to buy your products and this is just a minor part of Digital Marketing Campaigns. So now think what else can you achieve by Digital Marketing Campaign strategy.

Each company has a specific goal in mind. Most companies try to get more and more customers. That’s why they use Digital Marketing campaign strategies for this purpose.

Following are the some reasons which states that why do we need Digital Marketing Campaign


Digital Marketing Campaigns are affordable and are less costly. You can choose a Digital Marketing Campaign strategy according to your expenses. If you have a large amount to invest in Marketing you can do that but if your expenses don’t allow you to do that you can also create a small Digital Marketing campaign to only attract the specific amount of customers and users. Unlike other marketing campaigns which are highly costly, Digital Marketing Campaigns are entirely opposite.

Easy Access:

In Digital Marketing Campaigns most of your customers are using mobiles and Social Media sites. So it is easy for you to reach out to them. And also it is very easy for them to reach out to you and buy your products. So Digital Marketing campaigns make it really easy for both sellers and customers to sell and purchase.


What is a Digital Marketing Campaign

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By using Digital Marketing Strategies it becomes really easy for both the seller and buyer to interact without any issues. If a buyer wants to ask something from the brand owner or wants to ask about their products. He/she can easily ask from their customer support or can directly engage with the seller by using social media. So it becomes really easy for both the parties to interact with each other.

Digital Marketing Campaign and Covid-19

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Right now our world is going through an enormous amount of crisis. In the present state of the world, the importance of Digital Marketing has exceeded its peak. Covid-19 has taught many lessons to the world. The existence of digital platforms can never be neglected during this crucial time. Going online is not the purpose; providing ease to mankind and being available for them can only be possible through Online Services.

So in these crucial times many businesses cannot market their products physically and they also cannot apply simple marketing campaigns. So the importance of Digital Marketing Campaigns have increased further. Digital Marketing Campaigns allows the Business owners and the brand owners to market their products without any problem even in these crucial times.

Digital marketing campaign strategies ensure the online stability of your business. When we usually search for anything on the internet, we always go for the top three searches. But why do we do that? This is because we know these are the best among all. But have you ever given a thought about; How and Why are these three searches on the top? And Who assigned them these three precious positions?

Google itself determines these positions, but it is Digital marketing campaigns which helped them rank through Google.

Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns

We have talked alot about Digital Marketing Campaign but we don’t have any idea about the types of Digital Marketing Campaigns. So now let’s discuss the types of Digital Marketing Campaigns.

SEO Campaigns

What is a Digital Marketing Campaign

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Search engine optimization campaign is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from Search Engines(Google, Bing, Yahoo). The main purpose of SEO Marketing campaign is to rank higher on Search Engines, which in result increases the Web Traffic and also increases the product sales.

SEO Campaigns Procedure

First you should know the Keywords that customers are using to search online. You can get these keywords by searching on free or paid Keyword Research Tools. After fetching the keywords use them in your content So that when a customer searches using that Keyword, your Content ranks higher and appears on the screen. Also use Hyperlinks in your content so that the user can easily get access to your other relative content. This type of marketing campaign is called SEO Marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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Nowadays just about everyone is using social media but Social Media Marketers approaches the media with a Social Media Marketing campaign. Social Media Advertising is far beyond just about creating social posts or responding to comments. 

Social Media Marketing Campaigns Procedure

The Social Media Marketing Campaigns includes posting consistently about your products or information related to your products and if you can’t post or didn’t have time to do so you can also use Online Tools to automatically schedule Social Media posts. You can also post ads of your products on Social Media and target specific customers. You can use Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram Ads Manager or YouTube Ads Manager for this purpose.

Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

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Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which an organization rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. It is one of the oldest forms of Marketing and the Internet has brought a new life to it.

Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Procedure

In Affiliate Marketing Campaigns you can hire influencers and the Influencers promote your products and take commission every time a product is sold. Many well-known companies have Affiliate Programs like Amazon Affiliate Program, ebay Partner Network, Clickbank and Shopify Affiliate Program. These companies pay millions of dollars to the websites which sell their products.

Perks of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Why is Digital Marketing campaigns important? Digital Marketing Campaigns helps you to grow your business. So in this section of the article we will discuss the reasons why the Digital Marketing Campaigns are important for the successful future of a business.

You can reach to desired customers

While developing a business or a brand you should know what kind of customers you should attract because not every product is for every customer. That’s why you should have a little know-how about your desired customers. For Example if your company is producing electronic goods then you need to attract buyers who can buy in bulk and who have shops or selling points for those electric goods. Thus you will attract only those clients so that your business grows distinctly. 

Without these Digital Marketing campaigns you cannot attract all these clients and thus the profit will not be as impressive as it should be.

You can compete with larger Firms

Now-a-days competition is everywhere. Every big and smaller firm is competing to be the best and to get on the top. But if your business is small and you do not apply Digital Marketing Campaign strategies, you have no chance against businesses like Amazon, ebay, Target etc. 

You only have a chance if the public knows your business and you have a good customer rate and also you have won the customers trust with good products and timely response. Because only then people will buy from you and not from other big brands and so you have a chance of competing against bigger brands.

You can monitor your campaigns

The other benefit of Digital Marketing Campaigns is you can keep full track of your campaign. You can see how many customers have newly joined. How many people have watched your ads. How many people have looked into your website or have created accounts on your website. And How many products have been sold.

In other words you can have a complete report of what is going on with your business through Digital Marketing Campaign monitoring tools.

You can get impressive return on investment

In simple marketing campaigns the investment is greater the outcome is not quite impressive also you have to work day and night to spread the name of your brand in the public. But in Digital marketing Campaign it is an entirely different situation. You can start a campaign with a small piece of investment and target the most desirable clients. With this you will only be reaching those clients who are willing to buy your products at a fair price. In this way you can get a good profit with only a small amount of investment.

Companies With Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

Now if you are looking for a company which can provide you with the best Digital Marketing Campaigns. Then you can check our list given below so that you can easily choose the company which provides you with the best Digital Marketing Campaigns. 


Digital Nexa is one of the best Digital Marketing companies in Dubai. It has great work experience and also this company has worked on many niches providing their clients with best services, required to grow any business.


7G Media can also be listed as one of the notable digital marketing companies in Dubai. Like Digital Nexa, it also provides a plethora of services to its clients such as Content Creation and Web Design & Development.

3. EDS 

EDS is a digital marketing company based in Dubai that provides different services such as Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Creation. It provides the best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the world.


Claimed to be the ‘brand accelerator’, Hugo offers a range of digital marketing services to its customers to help improve their online presence and enable them to reach their target markets.


Though countless different digital companies are operating in digital market. You can find several other options as alternatives to one company. If anyone wants to have services related to digital marketing, there would be numerous solutions to your problem. The question about how to choose the best company/agency among them principally depends on you. Yes! Before searching out the market, you need to figure out what budget you have and what services you can acquire to reach your goal.

This will be quite a lot easy after that to decide which company meets your requirements. In UAE, nearly the whole tech market is stuffed with matchless service providers. The future of this market will no longer be a competitive one, though every company has the areas of improvement, the steadfast progress in technology and gaining adeptness in it, indicates a promising digital future. 

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