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WordPress Migration Services Website: How Big Agencies Are Doing It?

WordPress website migration service: Which company is the best?
WordPress Migration Services Website - Number9

While migrating from one platform to another, things can become complicated for some people. Hiring for a WordPress Migration Services Website can help sort things out. Number9 is a trusted WordPress migration services company.

What is WordPress website migration?

migrate blogger to wordpress- Number9

The most simple answer to this question would be moving your WordPress install from one server to another without affecting its functions and functionalities. A lot of reasons can make one migrate their website from one platform to another. The reasons for migration can be to get a better hosting provider that offers less prices and faster speed, or pushing a local WordPress website to a live server, or even moving a website from a subdomain to the main directory. If you want to migrate your site, then you can choose Number9. We offer the best WordPress migration services

What are WordPress Migration Services Website tools?

WordPress migration tools-Number9

To migrate from a CMS to a WordPress platform, you will need to use third-party plugins. Those third-party plugins are called WordPress migration tools. These tools help you migrate from your current platform to WordPress. There are a lot of WordPress migration tools, let us show you some of them. 

  • Duplicator

With the Duplicator WordPress migration plugin, one gets the ability to do two things; generate a copy, or duplicate of the website and install it wherever they want. When you install this WordPress migration plugin, you find a new duplicator tab on the dashboard of your WordPress. You can create or manage your duplicates with a simple process. In every new package, you will find an installer, which will enable you to set it up elsewhere using a process that is similar to WordPress’s five-minute install without having the requirement for Duplicator on your new website. 

One of the key features of Duplicator is providing you with a list of past copies, and enabling you to generate new duplicates quickly. It scans your website before and after the migration to make sure it went seamlessly. Also, it creates scheduled backups and then uploads them to the cloud. 

Duplicator is a great WordPress website migration plugin that keeps the migration procedure simple and runs its own diagnostics to make sure your website is duplicated correctly.  

  • All-in-one WP migration

The All-in-one WordPress website migration plugin provides services that resemble Duplicator although there are some differences between them. The All-in-one WP Migration plugin’s functionality spreads across three sections within its admins; Backup, Import, Export.

The import section handles upload while the export section lets you create duplicates of your website. Backups offer a safety net in case your host does not do a good duplicating job. With the All-in-one WP migration plugin, migrating from your site is as easy as installing WordPress on your new server.

One of its key features is that it enables you to upload your duplicate from the dashboard, or even through FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) using its backup option. It excludes components such as themes and plugins from the migration process. Many popular hosting providers have tested this plugin extensively.  

Users who do not want to mess around with separate installation scripts can find this tool perfect as it enables you to handle all of the migrating processes without leaving the dashboard. 

What is a WordPress Migration Database?

WordPress Migration Database-Number9

The WordPress Migration Database is a migration plugin that makes the process of migration as well as exporting databases easier, faster, and more straightforward. The WordPress migration steps for the database are;

  1. Find and replace the data that you want within the WordPress Migrate Database interface directly.
  2. Export the SQL.
  3. Use a tool to import your new database.

What is a successful WordPress migration checklist?

Wordpress website migration service-Number9

A successful WordPress migration checklist guides you at all WordPress migration steps that you need to know during the migration and to avoid any type of mistakes. It also helps you take care of all the things after the migration of your website so that you can welcome your viewers. The pre website migration checklist is;

Select the right WordPress website migration service tool

If someone tries to migrate their website by themselves, then it can take a lot of their time. To migrate from one platform to another, might take a lot of hours and with only one mistake, you would mess up the entire process. To avoid any issue, we recommend you use a good website tool that makes sure that all of your files and databases are migrated properly. 

Set up a plan to choose a migration tool

Although there are a lot of WordPress website migration service tools in the market, you need to prioritize criteria to choose a tool based on your needs. To get WordPress best migration plugin, you should choose Number9 migration services. With us, migration is as easy as a piece of cake. 

Set up a new WordPress website

After being done with WordPress best migration plugin, you need to make sure that you have a new domain where your site will migrate to. This step is crucial as your website can not migrate anywhere if there is no new place.

Install WordPress on the new domain

Your new domain should get up and running long before the start of the migration process. Install WordPress.

Get FTP credentials

To avoid setbacks, you must get FTP credentials for your new site before the start of the migration process. They include server address, username, port number, and password. 

Decide what you want to move

After doing everything else, it is time to decide whether you want to move your whole website, files, or just the databases. 

Backup before migrating

Migration is not a piece of cake. Even with a slight mistake, you could end up with a broken or inaccessible website. Back up your website just in case you make some mistake.

How to do WordPress migration change URL?

A manual WordPress migration change URL can be time-consuming and there are a lot of chances that you might miss some URLs. So let us show you how to change URLs while migrating. First of all, you must have a complete backup of your WordPress website. This is crucial as sometimes things can go wrong. After that, you have to install and activate a plugin.

When the tool gets activates, go to the Tools > Update URLs page to visit plugin settings. Fill in the previous and new URLs of your website there and then choose where you want to update the URLs. Then, select the items that you want to update and click on Update URLs Now. Your website’s URLs will be updated. 

Why does WordPress migration images not show error happen?

The WordPress migration images not showing errors can be caused by several reasons. The most common reasons for that are;

  • Wrong file permission or ownership
  • Incorrect image URLs
  • Incorrect permalink setup
  • Problem with image name
  • Incorrect references in image URLs
  • Plugin conflicts
  • Incorrect home and site URL

How to get rid of WordPress after migration 404 error?

To terminate the WordPress after migration 404 error, go to your WordPress website settings and open Permalinks. Click on the Save Changes button. This process might help you get rid of the 404 error while WordPress migration. 

Which WordPress website migration services does Number9 offer?

Number9 offers WordPress migration all-in-one service. It offers Wix to WordPress migration, Shopify to WordPress migration, and Joomla to WordPress migration all in one service. With our migration services, you can migrate your website from one platform to another with ease and comfort. 

How do Wix to WordPress migration manually?

Migrating your website from one platform to another can be a hefty task but if you want to do it by yourself, there is no issue. To migrate your website from Wix to WordPress, you need to do the following steps. 

  1. Buy a web hosting
  2. Set up a temporary domain
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Change the Permalink settings of your new website. 
  5. Install a theme
  6. Migrate from Wix to WordPress.

Although you can migrate your website from Wix to WordPress by yourself, it can be a complicated task as only one mistake can lead to a big loss. That is why hiring a WordPress website migration service can be of great use. We use the best Wix to WordPress migration plugins as well as offer Shopify to WordPress migration services and Joomla to WordPress migration services. Our Joomla to WordPress migration services and Wix to WordPress migration plugins are the best in Dubai.


Many people consider migrating from one platform to WordPress on their own without any experience and expertise. Those people can cause real damage to their websites with one single mistake. In order to avoid those mistakes, you can hire a WordPress website migration service to assist you in the migration process.

Number9 is a trusted WordPress website migration service that has earned its name through the hard work and passion of its workers. Choosing our migration services can help you migrate seamlessly without any chance of error.