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Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

There are many great WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliate marketing. This list of top 5 features covers the basics of these programs. All of them work automatically to generate affiliate links, update prices, and display new discounts. Some of them have even been designed to be highly customizable, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of design styles. If you don’t see one you like, don’t worry; there are several others available. Read the article of Number9, the best digital marketing agency to choose the best WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliate marketing.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Amazon Affiliate Marketing


AAWP is a great WordPress plugin that allows you to display your Amazon affiliate products. It also supports the Guttenberg block feature and shortcodes. You can add your descriptions and reviews of each product. This plugin also supports multiple Amazon partner networks and products, as well as geotargeting. This feature can help you generate more referrals, as global visitors will visit your store. The plugin is well-reviewed in the WordPress plugin directory, and it comes with good customer support.

AAWP automatically updates product information and images. It also supports GEO targeting and handles international visitors. It also supports SSL/HTTPS and Google AMP, which allows you to earn even more commissions from Amazon Prime customers. This plugin also comes with great documentation and support. AAWP is one of the best WordPress Amazon Affiliate plugins. So, why should you buy it? There are many advantages!

AAWP is an excellent option for blogs, affiliate websites, and niche sites. It is easy to install and allows for the quick creation of product boxes and tables. It also integrates with the product advertising API and automatically updates products when they change on Amazon sites. AAWP supports dozens of Amazon countries and has shortcodes for each. This plugin is perfect for bloggers and other content creators who are interested in Amazon affiliate marketing. However, you can take complete advantage from AAWP unless you fully master it. That is why it is better to take help from an Amazon SEO services provider like Number9 to get the best results.

2. AzonPress

AzonPress is an excellent Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress, especially when used by an expert like Number9. However, It is easy to use and was designed with beginners in mind. With its many customizable features, AzonPress can handle a wide variety of product listings, and it allows you to add as many as you’d like. You can also customize product grids, single products, and product elements. Its premium customer support team is available to answer any questions you may have. It costs $39 for a single site license and comes with a 1-year update period.

It is also possible to customize the geotargeting of affiliate links. You can select whether to redirect traffic to an Amazon storefront based on geolocation. This can make your website more efficient in converting visitors to sales. It will automatically convert affiliate links to localized ones as the user navigates from one page to another. You’ll have a better user experience and higher conversion rates with this plugin.

AzonPress integrates Amazon affiliate links seamlessly with WordPress. It offers an easy setup of product tables, short links, and affiliate links. It also provides a dashboard view, making it easy to manage your product listings. If you’re a newcomer to Amazon affiliate marketing, AzonPress is an excellent choice. There are plenty of benefits to using AzonPress for your WordPress site. AzonPress is a highly functional plugin for both power and novice users.

AzonPress is a dedicated Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress. It allows you to build beautiful product comparison tables, showcase tables, widgets, and more. You can even insert custom reviews and ratings to boost your conversions. This plugin also lets you add a ‘Best Pick’ tag to increase your chances of converting your visitors to buyers. AzonPress is a popular and powerful WordPress Amazon affiliate plugin.

3. Auto Amazon Links

You’ll never have to worry about your website being infected by malicious ads again with the Auto Amazon Links WordPress affiliate plugin. You’ll be able to control which links show on your website and whether they are related to your content or not. This plugin even makes sure that your ads never send people to your competitor’s website. You’ll get much more clicks when your links are relevant to your content. Here’s how it works:

This plugin offers a simple interface for affiliate marketers and offers a lot of different placement options. You can test different combinations to find the best one for your site. You can also use a premium plugin called List Post Blocks to display several different ads at the end of your blog posts. You can promote several different vendors and products with one click. Using Auto Amazon Links WordPress affiliate plugin will allow you to get more clicks on your affiliate links and make more money.

This plugin supports all the Amazon locales. When someone visits your site, it chooses the appropriate locale to display the product. While you don’t need to be an expert to use the plugin, you will need to invest time in learning it. The plugin comes with examples of how to set it up and use shortcodes. And if you are unsure of anything, you can always regenerate the API keys in the member’s area.

Auto Amazon Links WordPress affiliate plugin allows you to easily insert your affiliate links on your website. You don’t need to know the product name or the Associate’s ID to get your links set up. Just input the item name and you’re all set. If you don’t know how to use this plugin, try Thirsty Affiliate. It creates affiliate links with just one click and does all the legwork for you.

4. EasyAzon

If you’re in the Amazon product research services program and want to make the most of your site, you should download and install the EasyAzon plugin. This plugin will save you a tremendous amount of time by making it easy to add your affiliate links to your site. You will also find it very easy to use, and it is very easy to integrate it with your Amazon Associates account. EasyAzon is an excellent plugin for all your WordPress sites, and you should make sure to get one.

EasyAzon Pro has additional features that will make your life easier. The most notable of which are automated link cloaking and localization. You can also create text affiliate links and toggle whether they open in a new window. This plugin also lets you set a nofollow attribute on your affiliate links. EasyAzon Pro also comes with Amazon Auto Links, which displays a list of products that have your affiliate links. You can then choose which ones to display and link to.

Other features of EasyAzon include direct dropshipping, which allows customers to buy from your website directly. You will automatically receive a percentage of the sale from Amazon. It will also replicate the order directly on the Amazon website. It also offers a shopping cart feature, so customers can buy multiple items from one place, resulting in higher affiliate earnings. You can also add product reviews to your website, which will improve the customer experience and increase your conversion rate.

If you’re an Amazon affiliate and looking for a WordPress plugin for your site, you’re in the right place! EasyAzon has all the features that an Amazon affiliate needs to succeed. Just make sure to read the documentation thoroughly. EasyAzon can help you build a successful website and earn a lot of money from Amazon. It also helps you create a great affiliate link and track id automatically.


5. WooZone

WooZone is an easy-to-use WordPress affiliate plugin that integrates seamlessly with any WordPress or WooCommerce theme. It lets you publish your products alongside Amazon Affiliate products. This plugin allows you to import products one by one, and customize the process with your product categories. After installing it, you can import products from Amazon, choose your categories, and customize your import. You can automate the process, too.

WooZone automatically creates affiliate links based on your product information and will save your products for you. The plugin has pre-made templates and supports GEO targeting, CSS customization, and is compatible with most WordPress themes. If you’re a beginner at Amazon affiliate marketing, WooZone will make your life easier. The plugin will help you create your affiliate links and track your sales in no time.

Another excellent WordPress affiliate plugin is AmaLinks Pro. It offers many features similar to the AAWP plugin, such as the ability to add text or image links. It also offers beautiful product displays and supports multiple ad formats. You can also use this plugin without using the Amazon API. This will help you maintain your affiliate status without having to pay any extra fees from Amazon. In addition, AmaLinks Pro is free, and you can download it here.

One of the best WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins is WooZone. It works with WooCommerce and will let you create a fully functional eCommerce store by importing products from Amazon. However, it is not an ideal solution for a blogger who just wants to insert affiliate links into their posts. Its price is relatively high at $42 for a single site license, but the quality of service is worth the price.