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Is Wix Dropshipping 📦 A Great Idea? – Complete Guide 2024


With the rise in popularity of Wix eCommerce, Wix Dropshipping demand also went up. As the online market is moving forward with pace, people are trying various ways to start their businesses online. Wix had made it easy to sell online. Everyone hopes to sell more and more products to earn more, but only a few people are familiar with selling products and finding the best dropshipping products. Wix users wanted a way to use WixStores to run their dropshipping business. There was no way to import dropshipping products before, but in October, and Modalyst released a dropshipping app for WixStores.


Wix made a massive impact on the eCommerce platform. Most people probably know it because of its astonishing ad campaigns that include some of the most popular movie stars. Its pyrotechnics and a million-dollar budget really made people use it. Now, it is one of the best website builder platforms. The best thing about it is that it is so easy and requires no knowledge of coding or FTP. You can create an astounding website with its drag-and-drop interface.

Why Wix Dropshipping In 2024?

Dropshipping is a cost-effective and easier way of running an online store. It is a power tool that is used to run your online store. It costs the least for warehouses, the creation of products, and fulfillment. It takes a lot of your expenditures and worries from you as you can have a supplier who takes care of that. You do not have to create products for selling as the Dropshipping companies do that for you. The only thing you have to do is to list your products and wait for a purchase. Your supplier gets informed when a customer buys one of your products. Your supplier does all the work for you.

What Is Dropshipping

Your Dropshipping suppliers create, pick, and pack your items before shipping them off to your customer. The supplier makes a huge impact on your products and the shipping time. Having a dropshipping supplier can reduce the costs associated with your items and shipping. The only thing you have to focus on is your online store, marketing products, and shipping them off to your audience.

Can you dropship with Wix?

Can Wix be used for dropshipping?

– A Question Asked by Many People.

Well, Wix dropshipping was not available in the past few years but now, you can dropship products with Wix. Our Number9 team members can help you in Wix Dropshipping.

You need to integrate your Wix online store with Modalyst. The dropshipping process is:

  • Sign up and create your account on Wix
  • Pick out a professional template from a list of more than 80 online store templates including powerful business tools.
  • Customize your site design according to your choice. It is recommended to use a design that fits your business’ brand. Add pictures, text, and videos for a unique look.
  • Add the Modalyst app to your Wix site to connect with the Modalyst marketplace. Set up your pricing and shipping rules
  • Select the products that you want for your business. Add them by gender, category, and pricing. Customize your product pages
  • Start your selling business on Wix online store. Accept the orders and online payments on your online store. Your product will reach its customers in the management of your dropshipping supplier
  • Manage your orders in Wix.

What are the pros and cons of the Wix dropshipping store?

Wix isn’t just a website builder, it can also be used to build and run online eCommerce stores. If you are choosing Wix for dropshipping, then you should be aware of the fact that you can also use the Wix dropshipping store. People who are new to this platform often ask; Is Wix Good for Dropshipping? This is why we are going to point out the pros and cons of Wix dropshipping.


  • Wix is one of the easiest-to-use eCommerce platforms. It can also be easy if you connect one of the dropshipping apps from Wix’s app store to your online store.
  • Wix is really cost-effective. The cheapest price plan for Wix is $23. Wix also offers big discounts to its customers so they can pay for this platform. It is not very rare to get a 50% discount on Wix. With discounts, Wix is the cheapest platform.
  • Wix has amazing dropshipping apps in its app store. It has lesser dropshipping apps available as compared to other platforms, but at least the Modalyst, Printful, and Spocket dropshipping apps that you find on it are pretty amazing.


  • Wix might be one of the best eCommerce platforms, but it is not as flexible as other eCommerce platforms. The cost for being an easy-to-use platform is it is less flexible than others. It can be very complicated if your online store is in a language other than English, as Wix is automatic translations in some spots and they might not work correctly.
  • Wix doesn’t allow its users to access a lot of dropshipping platforms like other eCommerce platforms. The Wix store is missing a lot of the best dropshipping apps.
  • Wix does not provide proper guidance for using Wix for dropshipping. There are countless guides on other eCommerce platforms while Wix does not have much content to guide its users for dropshipping. This can be a big issue for people who are new to Wix dropshipping as they can’t find ways to maximize the potential of their dropshipping business.

Why should you Dropship with Wix?

Let’s know this…

No inventory required

Wix does not require inventory upfront as you can post images of the inventory to your Wix online store. Until you sell the product, your inventory remains in the hands of the supplier. It is directly shipped to the customers when you sell it. Carefully vetting the product is very crucial before listing it to your online virtual store on Wix.

Easily manageable

Wix is easy to manage as you do not have to manage your products or sales by yourself. Apps like Modalyst do that for you. Just like that, you do not have to monitor price fluctuations on your website as the software updates if the supplier changes the price.

No shipping management required

It is not your job to pick, pack, and ship your products to the customers. This job is for the supplier. Your only job is to start your online store and sell products.

Small investment capital needed

eCommerce platforms cost a lot of investment but Wix is not like them. You can start dropshipping with less than $30 as an investment. There is no need to buy an inventory upfront as the only payment required is for a website provider. You can also dropship with Amazon or eBay to start your business for free.

No real estate costs

Wix dropshipping does not require any warehouse to keep your inventory. It is completely managed by the drop shipper. It is so easy that you can even sell products while sitting in your home. Most entrepreneurs open their shops in the living room or kitchen of their house.

A lot of products to choose from

The Modalyst platform offers more than a million products and thousands of suppliers. You can find any product of your choice and start your business.

Global market opportunity

eCommerce is moving forward rapidly and cross-border transactions have become easy. You can make the world your target audience with your business. You only need to find suppliers from specific regions or ones that deliver worldwide.

Easy to begin with

Starting your online business on Wix does not require an advanced degree or knowledge. You only need to learn the right direction. There is no need to build an eCommerce website from scratch. Anyone can develop their website on Wix.

Willing suppliers

A lot of suppliers look for various ways to expand their sales channels. They know how profitable it can be to work with online stores that drop-ship their products. So, you can easily find a supplier for your online store.

How does Wix dropshipping work?

eCommerce platforms like Wix provide easy integration with an array of dropshipping suppliers and print-on-demand companies, like Printful, Modalyst, and Printify. To dropship on Wix, connect your app to your online store and choose your supplier. The next steps are;

  • Select Your Products: Get the help of dropshipping marketplaces to get the best product for your business. Narrow your options by using keyword search and filters. Choosing the right product is crucial to attracting an audience to your business.
  • Import Products: Import your products to your online store, develop a dropshipping strategy and place your prices. You have command over all of your listings and profit margins.
  • Receive Customer Orders: Import your selected drop-ship products to your online store inventory and make your products available to your customers. Let the customers find, check, and pay on your site.
  • Forward Customer’s Orders to Your Supplier: Present all the customer orders and shipping details to your supplier.
  • Ship Your Orders Through the Supplier: Your dropship suppliers ship customer’s orders directly to your customer’s addresses. You can update your customers by using the tracking number you get.


There are both pros and cons of using Wix for dropshipping. People always ask; can Wix be used for dropshipping? Can you dropship with Wix? Well, the answer to this question depends on you. It is an easy way to build your dropshipping store but if you are serious about dropship on Wix, then it is not a good option.

You should first learn about the pros and cons of the dropshipping business model and put your best marketing efforts forward. Get Number9’s help and support to choose the best dropshipping supplier for your Wix website.