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WordPress vs Drupal: Which is the best platform for your website?

WordPress vs Drupal - Number9

WordPress vs Drupal - Number9

In the era where online marketing and shopping are rapidly increasing, having an online store along with a physical store is beneficial. Businesses are moving to the eCommerce platform. Beginners often get left behind because of a lack of experience and guidance. Developing a website for the business can be intimidating for beginners. Website builder platforms help those people build their websites and run their businesses. WordPress and Drupal are amazing and well-known website platforms. People often ask; Is Drupal more secure than WordPress? Drupal or WordPress which is better? Is Drupal better than WordPress? It is difficult to choose one, so we have compared the features, functions, and differences of them to show you who wins the WordPress vs Drupal battle.


What is WordPress?

Being the most popular and admired eCommerce website builder platform, WordPress is one of the easiest and reliable ways of crafting a website. It was just a blogging software in 2003 but with updates, it became a popular website builder platform. Now, anyone can create a website on WordPress.


WordPress - Number9


As it is an open-source platform and is licensed under GPLv2, anyone can create their website on it. Because of its ease of use and other abilities, more than 40% of websites on the internet run on WordPress. It means that 1 out of 4 websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Its wide range of themes, plugins, and large user-friendly environment has appealed to a massive number of businesses. You can run these types of websites on WordPress;


  • Membership sites
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes
  • Business websites
  • eCommerce stores
  • Forums
  • Social networks
  • Almost anything you can dream of


What are WordPress website development services?

Most people try to start their business by managing everything by themselves. They take website development services into their own hands. Managing everything by yourself can be hard as your website development requires a lot of time and accurate management, so one can not run a business well if one does everything by themselves. Hiring a web development agency can prove beneficial as you can focus on the rest of your business.Number9 provides all sorts of WordPress web development services. We specialize in data migration, plugin development, API integrations, visual editing, automated revision history, and user-friendly experience.


WordPress vs Drupal - Number9


  • Customizable designs

Our WordPress websites are highly customizable. Our custom design services offer innovative themes that perfectly suit your business. Choosing the right theme for a business website can be hard, that is why our expert website developers offer custom web designs that allure the audience as well as match your business.


  • Third-party plugins and integrations

Number9 offers third-party plugins for additional features and functionalities. With our third-party customization services, one can add new and unique features to your website. Our team allows clients to add user-friendly features to their websites. 


  • Enormous community

While developing a website for the first time can be really intimidating. To save you from the complications of website development, our expert and well-experienced team members offer complete web development services. We offer 24/7 help and support services to our customers who have any type of issue. 


  • Innovative Themes

Themes are one of the most vital ways to gain more customers. An appealing website design can have a mesmerizing effect on the viewer’s psychology. Choosing the right theme for your website is crucial for your online business website. Number9 provides astounding website themes that boost’s your online growth. You can take your business to the next level by acquiring our website design services. 


What is Drupal?

Built-in PHP, Drupal is one of the best platforms for web content management. More than a million organizations use Drupal for building and maintaining their websites. With different modules and out-of-the-box integrations, Drupal offers a large range of solutions. It powers some of the largest and complex websites in the world. If your firm needs perfect and intricate integrations, then Drupal is the best choice for you. 


Drupal - Number9


How to build a website with Drupal?

Set up your website quickly and easily with Drupal instead of coding or paying someone. Build your Drupal website with the assistance of the Number 9 Drupal Development Services


WordPress vs Drupal - Number9


  • Use basic elements to set up Drupal

Having Drupal-supported website hosting is crucial. In the previous versions of Drupal, users had to install the WYSIWYG editor separately. Drupal 8 contains a popular editor module and an image uploader as well. You can use a customized text editor to modify the settings of your choice. 


  • Choose theme and layout

Selecting a theme for your website is crucial for the website’s appearance. Our experienced web developers choose an alluring theme for your website that suits your business. 


  • Develop the homepage

Develop a homepage that attracts the visitor’s eyes at the first view. Our web designers create mind-blowing homepages that are simple as well as attractive. 


  • Add Informative pages

Adding an information page on your website makes it easier for the viewer to know about your business, goals, and services. Add an About us page to describe your business information and purpose. Show your information to your curious viewers.


  • Add blogs to your site

Posting a blog on your site drives more traffic on a site. Let people know about your website, business, and services through simple but attractive blogs. Blogs were a part of the core in the previous versions of Drupal but they eventually got removed for the improvement of the overall functionality of the core. Find a good module in Drupal and add a blog to your website.


WordPress vs Drupal

Both WordPress and Drupal are amazing website-building platforms. So which platform should you choose for website development? Which is better Drupal or WordPress? Would you choose WordPress or Drupal? Finding out the better one is not an easy task. We will compare the differences between these two platforms to help you choose the best. 


WordPress vs Drupal - Number9


  • Drupal vs WordPress Performance

Website performance is crucial for an amazing user experience and a good ranking on the search engines. Your site isn’t worth it if it can’t load quickly. Drupal offers quick-loading websites with significant performances. As it is not very resource-intensive, users can get fast-loading websites. Being more lightweight than WordPress, Drupal becomes the first choice for those who want a website that has thousands of pages. WordPress isn’t that fast as compared to Drupal but it does not mean that it is slow. Using too many plugins, non-optimized sites, and badly coded themes are the reasons WordPress is slow. As it seems, Drupal wins the Drupal vs WordPress performance comparison.


  • Drupal vs WordPress Security

Due to a low user base as compared to WordPress, Drupal is highly secured. One of the most crucial features of Drupal is security. With monthly updates, its security is further strengthened. But, nothing is 100% secure on the internet, so some Drupal sites might face cyber attacks. Using the help and support of the Number9 team can save you from those attacks. Our expert security managers make all essential efforts to keep the website away from certain threats. 

For us, website security is a paramount concern. WordPress has a great risk of security as it is the most popular web development platform on the internet. WordPress is the prime target for most hackers. Our team of vigilant members ensures the safety of your website and provides complete support whenever you face an issue. Generally, WordPress is very secure and strong, but users mostly make it vulnerable due to their mistakes. Therefore, hiring a web development agency for secuirty purposes is a good option. You can choose our experienced team for security purposes. Drupal is a more secure platform than WordPress, making it the winner of the Drupal vs WordPress security comparison.


  • Drupal vs Wordpress SEO

Built especially Search Engine Optimization, Drupal has better page load time due to quick-caching features. Search engines mostly prefer Drupal websites. A huge amount of SEO-targeted content can be handled using Drupal. On the other hand, WordPress is not that ahead of Drupal. You can use third-party plugins such as Yost SEO that enhance the SEO of WordPress. Drupal wins the Drupal vs WordPress SEO comparison.


Wait a sec… If you are looking for WordPress to Drupal or Drupal to WordPress MIGRATION SERVICES, you should read our other blog about it.


  • Drupal vs WordPress plugin

You can get the use of a lot of extensions from Drupal even that it is less popular than WordPress. Use our experienced web development agency’s help to find the best extensions for your Drupal website. Drupal plugins and extensions are not that easy for beginners. While WordPress provides thousands of free and paid plugins that are easy to use. Fulfill your website requirements with the assistance of Number 9 WordPress plugin services. In the comparison of the Drupal vs WordPress plugin, WordPress is a clear winner. 


  • Drupal vs WordPress eCommerce

Being the 3rd most used open-source CMS, Drupal is more useful than WordPress for building an eCommerce website. From product display to shopping cart and checkout, Drupal adds complete functionality to its sites. WordPress also has a lot of premade themes and plugins and is a great eCommerce platform but Drupal is more complete than WordPress. So, Drupal wins the Drupal vs WordPress eCommerce comparison. 


Info graphic -Number9



Is Drupal better than WordPress? Is Drupal more secure than WordPress? Which is better Drupal or WordPress? Drupal or wordpress which is better? People often ask these questions to choose the better platform for their business. According to them, the best website builder platform is the only platform that can help their business grow. Although, the selection of your platform must be based on your business type. Number9 provides Drupal WordPress website development services. By choosing us, you can get all the guidance from choosing the best platform for your business to helping your business stand out in the eCommerce market. So. stop the Drupal vs WordPress comparison and choose the platform that suits your business perfectly. 


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Does Number9 offer Drupal to WordPress migration services?

Yes, Number9 offers Drupal to WordPress migration services through the Drupal to WordPress migration plugin. With the Drupal to WordPress migration plugin, you can export Drupal to WordPress or WordPress to Drupal. Number9 uses the Drupal to WordPress plugin for Drupal WordPress migrate services. Export Drupal to WordPress or WordPress to Drupal with Drupal to WordPress plugin for our Drupal WordPress migrate services. 


Does Number9 offer WordPress Drupal services?

Yes, the experienced team of Number9 offers all types of WordPress Drupal web development services. No matter if it is WordPress or Drupal. We offer our services for both platforms.  


Which is better in the WordPress vs Drupal comparison?

Both platforms have their pros and cons. One shouldn’t choose a platform if it is better than the other one. He should choose which platform suits him the best.