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What Is Product Photography | Product Photography Meaning

What Is Product Photography  Product Photography Meaning

What is Product Photography?

Product photography as a whole is the process of photographing items to present them in a manner that is not only truthful but also attractive in ads, catalogs, and online stores. It is indeed this form of photography that makes the difference when it comes to consumer choices, and the ones that sell and those that are passed on are due to this. 

What Is Product Photography  Product Photography Meaning

Images of products not only help buyers see what is product photography or its design but also to feel emotions and understand the brand story. That is why product images are a key part of online marketing strategies.

Types and Applications

What is product photography can be broadly categorized into several types, each serving different marketing needs:

  • E-commerce Photography: Focuses on clear, detailed images against a neutral background, emphasizing the product’s features and specifications.
  • Lifestyle Product Photography: Places products in a contextual or aspirational setting, showing them in use or in scenarios that reflect the brand’s identity.
  • Creative Product Photography: Involves artistic shots that may incorporate unique backgrounds, dramatic lighting, or unusual angles to create a strong visual impact.

The Role of Product Photography

When it comes to the digital age, where the first point of contact for a customer with a product is often through a screen, what is product photography cannot be simplified as just representation; it goes beyond that by persuading the customer. In the long run, good images reach consumers and expand their consumer trust, promote a good brand perception, and drastically improve conversion rates. Number9 utilizes this power in a new way, writing the visual stories of your products, providing both technical savvy with creative vision to capture the images that are not only vivid but also making the products sell.

What is Post Production In Photography

Post-production is an inbuilt tool for taking good images to reach the level of greatness during product photography production. This is where editing of the images comes in to further achieve the maximum quality. Many of the techniques used for photo retouching (for example, color correction, background removal, and fine details retouching) make the pictures look better to the ballpoint pen’s high standards.

Number9’s Post-Production Excellence

It is at Number9, post-production that the magic of the video wedding happens. Our experienced editors utilize the newest technology and approach to process all your products’ photos, making sure that they are sanded pitch black. Regardless of assisting with the lighting adjustment, blocking out the interferences, or enhancing the colors, our post-production process is extremely careful and accurate, which helps you showcase the real differentiation of your products.

Product Photography Basics

For those new to the field, understanding the product photography basics is essential. The foundation of great product images lies in mastering a few key elements:

  • Composition: The arrangement of elements in the photo, including the product and any props or backgrounds, should be visually appealing and balanced.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting is crucial for highlighting the product’s best features and minimizing unwanted shadows or reflections.
  • Background: A clean, uncluttered background focuses attention on the product, though creative backgrounds can also be used effectively in lifestyle shots.

Getting Started with Equipment

Starting in product photography doesn’t require a vast arsenal of equipment. A basic setup can include:

  • A good quality camera (DSLR or mirrorless)
  • A tripod to ensure stability and consistency
  • Natural or artificial lighting sources
  • A white backdrop for clear, distraction-free photos

Number9 provides comprehensive guidance and services, offering businesses in the UAE access to top-tier product photography expertise, from shooting to final edits, ensuring your products are showcased in the best possible light.

Product Photography Tips

Achieving success in product photography requires more than just a basic understanding of the process; it involves a blend of creativity, technical skill, and attention to detail. Here are some invaluable product photography tips that can elevate the quality of your product images, whether you’re shooting for an e-commerce platform, creating content for social media, or building a brand catalog.

1. Plan Your Shoot

  • Understand Your Product: Analyze its features, benefits, and the story you want to tell.
  • Know Your Audience: Tailor your images to appeal to your target market’s preferences and needs.

2. Focus on Lighting

  • Natural light works wonders for most product shots, offering a soft, even look.
  • For more control, use artificial lighting setups, such as softboxes or LED panels, to highlight the product’s best features.

3. Invest in a Good Tripod

  • Stability is key to sharp, clear images. A tripod also allows for consistent framing, which is crucial for cohesive product lines.

4. Use the Right Lens

  • A lens with a focal length between 50mm and 100mm minimizes distortion and flatters most products.

5. Experiment with Composition

  • Follow the rule of thirds for a balanced composition or break it creatively to add interest to your shots.

6. Pay Attention to Backgrounds

  • Keep backgrounds simple to avoid detracting from the product. Consider using a lightbox for small to medium items.

7. Master Post-Production

  • Even the best shots can be improved with thoughtful editing. Learn basic editing techniques to enhance colors, adjust brightness, and clean up backgrounds.

Number9’s Approach to Product Photography

At Number9, we not only adhere to these tips but also customize our approach based on the product and the brand’s unique identity. Our team of experts brings out the best in each product, combining technical precision with creative flair to produce images that capture attention and drive sales.

Product Photography Tools

Having the right tools can significantly impact the quality and efficiency of your product photography. While the camera is the centerpiece, several other product photography tools play vital roles in the process.

Cameras and Lenses

  • A DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual settings offers the most flexibility.
  • Prime lenses, known for their sharpness and fixed focal length, are excellent for product photography.

Lighting Equipment

  • Softboxes and LED panels provide consistent, adjustable lighting.
  • Reflectors and diffusers help soften shadows and distribute light evenly.

Tripods and Mounting Systems

  • A sturdy tripod ensures sharp images and consistent framing.
  • Mounting systems, like boom arms, offer flexibility for overhead shots.


  • A variety of backdrops (paper, fabric, or vinyl) can set the mood or tone for the product images.

Editing Software

  • Programs like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are indispensable for post-production, offering tools for retouching and color correction.

Leveraging Number9’s Toolkit

Number9 employs a comprehensive array of photography tools, ensuring that every aspect of your product is captured flawlessly. Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, from advanced cameras and lenses to professional lighting setups, enabling us to tackle any product photography challenge with confidence.

Product Photography Lighting Tips

Lighting can make or break a product photograph. Here are some lighting tips to help you capture the true essence of your products:

  • Use Soft Light for Even Shadows: Softboxes or diffused sunlight reduce harsh shadows and highlight details.
  • Experiment with Light Direction: Side lighting emphasizes texture, while backlighting can create a silhouette effect.
  • Control Reflections: Position lights or use polarizing filters to minimize unwanted reflections on shiny surfaces.

Number9’s Mastery of Lighting

At Number9, we understand the subtleties of lighting in product photography. Our experts meticulously craft lighting setups tailored to each product, enhancing its features and appeal. By manipulating light and shadow, we create depth and dimension, bringing products to life.


Product photography is an art form that requires understanding, skill, and the right tools. From mastering the basics to implementing advanced techniques and tips, every step is crucial in creating images that tell a story and sell a product. Number9 stands at the forefront of product photography services in the UAE, offering unparalleled expertise and resources to businesses looking to enhance their online presence. With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, we ensure that your products are not just seen but remembered. Visit our Instagram and other social media platforms for more details.